October is my favorite month for many reasons (like THE most gorgeous light all year!) but at the top of the list is because our little baby Kate was born in October. 17 years ago today! At 3:00 p.m. (I always tell her she had to be born after Y&R and before Oprah- haha!) She's THE BEST KID EVER! She is really funny, super smart, a most excellent writer, and she keeps her old parents feeling young! (Okay, not young, but younger). Not 5 feet tall but mighty nonetheless! We love you Peanut!

Kate171001.jpgKate171002.jpgKate171003.jpgKate171004.jpgKate171005.jpgKate171006.jpgHappy Birthday Kato! XXOO  So happy I'm you're MOM!!

Nancy says:

She's all grown up! When did THAT happen??

(10.25.11 @ 08:06 AM)
Carol Hille says:

Happy Birthday Kate-o!
Stunning pics of a stunning girl!

(10.25.11 @ 01:13 PM)
josh henderson says:

OH.MY.GOSH! Little Kate?! No way! Where has the time gone?! Your all grown up! First of all, you are Beautiful ! 2nd, You bring SO much personality through the camera. Thats talent! Doesn't surprise me though, you always had a ton of personality and energy! You remind me of a young Zooey Deschanel. And Lisa, ALL of your pictures are amazing. Literally all of them. Your an unbelievable photographer!! I am seriously impressed. Every picture you take says something, tells a story. Wow. Well I hope the whole family is doing great and I miss you guys! Lisa, maybe we should shoot together in the future sometime when im in tulsa! And tell Papa Jay hello for me and That I havent forgotten about them burners! God Bless you guys:)

(01.03.12 @ 11:43 PM)
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September 27, 2011

I've had a lot of occassions lately to think about Americans. The 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, several New York Says Thank You events with the flag tour - have all made me much more thoughtful and proud of the people I live with in this country. It is truly the greatest. So much heart. So much resilience. So much hope - even in the face of despair. It is just so . . . American. This past weekend Sophia and I were in NYC again (ho hum - Oh how we LOVE that city!) and we were fortunate enough to have another opporutnity to photograph the 9/11 flag before it goes on display at the museum. It's always such a beautiful sight and such a moving experience for all who attend. This day was no exception. We headed to Liberty Island to open the flag at the feet of the Grand Lady herself, just across the water from the new Freedom Tower being construction in lower Manhattan. The Gold Star Mothers and the United War Veterans Council of America were present and assisting. They brought wreathes to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers.  We were also very lucky to have a wandering Girl Scouts Troop 52-696 from Milford, PA with strong girls!  This is no ordinary flag. Besides the significance of the flag itself, it is just downright impressive in size. It takes at least 30 adult people to unfold, hold and refold it. And there's always room for more and a few kids to run under it when it's raised, as if it were a tent in which to play. One of my favorite parts by the way. The weather forecast for NYC was not promising for the weekend, and in fact, Sophia and I got drenched going downtown Friday afternoon. But then NYC is even fun in the rain and there's always some fascinating place to run into if you'd like. But it cleared a bit and Sunday was looking good. Sunshine at breakfast and on our ferry to the island. Clouds rolled in but at least we stayed dry and could unfold Old Glory at the feet of the Statue of Liberty and in view of the new Freedom Tower with a new flag hanging on her side. FDNY had fire boats in the Hudson, spewing fountains of water into the air to celebrate her! The crowd cheered her!  NYPD had helicopter coverage (they were supposed to take Sophia up but . . .it just didn't happen. and she was ever so disappointed!) We stayed on the island for a few hours and then went to O'Hara's Pub across from Ground Zero and Firehouse 10. We've included a few pics from the FDNY memorial there. This post has more pics than usual but it really needs them! Just look and enjoy being American!  As always, it was so wonderful to see our New York Says Thank You family! We Love You all SO!

This was our escort for the day. I just never get tired of men in uniform.  NYSTYLIBERTY1026.jpg
Sophia snapped this of the America II in the Hudson on our way back. Made us want champagne but we settled for beer and wine at O'Hara's. It was a good trade. NYSTYLIBERTY1027.jpgNYSTYLIBERTY1028.jpgNYSTYLIBERTY1029.jpg 

We LOVE YOU AMERICA!  (and, Luigi, we're coming to Brooklyn for coffee next time!)

