I've been obsessing about this baby for weeks! I so love this little family and while I was home for the holidays I had the chance to sneak a session in with Amelia who turned 6 months old at Thanksgiving. I LOVE this age. So full of curiosity. Everything is amazing to them. She studies everything and you can see all the different expressions on her little face as she tries to figure this crazy world out. We're still working on that too, Amelia! Of course her mom had tons of pink things for her so we just played for awhile. I had THE hardest time narrowing down my favorites.  So stinkin' cute! 

Here's to your first 6 months, Amelia!

In This Wonderful Life says:

oh my word, these are SO cute. her little smile is precious

(01.31.13 @ 06:34 AM)
Von Wedding Films says:

Oh, so cute! She is darling! And you captured her beautifully...

(02.05.13 @ 12:42 PM)
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You all know the story of the cobbler (shoemaker) whose own children never had any shoes because he didn't have time to make any for his own kids? Well, that's kind of how it is around here. I take pictures of my own kids and grandkids and friends' kids, but it takes me forever to get them edited and blogged or printed. Some I don't see again for a LONG, LONG time. For instance, my grandson, Beaux, I took his first birthday pictures with a cake and all the hoopla but he was two last November and I've never printed or blogged his first birthday! What a shameful Nana! This past week was my granddaughter Tatum's 7th birthday. It was Spring Break and not all of her friends or family could come to her party because they were on vacay so we went on a a little vacay of our own to visit family in Ft. Worth. We went to the aquarium and did some inside things b/c of course it rained most of the time that week. We took Beaux tricycle. That was genius. :D  When we came home, we had our Sunday night family dinner on the patio and there were bubbles and she got an electric scooter and some other fun things and I think she had a fun time after all! I am posting a few pics from that week and a big kiss to my little Tatum!

My beautiful little Tatum on her 7th birthday! So darling to me! LSD-grandkids-002.jpgLSD-grandkids-003.jpg

In case you're wondering why I don't get much done these days, right here it is. These 3 are temporarily living with Nana & Papa and their mom of course and their two dogs - we can't leave them out can we? Nope. so we are all one big happy family for the time being and it's a lot of work but it is very fun and we are loving their time with us!

Taylor styled the posing for Tatum by the pool. She was excellent!LSD-grandkids-006.jpg

Side trip to the Aquarium - -

Birthday cake at Joe T Garcia's in Ft. Worth. With happy birthday sung by the Mariachi band!LSD-grandkids-010.jpg

The Twins came to Tatum's Party! WOOT for Knox and Sloane!LSD-grandkids-011.jpgLSD-grandkids-012.jpgLSD-grandkids-013.jpg

Nothing puts the Kaibash on your queso like Beaux . . . UGHLSD-grandkids-014.jpgLSD-grandkids-015.jpgLSD-grandkids-016.jpg

I love this picture of Taylor with her bubbles!LSD-grandkids-017.jpgLSD-grandkids-018.jpgLSD-grandkids-019.jpg

I LOVE this girl!LSD-grandkids-020.jpg

Sloane waves bye bye! So cute!LSD-grandkids-022.jpg
Our family is truly blessed!


Megan says:


(03.31.12 @ 05:14 PM)
Andrea says:

These are so lovely! (I read Megan's blog)

(04.02.12 @ 07:54 AM)
Emily says:

Precious precious! Cannot believe how big Tatum is!!!! One lucky grandma with all these beautiful grandbabies! :)

(04.27.12 @ 03:07 PM)
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There just aren't many things in life better than watching little boys play! We had a family session with this darling little family - two boys - Brooks is 2 and Charlie is 4.  Both boys have the most beautiful blue eyes with the longest, thickest, dark lashes!  They had a little picnic, shot some air rockets off, kicked a soccer ball, threw a big red ball, played with cars, sang a song about boogers and laughed until they fell over, got in the water, found a stick - - - well, you get the picture. And all in a matter of minutes for the most part. Charlie was ready to play but Brooks had to kind of warm up to me. (gave me THE LOOK a couple of times- Ha!) Thankfully his mom can always make him laugh. Lots of energy, and tons of fun!


In This Wonderful Life says:

they are sooooo cute!

(05.23.11 @ 08:25 AM)
Alice H says:

Looks like they get their beautiful eyes from their momma. These pictures are so good.

(05.23.11 @ 01:22 PM)
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All we needed was Winnie the Pooh and Piglet to complete this blustery day session! Cousins just in town for a wedding and only one time we could squeeze it in so . . . blow away wind and we will just play and let you carry us along! Mr. Liam is one of my favorite little subjects  - so pensive and purposeful. I love to watch him - you really can see the little wheels turning in there! So when his cousins were in town recently for his Aunt Mary's wedding, we decided to have a quick little session with the 4 of them. Oh, yes, did I mention - Ryan- blond and beautiful (yes, it's a family thing) is just 2 1/2, Liam is 2, Ryan's little brother Clay is 9 months and Henry was brand new - about 7 weeks old. Yep, that's 4 under age 3! This calls for serious measures - THE BUBBLE GUN! Ryan took charge of that right away and started blowing bubbles for Liam to chase in the wind. The babies came outside for awhile, and we had grandparents too and we even got the mommies in on it a bit! All the little blue eyes in this family - hypnotizing.  WOW!

I LOVE the looks these two boys are giving their aunt while Henry is crying a little. "Aren't you going to do something?" So FUNNY! AllenFamily-1058b.jpgAllenFamily-1056.jpg

Krista says:

Great photos and great subjects...too cute!!!

(05.05.11 @ 09:25 AM)
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This was last January outside my house. I understand there is a similar forecast for tomorrow through Wednesday. I'm not sure I'm ready for this again.  I think we know how Inky feels about it.

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