Ahhh Sunday. I love it so! If you know me at all, then you know I have a wee bit o ADHD - the kind we all jokingly shout "squirrel" and laugh about. Just like Dug, I get distracted easily. But, over the years I've discovered ways to maintain my focus. The easiest way is to eliminate the distractions over which I have control! Well, I don't need to tell you that social media is one of those things BIG TIME. While they are all a part of my business and life, I just can't allow myself to get hypnotized by them every day, all day long. Believe me, it could happen!  So, if I don't answer you on Facebook right away, don't take it personally. I try to schedule times to check it and Pinterest and my email WITH A TIMER ON so I can get on with my life and stay on track. FOCUS..FOCUS. Caffeine is my friend. Sugar - not so much. So, enough about that! Long story short -- SUNDAY IS MY DAY OFF FROM ADHD MANAGEMENT. I've actually developed a ritual of sorts for Sunday. I stay in my PJ's, eat pancakes and Pinterest until noon! WOO HOO! With -- and this is the important part -- NO GUILT. So, I'm going to go back to my pinning right now! And, on Sunday mornings, if you think of me, you'll know just what I'm doing. Pancakes, PJ's and Pinterest! You can follow me HERE to see what I'm pinning if you'd like. 

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February 21, 2014

A question I'm hearing from time to time these days. My life has been in a transition as well as my business. I've lived most of this past year in Washington State on Bainbridge Island. I love it there. It's beautiful and peaceful. It's where I want to be so that's my new home base. Now, with that said, my house in Tulsa still hasn't sold! So, I've had to spend a lot of time in Tulsa recently to make some changes to it and get it back on the market this year and try again! The best part of that is I get to see all my peeps who live in Tulsa! I do plan to spend a lot of time in Tulsa every year regardless of living elsewhere. November-January are perfect Tulsa months and I hope to be there during those months each year. Spring, summer and fall are definitely Seattle months! Sorry,Tulsa, I can't do those 114 degree days (months) anymore!  Why did I decide to move? I've loved the Seattle area for several years now and visited often, eventually never wanting to leave. Personal events in the past few years have made me realize how short and precious life is -- whether is lasts 10 days or 90 years -- it's not long enough and you better live with no regrets. Upon examination, I found I had several. I didn't travel enough. I didn't spend enough time doing things that I loved. I didn't live in a place that inspired me. I didn't spend enough fun time with my husband. Things like that. I was allowing too many people to gobble up my time and I was starting to get pissed off about it but taking my frustrations out on the wrong people and things!  Jay, my kids, my grandkids, my sisters. It wasn't good. I needed to make some changes and focus on what I really wanted to do and how I really wanted to spend my time -- my life. SO, I DID.  Big changes. Not easy. My passion is still my art. My photography is primary. I want to paint more. I want to create more. I want to write more. I want to share more. All these things will now be included in this BLOG. Look for it to get a bit more diverse and interesting (hopefully!). 
A few images of my life on Bainbridge Island! See why I love it?

By the wharf


My beautiful island home.

The Grand Forest -  I live right next to here and get to walk in here every day! 

