In Native American culture, fire is the gift of The Great Spirit. So, I thought it was terrific when Anne and Monty wanted to include the sculpture of The Great Spirit at Woodward Park in their maternity session. These teachings are part of their new son's culture. Part of who he is. Who he will become. They want him to feel that now too. His parents are passionate, strong, caring people. They will live in Washington D.C. after he is born but Oklahoma will always be a part of his heritage. I have no doubt when their little boy is born later this month, that he will have a fire in his spirit to match. (and probably a ton of dark hair and definitely beautiful eyes!)


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Last June was a very different time for my family. Our oldest son, Brent, and his wife Megan delivered their first son, Michael Cohen Marshall, on June 7, 2010, at Dallas Children's Hospital. He required immediate open heart surgery and was a good little fighter too! He was only with us for 12 days. God had bigger heavenly plans for him. He amazed everyone everyday of his little life and continues to to this day. Of course we were all devastated by his loss but even in his brief time on earth, Cohen taught his parents a lot about being parents and they knew it was exactly what they wanted to do. Getting pregnant isn't a routine thing for these two. It requires a lot and it took years to conceive Cohen so with all our encouragement and support, they decided to start again. They got a Christmas gift! Soon after, and due to the constant monitoring Megan endures, they found out it was twins! Sweet Blessings! It was tense up until the 20 week mark when they could check the twins hearts and make sure they were A-OK, they were! They are growing like two little peas in a pod! One boy. One Girl. Knox. Sloane. Hoping to make a late August arrival. Megan is on partial bedrest already so we decided to do her maternity pics right at Cohen's birthday and release his balloons AND the twins balloons together. The wind. Again!  She is 27 weeks here but measures full term for a single birth. Yikes! You can get more twin news and see how many lives Cohen has touched by reading Megan's BLOG here. Here's a few pics of my precious new grandbabies and their darling parents!



The difference a year makes when you remain faithful. A bittersweet June but much more sweet from having had our little Cohen for as long as we did and now to be awaiting his brother and sister's arrival. Sweet, sweet, blessings indeed! XXOO

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Lisa says:

Nana loves you guys!

(06.09.11 @ 09:44 AM)
Andrea Murphy says:

Just beautiful.

(06.09.11 @ 09:49 AM)
Todd Scott Ballje says:

Beautiful. In a deeply spiritual and human experience way. My heart was beating hard with both the feelings of difficulty and blessing you all feel a thousand times more. and of course gorgeous pictures too! Grace and health to all of you!

(06.09.11 @ 10:04 AM)
Courtney Middleton says:

I have been waiting to see these!! LOVE them. Megan and Brent are so adorable and Megan you look GORGEOUS!! Awesome pics Lisa =)

(06.09.11 @ 10:12 AM)
Lesley says:

Absolutely PRECIOUS! I'm SO happy for your sweet family!

(06.09.11 @ 10:24 AM)
Abby Hallford says:

This is so sweet! You all will be in my prayers. Twins are special! Sleep while you can!

(06.09.11 @ 12:17 PM)
Megan says:

YAY! I LOVE THEM!!!! So pretty and sweet :)

(06.09.11 @ 04:43 PM)
Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} says:

What absolutely stunning photos of such a lovely couple and thier sweet baby blessings on the way! You captured their joy and love for Cohen and the new babies so beautifully. Thank you for sharing!! xoxo

(06.10.11 @ 09:35 AM)
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Independent thinkers,spiritual, friendly, humanitarian, original and creative. These are traits of people born from Jan 21-Feb 19. Aquarians. Jennifer and Mike will soon be welcoming a little Aquarian of their own. (Well, that is IF he waits until the 21st!)  It's their first. A son. Michael.  We took some time in the LSD natural light studio to document this exciting time in their lives so they can share with their son their excitement and anticipation of his birth and always remember it.  Once that little baby is here, you tend to forget some things about your pregnancy.  Like how in the world did my body ever stretch that far!  Jenn is the cutest, tiniest little pregnant momma! All out in front! Baby Michael was a little wiggler and we could almost see his foot pushed out the side of Jenn's belly!  We are so happy for them and this wonderful, inexplicable event in their lives. With parents like Jenn and Mike, I have no doubt little Michael will reach his full Aquarian potential. Welcome to the world Michael! This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Congratulations on your new family!

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"Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow or waiting around for a YES or NO or waiting for their hair to grow.  Everyone is just waiting...."  for Beaux!  We're all waiting for Beaux!  The third little Brumble is coming in November to join Tatum and Taylor in a house full of Brumbles. We are all looking forward to meeting him and snuffling him all over!


Helen Orcutt says:

So sweet...

(10.31.09 @ 12:35 AM)
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