is where we went for Emma's senior session. A senior at Edison High School, Emma loves the outdoors and nature. She feels at home with the earth and the elements. Well, we had to brave some of those elements - wind, cold but we did have brief moments of warmth from the sunshine. I love the way Emma is so comfortable in her own skin. You can just see that when you meet her. She is unassuming and has a sparkle quality. Her mom told me she was their free spirit child. I'm pretty sure that is the characteristic on which we connected.  At one point I even told her - "emma, you're such a little tree hugger!"  She just laughed and . . . well, you can see what happened. We had a great time climbing rocks and tip-toeing across the rocks. We do live in a wonderous place. Emma actually graduated a semester early - smarty-pants - so she is off into the world! Good Luck, Emma! Stay true to your roots!


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January 2, 2012

and darling dimples when she smiles. Micah is a 2012 senior at Broken Arrow High School and we had a lot of fun on her Arkansas River and downtown session. It was probably the coldest, windiest session I've ever done and we had to have warm ups in the truck a lot but we managed to rock these out! Micah has a close family. Her mom and sister have been with her to her appointments. I love the way they are together. Strong families create strong women! Brains, beauty and strength. It's a good start for college Micah! It's even better for life. Good Luck in all your adventures!


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Madison, a gorgeous senior at Broken Arrow High School, has a calmness in her spirit that belies her years. And a sparkle in her eyes that comes from the fire in her heart. She loves being outdoors and hanging with horses at her aunt's farm. She is part of the Euchee tribe of Native Americans in Oklahoma, and her great-grandmother had some of these very same traits and passions, making children and horses a huge part of her life and ties to her tribe and people. Madison has this same natural instinct with horses as her great-grandmother and when she is with horses, she is at peace and so are they. I could see the bond she had and how she just nestled into Bo as they walked thru the fields with the wind in their hair. BUT, even though she loves this part of life, she is well aware there are other things that demand her attention - like HOT PINK SHOES and a pretty party dress! I just love a multi-faceted girl!  We tried to combine her two loves on this one windy, but sunny day!


This is Madison's great-grandmother's official Euchee dress. Her mother and aunts wanted her to have her picture in it. I think it's awesome!


Nancy says:

Love these photos for so many reasons and on so many different levels. Just beautiful.

(12.14.11 @ 03:48 PM)
Cheri Root says:

Absolutely beautiful images Lisa! You done it again :)

(12.14.11 @ 04:43 PM)
Michelle Badley says:

Lisa I can't thank you enough! We are so proud of her and thankful we found you! Thank you for capturing who Madison is they are PERFECT!

(12.15.11 @ 08:28 AM)
Lynnetta says:

Beautiful pics! Some she looks so grown up and others she still looks like your little girl. Congrats!

(12.15.11 @ 10:20 AM)
Angie Sullivan Foster says:

What a gorgeous girl! Lisa, these photos are truly amazing! Some of the most natural I've ever seen! Love the colors in her dress and the scenery.. You should be proud! Congratulations Madison!

(12.15.11 @ 10:56 AM)
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November 30, 2011

Gorgeous red hair and blue-green eyes. Madeline has actually already graduated and is in her first semester in college in St. Louis - small liberal arts school which she adores. She just didn't get around to having her senior pictures taken before she left so recently, she made a trip home and we spent a little time in blustery downtown Tulsa. What a November! I've never seen so much wind! But we used it to our advantage and just let it lift and carry her fabulous red hair into the air!


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November 21, 2011

Kelsey contacted me and said she'd like to have her senior portraits reflect her personality and not just sit on a Mustang hood. Haha! That made me laugh and I knew right away we would be kindred spirits and have a lot of fun creating her senior pics. Kelsey is a senior at Broken Arrow High School and into the Arts. Yay! More fun. We were actually timing this session to coincide with a very short haircut she was getting for the role of Anne Frank. Theatre and music - an accomplished violinist - Kelsey has a creative edge that sets her apart and makes you want to try to keep up with her! Her sense of personal style and confidence in who she is makes her a joy to be with and made my job pretty easy.   At our planning session, she brought all these darling vintage things and then actually had a bike, a blue chair and books for her session. I was thrilled! It was so fun! We loaded up the truck and let the fun begin! Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Kelsey has a love for nature and the simpler, joyful things in life.  At just almost 18, she has an old soul that serves her well. Calm, patient, kind and so so sweet. Here's a few from our time together. (Note: NO Mustang)

So much fun Kelsey. You will go far (maybe not on that bike :D, haha) on whatever road you choose!

Kailey-Michelle says:

I absolutely love this shoot! So adorable and FULL of personality. Gorgeous~ Bravo!

(11.26.11 @ 11:26 AM)
Leslie says:

Kelsey is beautiful. Love the lips. Love the red sweater against the blue bricks. She has great style!

(11.29.11 @ 08:24 AM)
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