LSDSeattleBW-Bainbridge Island Grand Forest

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Just a little update on LSD meanderings. I am now living in Seattle most of the time and just traveling back to Tulsa for previous commitments and to visit family. We haven't sold our house yet but as soon as that happens and Kate graduates from high school, we will be out here together! I'm shooting sessions in both states for a bit and will always be back for holidays to see my babies!  I have lots to blog and just haven't had the time to blog it with all the traveling and changes happening. But I'm going to remedy that right now! They may not be in the order they were shot but they will all be in here shortly! If you're in the Pacific NW anytime soon, give me a shout! 
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This is going to be a long post but I truly hope you will read all the way to the end and look at everything here and perhaps even feel moved to join us! Many of you know that Sophia and I have a heart for this organization and have traveled with it taking pictures not only to document but to inspire. New York Says Thank You is an organization that has grown from not just a child's desire to help but that child's parents willingness to listen and help fulfill that desire. Many of us teach our children the benefits of caring, sharing and helping our neighbor. How many of us listen to them when they want to do those things but  need our help because, after all, they are small and most often can't do it alone. Many of us, including myself, are just too busy. We say things like,  "That's so nice honey." "I'm sure they would appreciate your kindness." Yada yada yada. Well, Evan and Josh Parness' parents didn't say that and go on about their business. They live in Manhattan. They lived in Manhattan on 9/11. They lost friends that day in the greatest disaster our country has ever known on our own soil. People from all 50 states rushed to help New York during that time. It was talked about in the Parness home. When the California wild fires devastated that state and destroyed so many homes,  5 year old Evan watched on TV and told his dad he and his little brother Josh wanted to take all their toys to the kids in California whose homes had been burned and toys had been lost. Just like people helped New Yorkers when the towers fell. It would have been easy for Jeff Parness to say, "That's so nice honey." "I'm sure they would appreciate your kindness." Yada yada yada. and go on about his life. BUT -- and this is a BIG BUT - he didn't. He got a truck, collected toys and things, and with his boys, drove to California to help. To PAY IT FORWARD and to say THANK YOU. From that gesture, an entire organization was born. A PAY IT FORWARD organization with the focus not on what happened on 9/11 but what happened on 9/12 when everyone joined together to help each other. To help America. In 2008, Sophia and I met Jeff Parness in Ft.Worth (funny side story there) and he invited us to come to Greensburg, KS the next month. It was fall wedding season and we were booked to the max and already behind in our work, but we both felt pulled to go. We drove to Greensburg and were so glad we did. It changed our lives. Greensburg had been devastated by an F5 tornado. By devastated I mean virtually wiped off the map. It was a sea of FEMA trailers and a few metal barn-like structures. One of the only buildings left standing was the senior citizen center. It was there that the flag that had hung at 90 West street in NYC on 9/11, started to come back to life. The construction foreman, Charlie Vitchers, had removed the tattered and smoke stained American flag from ground zero with the intention of properly retiring it. He never burned it. It sat in his NY home for years until he brought it to Greensburg. There the ladies living in the senior center spread it out on a big table and started stitching it back together. Where pieces where missing, they decided to use pieces of the flags that had survived the tornado to patch it. It looked a little like a crazy quilt of flags at first but that effort sparked the restoration of that flag. The National 9/11 Flag. It's now made a tour around all 50 states and DC with stitches put into by Americans throughout the country - all with stories of hope, survival and resilience. It is our symbol of freedom. It unifies us as Americans and no matter what your personal situations or opinions are, when the flag is flown and The Star Spangled Banner is played, we all stand with respect and unity. So it was only fitting that the last stitches to complete the restoration of this enormous American flag be put in at The Star Spangled Banner museum and Flaghouse in Baltimore, MD on June 14, 2012 - Flag Day. The museum donated threads from the original flag that was flown during the War of 1812, which Frances Scott Key saw through the bars of his imprisonment, and penned the poem that became our national anthem. Want to be a part of this? Keep reading.

Sophia really captured the enormity of the National 9/11 flag from inside the Flag House. Wow!

The Honorable Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore
These are the threads from the original 1812 flag donated to the National 9/11 flag. The 1812 Flag is on permanent display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
NYSTYBaltimore-110.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-109.jpgThese boy scouts are doing service work at the Flag House as part of their Eagle Badge requirement. 
NYSTYBaltimore-112.jpgSome of New York's finest! FDNY
NYSTYBaltimore-119.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-118.jpgThis woman portrays Mary Pickersgill who was commissioned by the US Army to sew the enormous American flag in 1812 which inspired the Star Spangled Banner. She was overcome with emotion at stitching those threads into the 9/11 flag.
NYSTYBaltimore-122.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-121.jpgCharlie Vitchers and his sister, Veronica, put final stitches in the 9/11 flag. Thank you for saving this incredible piece of American history which will serve as an inspiration and testament to the unwavering strength of the American spirit.
NYSTYBaltimore-126.jpgCarolyn and Denny Deters joined NYSTY after the annual build went to Iowa. They have traveled with the flag ever since, insuring it's safety and completion. They put some of the final stitches in it today. Thank you Deters for your undying loyalty and service. Love you!
NYSTYBaltimore-128.jpgSerenity and Jamie from Tuscon, Arizona stitched the 9/11 flag for their best friend, Christina Taylor Green, killed in the shooting of US Representative Gabby Giffords. Christina was born on 9/11 but always told everyone she was born on a holiday because she wasn't going to let terrorists claim her birthday. She was very interested in politics already and wanted to make this country a better place. Her two best friends are going to carry on her legacy.  NYSTYBaltimore-129.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-130.jpgEvan and Josh Parness whose generosity and desire to help mankind started a revolution of pay-it-forward kindness and has touched and inspired millions to do the same.
NYSTYBaltimore-131.jpgAll the children present at the ceremony were allowed to stitch the flag. Children are our legacy and the key to peace in the world. New York Says Thank You -the movie, which was shown at film festivals all over last year, has been made into an educational version to be used in the schools to promote kindness, community service and peace.
NYSTYBaltimore-134.jpgThese women lost loved ones in the 9/11 attack.
NYSTYBaltimore-135.jpgLove this shot Sophia took through the flag wall of the 9/11 flag being stitched.
NYSTYBaltimore-136.jpg The National 9/11 Flag has been officially recognized as such and will have a permanent display in the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero. I hope you will make it a point to go pay your respects and to teach your children to focus not on what happened on 9/11 but what happened on 9/12. NEW YORK SAYS THANK YOU!

