When former brides have babies it's the greatest thing in THE WORLD! Chances are we cried at their wedding (almost 100%) and when I see them with their new little baby, it makes me tear up again. It's such a powerful emotion - motherhood. It's probably a good thing you can't have them anymore when you get older because they are kind of like crack - it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've had one, and you think you're over it, but when you see it and hold it, you want another one! Even if it's just for a minute, you know it's true, you want one! Nancy was a favorite bride of ours a couple years back and I was so thrilled when she brought little Alex in for his newborn session. Alex was born January 22, just a few days before the blizzard and once again we were scrambling trying to get him in before he grew too big!  The personality of this little guy is amazing! From the top of his little mohawk hair to the tips of his perfect toes.  He's very chill and has some of the cutest faces! I can't remember the last time I saw a 3 week old baby just stretch out with his arm over his head and just look around. He made me laugh a lot.  I did try to talk his mother into leaving him - if even for a bit. She said 'no'. Can you imagine? I asked her what she'd been doing and she said "mostly just sitting around looking at him all day." I can't fault that. I could do the same thing. He is perfection. He is GRRRREAT!
I know it's all the rage to put babies in little hats and hang them from trees and all and I think that's so cute for a few shots and I always think I'm going to do a bunch of those and then I see this new little person with the mama - who's totally in love - and I am mesmerized.  So, who am I kidding? It's all about that LOVE! So happy for you!


Welcome to the world, Alex! You landed in a good spot!

Alice H says:

That baby is gorgeous. And your photography is amazing!

(04.05.11 @ 02:02 PM)
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You may remember this beautiful mom from a few posts back (here) and I mentioned that he would be an Aquarius IF he waited until January 21st. Well, he didn't wait and THEN they changed the zodiac signs on top of that so . . . under any circumstance, he's a capricorn now! Which is an awesome guy by any measure! January 20, 2011 and Michael just couldn't wait another day to meet the parents. And it is certainly a match made in heaven. They all got snowed in together shortly after so they've had plenty of bonding time without too many visitors to get to know each other. We squeezed his session in between the two snowstorms that hit this month and I'm so glad we did. He was a couple of days past the 14 for official newborn and look how strong and alert! Already pushing up and wiggling all around. Michael is one lucky little guy. Not only does he have parents who can't put him down but as soon as they do, he has a guardian - George (I like to say it with a French accent) - a Great Pyrenees. I predict they will become good friends. KimbrelNB1001.jpgKimbrelNB1002.jpgKimbrelNB1003.jpgKimbrelNB1004.jpgKimbrelNB1005.jpgKimbrelNB1006.jpgKimbrelNB1007.jpgKimbrelNB1008.jpgKimbrelNB1009.jpgKimbrelNB1010.jpgKimbrelNB1011.jpgKimbrelNB1012.jpgKimbrelNB1013.jpg
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There's just nothing better than a tiny baby.  I love the way they feel in your arms. I love the way they smell (most of the time). I love the way they seem to just be soaking it all in. I love just the tininess of them - their little hands, their little feet, their little ears...just their blessed littleness. This tiny boy belongs to two very young, teenage parents who love him so very very much. They may be young but they are both committed to their son and have tons of support from their families.  Bryceton is getting TONS of love!  He was only 3 weeks old here but I have never seen a baby that was more focused on his parents! He never went to sleep, little stinker! No matter how hard we tried we couldn't get him to close his eyes for a minute.  And he has the biggest, brown eyes ever! Three weeks old and he was looking right at my camera. Amazing! You guys are one of the sweetest families!  I just know you're going to make it work!

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There's NOTHING better than a first time mom and a newborn.  That wonder mixed with a little fear and total exhiliration at this beautiful little thing that belongs to her now.  Fear is the key.   It's just there for that first one. You're much too "smart" after that. :)   I will never forget that feeling.  No mother ever does.  The thought "they just gave it to me and sent me home" is pretty unnerving.   I can spot it right away and am at once empathetic and envious because it is truly a life affirming time and makes you feel so alive and important, doesn't it? It's GREAT! It was this way here in the studio last week.    A tiny girl in a BIG red tutu. That's Cruz. She's the newest addition to this wonderful family. Welcomed by a mom and dad, who are clearly crazy about each other and her, and her double-digit, twin siblings, Gage and Lila, she is the center of their universe.  She's got everyone jumpin' too! She'd kept them up all night before her session and then got here and had a few rocky moments but for the most part, slept like a baby.  Oh, wait, she IS a baby.   I don't really  like it when they sleep the ENTIRE session.  I actually love it when they cry and kick and make everyone jump to attention trying to figure out what's wrong.  Well, you know how I love to watch!  The Mama was exhausted and wanted something for a Christmas card and a nap. I tried to help her with the card. It was fun! Here's tiny Cruz.  (How cute is that name?)


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Beaux-168.jpgTuesday, November 17, 2009, a new little life came into the world. A wonderful family was just waiting to love him too. Mine. Our daughter Morgan and her husband, Curtis, welcomed their third child, and first boy, Beaux Ray Brumble, at a little before 1:00 p.m.  He weighed in at 7lbs. 8 oz. and was 18.5 inches long, and he was starving! Tatum was so gentle in holding him - she reminds me so much of her mother at that age. Taylor just wants her mommy all to herself still but did think Beaux was sort of cute and someone brought him balloons which he was too small to play with so she had all the honors! They are both going to be such great big sisters.  It's always amazing to me to meet a person that was just moments ago inside their mother, and now is here and, well, pretty perfect! God is good.  Here's a slideshow of the big event. The girls are big into The Wizard of Oz so this slideshow was created with that in mind. Nana loves you!

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