Two friends, talent and a dream. The ingredients for success! Phara and Tracy are just that. Talented friends with a dream they are making a reality. After both working for successful design teams, they decided to team together and have created Element 360 Design Studio, specializing in awesome interior design, with a unique style all their own.  A new website to go along with their new venture was just what these designing women needed. So, without further ado, meet Phara and Tracy - Element360Design.  Call them for your interior design needs!
element 360 design logoElement1001.jpgElement1002.jpgelementroof.jpgElement1004.jpgElement1005.jpgElement1006.jpgElement1007.jpg Girls just wanna have fun!  

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You know the Tangled movie? About Rapunzel the princess who saves the prince with her hair? Well, that's kind of how I think of Gabrielle. Beautiful hair! But her eyes, her legs,her smile. She could have no hair and still be stunning!  She going to be a senior - a 2012 senior - in Enid. She came to Tulsa for her senior pics a little early because she's been growing her Yep. She's donating 14" of her hair to Locks of Love. Locks of Love provides hair pieces to children who have lost their hair to illness or suffer hair loss as result of any diagnosis. It's a very worthy cause and I can only imagine the smile of some little child as they receive the gift of Gabrielle's beautiful hair! So -- she wanted to have her senior pictures taken BEFORE she donates it. I thought it was a loverly idea! AND of course, we had a typical May day in Oklahoma - where the wind comes sweeping down the plains so to speak. She was totally tangled in her hair!  Since she lives in Enid - we had to email and phone convo her wardrobe - which was devine. So much fun. Her mom, Jessica came along, (with my normal caveat that I reserve the right to send all mothers to the car if necessary,) but not only did I not even once have to send her to the car, I wish she lived here so I could hire her as my session stylist! She was awesome and she and Gabrielle have the cutest mother-daughter relationship! Lipstick and giggles and girltalk! We had lots of fun roaming around Brookside and such. Gabrielle is a cheerleader in Enid and is going to go to OSU when she graduates.  AND, The guy in the window at Black Optical was NOT put there by me but I wish I could claim that. He is totally staring! Haha! Can't blame the guy, huh?  Gorgeous Gabrielle! Best wishes in your senior year and always!


This is what happens in an LSD Senior Session. It's hard work!


We were all done and Gabrielle wound her hair up on top of her head. Her mother says she wears it this way most of the time now. Just had to have a pic of that then!

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terri horner says:

Lisa, you are amazing. Though I know we have to give some credit to your beautiful subject, you just do wonderful work!!!

(06.08.11 @ 09:51 AM)
Todd Ballje says:

wow! what a shoot! You nailed it.
That first shot is so so good. after that it would take way too much effort to figure out how to describe which image is good in what way ;) ha ha Great job. and gorgeous girl

(06.08.11 @ 10:26 AM)
Alice H says:

She is gorgeous. I love looking at your work (art!).

(06.08.11 @ 11:03 AM)
Gabriella Wilson says:

Lisa, you've done it again! Beautiful! I've watched Gabi grow up next door in Enid, and I can't imagine anyone else doing justice to her senior photos. Gabi has class, elegance and style....just like her momma. Where do you think it all came from?

(06.11.11 @ 01:18 PM)
Lisa says:

Thank you but all I can say is "WOW! Those Enid girls!"

(06.11.11 @ 03:53 PM)
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Well, they're not creepy, and they're not kooky (okay, maybe a little) and they are not in the least bit spooky but they ARE a whole lot of fun, The Adams Family. When Rodney and Denise came in for their planning session, their love for Rodney's daughter Ashley was very apparent and our first must was we were going to schedule just so she could be present from her Texas home. That meant Christmas week and big prayer for good weather! Then as we kept talking, I learned that their dogs - Maddie, a gorgeous mini schnauzer and Tucker, a recently adopted schnauzer mix (good people - always room for one more!) were a big part of their lives. I don't need to remind you how much we love to have dogs along!  Oh, and one more thing - they have a slight obsession with their Mini-Cooper. So the wheels are turning, the plan was falling into place and with all the pieces present and, but for a little wind, good weather forecasted for December, we just decided to throw caution to the wind. Park in NO PARKING zones! Run in the streets! Just whatever moved us that day.  It was such fun! The love this family has for each other is evident in all 5 of them and it was an honor to capture it for them. 

Thanks for sharing your new family with us Tucker!

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Not only are our brides art lovers but their parents are too! One of our 2011 bride's parents commissioned Tulsa fine art watercolor artist Tommy Lee Ball to paint an original work of art from one of their LSD engagement pics! Isn't it just fabulous?!  Something I know they will treasure always. I just might have to get me one of these, Tommy Lee!  You can check out more of his work though his website and blog at or in Tulsa gallery showings.


Abigail says:

Love this, of course! You'll have to come see the original in person.

(01.22.11 @ 05:03 PM)
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Einstein once said "look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." At just eleven years old, Clare is a believer and in complete agreement with Einstein. She loves to be outdoors and loves everything outdoors. Walking, exploring, just being with nature. So darling and an avid reader, the outdoors is the perfect place to read for Clare. We've been trying to get a little time together for awhile now but then her family moved to Connecticut! We got to squeeze an hour or so out of her recent holiday visit to her grandparents and of course, we took a little walk outdoors and poked around a bit.  Clare is the only child/grandchild and so very adored but not one bit spoiled!  She has the sweetest connection with her grandparents and her granddad in particular is pretty over the moon about her!   Well, you'll see . . .


Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with me, Clare!

Neil van Niekerk says:

A lovely set of photos!

(01.09.11 @ 11:40 PM)
Andrea Murphy says:

Oh that picture of her laughing with her grandpa just brings tears to my eyes... she will treasure it her whole life! All the images beautiful, as usual!

(01.10.11 @ 08:46 AM)
Judy Allen says:

What gorgeous pictures Lisa...but you had a great subject!!! She looks SO in her element!!

(01.10.11 @ 10:49 AM)
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