This sweet little family recently welcomed their newest member, Amelia. Michael just turned one in January so they have their hands full now for sure! So tiny. So sweet. So fuzzy. So wonderful. Congratulations and welcome Amelia!


Pretty sure he knows things have changed around here . . . LSD-Kimbrel-102.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-103.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-104.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-105.jpg
She's so lucky to have a big brother like thisLSD-Kimbrel-107.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-108.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-109.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-110.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-111.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-112.jpg
LSD-Kimbrel-114.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-113.jpgSo love this -- LSD-Kimbrel-115.jpgLSD-Kimbrel-116.jpg

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I can't remember when I've laughed so much with little boys. They are so stinkin' funny! AS IF two boys won't keep you laughing enough, this little family has just added a third . . . Will. So Ethan and Caleb are big brothers now and I have no doubt they will show little Will the ropes. Ethan is the first born and of course very much in control of things, serious, contemplative, cautious -- all those first born things. Caleb . . . not so much! Full (and I mean FULL) of energy, ideas, jokes. He really keeps this family on its toes -- or heads -- or something! ALL THE TIME! So, now, there is Will. My guess is, he will balance it all out. We will have to wait a bit to see where he lands in the mix but wherever it is, he will always have his band of brothers to keep him company. They were totally in awe of him and so was I. Thanks for sharing all your boys with me . . . AGAIN. It was hilarious!

LSD-CraigNB107.jpgI love the little shoulder fuzz!


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It's been almost 6 months since our twins were born! These are our 5th & 6th grandchildren! LOVE THEM! Born in August at 37 weeks and weighing in at 6 + pounds each!  When I first took these pictures, their momma wouldn't let me blog them because she didn't want to spoil their announcements going out in the mail or her own blog postings, so I had to wait. I waited so long before I got the go ahead that I had too many other things going on and just forgot to squeeze them in! What kind of Nana does that?! We have had some winter respiratory problems with them lately but we are trying to get their 6 months session done as soon as they are both well. I'm not going to wait on blogging the 6 month pics even if the momma tells me to! Ha! So without further ado, here are Brent and Megan's precious twins: James Knox (named after his Papas) and Sloane Rose (named after my mom).

Twins1005.jpg_MG_7153-Edit.jpgmother and babyTwins1001.jpg

Sloane - tiny. Her daddy calls her (Sloaney Baloney)

Knox - so sweet!

Megan says:

Oh my goodness these are the most precious pics! I am a reader of this Mommy's blog and I just melted at how adorable this is. Uggh. What a blessing. I felt this one in my ovaries for sure! ;)

(02.28.12 @ 03:54 PM)
Jordyn says:

Oh my goodness! So sweet! I read Sloaney and Knox Man's Momma's blog. Love hearing about them. They sure are such a blessing. Their photos absolutely melt my heart!! Great pictures, Nana!

(02.28.12 @ 04:11 PM)
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There's a new girl in town! Meet Addison! She has THE cutest face! She is my little sister's FIRST grandbaby! And, I might add, Leslie is beside herself with joy! We are all so excited to welcome her and play with her . . . a lot! Leslie assures me she will be bringing her over a lot to hang out with us. That should be very fun! Okay, so her dad got this tattoo in his younger, wilder years (my sister and I lamented about it when he got it) BUT, when they brought Addison over, I told him I'd never thought it was such a great idea . . . until now. Haha! Anything for a great photo op, right?  I think Addy thinks so too! We had a few new hats and things to try out with her - she is the first, you know? The little headbands are made by Dear Polly - so cute! And my friend Carol in Seattle is knitting little hats for me. I just hadn't had a little girl in such a long while that we had to make little Addy work it!
I recently went to a workshop to learn a few more newborn posing/handling skills and needed the practice. I'm not so big on posing teenies. I just really like to watch them and let them just "be". Those are my favorite moments   I'm pretty sure we'll be having lots of favorite moments with Addison in the months to come! Congratulations Dustin & Crystal on your new baby girl! AND congratulations Grandma and Grandpa!


Welcome to our crazy family, Addison! XXOO

Angie Marshall says:

Love the pictures!!!

(05.25.11 @ 11:12 PM)
Lisa Stewart says:

Good job on these pics! She is the cutest most precious girl ever! Congrats to Crystal and Dustin!

(05.26.11 @ 10:30 AM)
Alice H says:

I know the owner of Dear Polly!! What a cute baby girl. Great photos.

(05.27.11 @ 11:10 AM)
ashia says:

i came over from megan's blog, and i am just in love with your photography! i am a beginner, so i love just browing other photos! this shoot is SO sweet, and my favorite photo is the last one! too cute!! you are very talented!

(06.10.11 @ 10:11 AM)
rebecca says:

oh my goodness! this little girl is GORGEOUS!

(06.10.11 @ 02:11 PM)
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Saxon was welcomed into the world late-night on April 14th with all the fanfare of a circus and even though no 'real' elephants were there to greet him, he was met by a couple of Bouviers that are large enough to qualify. (At least in a baby's world).  And, of course a couple of grandmas who can dress him up like an elephant whenever they want to. His beautiful mom, Kristin, created a darling little circus-themed nursery for himSaxon was just 2 days old here and was still a little miffed at all the poking and prodding (and snipping!) he had endured in those 2 days. So sweet. So tiny. So very, very precious.  Welcome to the world, Saxon!

Megan - In this wonderful life says:

AW, I love him!!! The pictures are adorable!!!!

(05.05.11 @ 10:02 PM)
Aaron Snow says:

Beautiful photos! I love the one of his hairy shoulder. Very nice :)

(05.06.11 @ 10:06 AM)
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