Ready to get involved? Perhaps you're planning to spend yet another Labor Day at the lake or mowing your yard. STOP! Wanna change your life instead?  Every year on the weekend BEFORE 9/11, New York Says Thank You travels to another American city where disaster has left its mark. Children place stars of Hope all along the streets, and several rebuilding projects are begun. This takes an enormous amount of orchestration, money, and muscle! In other words - IT'S HAMMER TIME! We can use any skills you have and some you don't even know about yet. This year, the build is in North Dakota. First a house in Bottineau to teach disabled children and wounded warriors to ski and then in Minot, to rebuild a house of a first responder whose house was swept away in the 100 year floods while he was helping others try to save their homes. That flood destroyed 4,000 homes in Minot and their community needs hope they can all rebuild. New York Says Thank You is going to start that project! Stars of Hope throughout Minot will be Wedesday 9/5 thru Saturday 9/8. Children can participate in this part of the project and will have a blast doing so. The home building in Minot is set for 9/4 or 9/5 and all hands are needed. The build then moves to Bottineau Thursday 9/6 thru Sunday 9/9. There are always tons of things to do after dark and lots of fun all day long.  Sophia and I are trying to get a charter trip together for all Oklahomans interested in Paying it Forward. We certainly have our share of disasters here and know how demoralizing it can be to a community who suffers one. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know asap so we can get a count and get the ball rolling on accommodations. If you've been looking for a family adventure that will bring you all closer than you've ever been before, look no further. It will be some of the hardest work you've ever done but you won't even notice. JUST DO IT. Don't yada yada yada yourself any longer.  Join the groups from Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Louisiana, Texas, California, Indiana, Georgia, New York and many other states and take this opportunity to be thankful, grateful and American.

Email us at info@lsdphotos.com for more information or go straight to NewYorkSaysThankYou.org

If you can't possibly join us, we'd LOVE to have a donation for building supplies and expenses of the build!

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You all know the story of the cobbler (shoemaker) whose own children never had any shoes because he didn't have time to make any for his own kids? Well, that's kind of how it is around here. I take pictures of my own kids and grandkids and friends' kids, but it takes me forever to get them edited and blogged or printed. Some I don't see again for a LONG, LONG time. For instance, my grandson, Beaux, I took his first birthday pictures with a cake and all the hoopla but he was two last November and I've never printed or blogged his first birthday! What a shameful Nana! This past week was my granddaughter Tatum's 7th birthday. It was Spring Break and not all of her friends or family could come to her party because they were on vacay so we went on a a little vacay of our own to visit family in Ft. Worth. We went to the aquarium and did some inside things b/c of course it rained most of the time that week. We took Beaux tricycle. That was genius. :D  When we came home, we had our Sunday night family dinner on the patio and there were bubbles and she got an electric scooter and some other fun things and I think she had a fun time after all! I am posting a few pics from that week and a big kiss to my little Tatum!

My beautiful little Tatum on her 7th birthday! So darling to me! LSD-grandkids-002.jpgLSD-grandkids-003.jpg

In case you're wondering why I don't get much done these days, right here it is. These 3 are temporarily living with Nana & Papa and their mom of course and their two dogs - we can't leave them out can we? Nope. so we are all one big happy family for the time being and it's a lot of work but it is very fun and we are loving their time with us!

Taylor styled the posing for Tatum by the pool. She was excellent!LSD-grandkids-006.jpg

Side trip to the Aquarium - -

Birthday cake at Joe T Garcia's in Ft. Worth. With happy birthday sung by the Mariachi band!LSD-grandkids-010.jpg

The Twins came to Tatum's Party! WOOT for Knox and Sloane!LSD-grandkids-011.jpgLSD-grandkids-012.jpgLSD-grandkids-013.jpg

Nothing puts the Kaibash on your queso like Beaux . . . UGHLSD-grandkids-014.jpgLSD-grandkids-015.jpgLSD-grandkids-016.jpg

I love this picture of Taylor with her bubbles!LSD-grandkids-017.jpgLSD-grandkids-018.jpgLSD-grandkids-019.jpg

I LOVE this girl!LSD-grandkids-020.jpg

Sloane waves bye bye! So cute!LSD-grandkids-022.jpg
Our family is truly blessed!


Megan says:


(03.31.12 @ 05:14 PM)
Andrea says:

These are so lovely! (I read Megan's blog)

(04.02.12 @ 07:54 AM)
Emily says:

Precious precious! Cannot believe how big Tatum is!!!! One lucky grandma with all these beautiful grandbabies! :)

(04.27.12 @ 03:07 PM)
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