Veronica Christensen says:

Thank you for the beautiful Pics... I wish I could have been there. What a sight, what a wonderful part to play in American History. Doing Good NYSTY! National 911 Flag!

(09.28.11 @ 07:15 AM)
Nancy says:

Is this awesome or what? Very cool, indeed.

(09.28.11 @ 08:24 AM)
Jennice Llaurado says:

Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. I am the Co-Leader from the Girl Scout Troop 52-696. The girls had an amazing time and you captured it with these beautiful pictures. Thank you so much. I can't wait till they see them.
Thanks again,
Jennice Llaurado & Pam Zeh

(09.28.11 @ 08:58 AM)
gINA mANOS says:

Such an important day in history..I love that my niece Brianna Kirechjian was part of this special day ... What an Amazing day for her ..And an Amazing day for AMERICA ...

(09.28.11 @ 04:49 PM)
Lisa says:

Thanks so much all! It is such an honor to be able to do this. We have met so many wonderful Americans in the past few years with New York Says Thank You. It has been life changing.

(09.28.11 @ 05:12 PM)

So proud of my great niece, was part of American history. Love you.

(09.28.11 @ 05:18 PM)
Chris Sena says:


Aunt Toni and I
are so proud of you - We love you


(09.28.11 @ 09:14 PM)
Gregory Kiretchjian says:

It was such a nice surprise for my daughter and her friends were able to partake in this amazing event. Thank you everyone.

(09.28.11 @ 11:44 PM)
Carol Hille says:

Proud to be an American....Proud of your photos - they show the heart, hope and strength of our country and those who love her....Proud to know you

(10.03.11 @ 10:23 AM)
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The rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air . . . how many times we've all heard it, even said it. Yet every time I hear Jeff Parness of New York Says Thank You say this line from our national anthem, I get chills and I think of all the sacrifices that have been made for us to live in this great nation. 9/11 did that for me. I don't think before that day that I gave much thought to it or what it truly meant.  On this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, the New York Says Thank You foundation took the 9/11 flag to Joplin. Joplin, Missouri. The heartland of the USA. And while all the memorials were being held in NYC, D.C., Pennsylvania and throughout the country, a very special one was being held in Joplin. Because, as Jeff so humbly states, 9/11 happened to all of us, from sea to shining sea,  and yet it's not as significant as what happened on 9/12, when we -- all Americans -- united together to help one another in a time of need. It's just what we do after all. Joplin was the final stitching place for this wonderful national treasure which will find it's permanent home in the NYC 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero eventually, and be seen and shared by all the world. This flag has been lovingly stitched back together with pieces of flags and careful hands from all 50 states. Each stitch not only restored this flag, but the hope of its many people.  I know I felt a certain peace upon adding a stitch. A reclaiming if you will.  It was ours on 9/11/2001 and it's ours again 10 years later. The strength of the American people is mighty. It is formidable. It is constant. There are some things that no amount of violence can destroy. You can't take that away. I find comfort in that. I hope on this day you remembered 9/11 and it's many victims and sacrifices made as a result but also that tomorrow, on 9/12, you remember the strength and hope that springs eternal in the American people and lend a hand to someone in need. Pay it forward!

Here's a few snaps from today in Joplin. The 9/11 flag was unfurled and held high at the exact times of impact and collapse of the twin towers on September 11, 2001, the pentagon and Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Moments of silence for all. Fire bells tolled. Bagpipes echoed in the clear morning. The flag was held securely off the ground between each raising by a huge team of volunteers - old, young and in-between from all across America. 


3500 Stars of Hope were painted by children and staked in Joplin throughout the devastated areas. Tears of sadness. Tears of joy. Tears of Hope. All were shed in Joplin today as we all remembered and will never forget.

God Bless America!

Kris says:

I was there in the Morning, and these photos are wonderful! Shows the detail and emotion of the morning!

(09.12.11 @ 08:53 PM)
Veronica Christensen says:

Your pictures captured the spirit. Thank you. I was honored to be a part of this day and will never forget the generousity of the citizens of Joplin.

(09.13.11 @ 09:00 AM)
Melissa Miller says:

The photo of the man in black stitching the flag is a close friend of mine. I would love a copy of this photo. Please let me know if this is possible...
Thank you for coming to Joplin and for sharing these photos....They are beautiful.
Melissa Miller

(09.13.11 @ 11:38 AM)
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Well I suppose everyone knows by now . . . WE HAVE TWINS IN THE FAMILY! Sloane and Knox. They arrived on Friday, August 19th at about noon-thirty - give a few minutes. Yes, I got to go in! So excited! BUT I can't blog that until you-know-who does first. That's okay. I'll defer. (It's really hard though).  I can, however, blog about their room now. Because for months before their arrival, their mom and dad began a make-over on their room. It matches the momma's blog header! How cute is that? Anyway, it's pretty darn tootin' if you know what I mean. Megan will post the links where she got things if you want to know. My friends at Zieglers did the custom framing!  And there were a lot of Etsy purchases and many, many gifts!  Elton - my grandpuppy - doesn't quite know what to think but he has been in training with crying babydolls for a bit so I hope he can suck it up and accept his new place in the household. (it's at the bottom, Elton. Sorry Dude) . Well here is one of the pictures of the finished nursery. Take a peek over at Megan's Blog for more and bookmark it to come see the Twins from time to time. Thanks for all the well wishes and blessings! We so appreciate every one!


Trisha Von Lanken says:

Very cute!! Congratulations to Megan & Brent!

(08.23.11 @ 09:54 PM)
Courtney says:

Love it! So precious and look at Elton!! He just doesn't even know what to do with himself!

(08.24.11 @ 04:41 PM)
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Last June was a very different time for my family. Our oldest son, Brent, and his wife Megan delivered their first son, Michael Cohen Marshall, on June 7, 2010, at Dallas Children's Hospital. He required immediate open heart surgery and was a good little fighter too! He was only with us for 12 days. God had bigger heavenly plans for him. He amazed everyone everyday of his little life and continues to to this day. Of course we were all devastated by his loss but even in his brief time on earth, Cohen taught his parents a lot about being parents and they knew it was exactly what they wanted to do. Getting pregnant isn't a routine thing for these two. It requires a lot and it took years to conceive Cohen so with all our encouragement and support, they decided to start again. They got a Christmas gift! Soon after, and due to the constant monitoring Megan endures, they found out it was twins! Sweet Blessings! It was tense up until the 20 week mark when they could check the twins hearts and make sure they were A-OK, they were! They are growing like two little peas in a pod! One boy. One Girl. Knox. Sloane. Hoping to make a late August arrival. Megan is on partial bedrest already so we decided to do her maternity pics right at Cohen's birthday and release his balloons AND the twins balloons together. The wind. Again!  She is 27 weeks here but measures full term for a single birth. Yikes! You can get more twin news and see how many lives Cohen has touched by reading Megan's BLOG here. Here's a few pics of my precious new grandbabies and their darling parents!



The difference a year makes when you remain faithful. A bittersweet June but much more sweet from having had our little Cohen for as long as we did and now to be awaiting his brother and sister's arrival. Sweet, sweet, blessings indeed! XXOO

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Lisa says:

Nana loves you guys!

(06.09.11 @ 09:44 AM)
Andrea Murphy says:

Just beautiful.

(06.09.11 @ 09:49 AM)
Todd Scott Ballje says:

Beautiful. In a deeply spiritual and human experience way. My heart was beating hard with both the feelings of difficulty and blessing you all feel a thousand times more. and of course gorgeous pictures too! Grace and health to all of you!

(06.09.11 @ 10:04 AM)
Courtney Middleton says:

I have been waiting to see these!! LOVE them. Megan and Brent are so adorable and Megan you look GORGEOUS!! Awesome pics Lisa =)

(06.09.11 @ 10:12 AM)
Lesley says:

Absolutely PRECIOUS! I'm SO happy for your sweet family!

(06.09.11 @ 10:24 AM)
Abby Hallford says:

This is so sweet! You all will be in my prayers. Twins are special! Sleep while you can!

(06.09.11 @ 12:17 PM)
Megan says:

YAY! I LOVE THEM!!!! So pretty and sweet :)

(06.09.11 @ 04:43 PM)
Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} says:

What absolutely stunning photos of such a lovely couple and thier sweet baby blessings on the way! You captured their joy and love for Cohen and the new babies so beautifully. Thank you for sharing!! xoxo

(06.10.11 @ 09:35 AM)
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