It was really no surprise to me that, after days of rain and nothing but rain in the forecast, the sun broke through the clouds during Olivia and Robert's wedding ceremony. This is a radiant couple that make their own sunshine wherever they go. The celebration following their rich, deeply symbolic Greek Orthodox wedding could not have been more perfect. The groom uncorked the festivities by beheading the first bottle of champagne with a saber. Cocktails were served on the rambling deck overlooking a peaceful lake. A magnificent Mediterranean meal was served, complete with baklava made by the bride's grandmother. Toasts brought tears of joy. And then the lodge erupted in Greek dancing....and the Cotton-Eyed Joe.....and everything in-between. The dance floor was packed until the final witching hour. All Olivia and Robert wanted from the very beginning was a traditional wedding and a joyous celebration with their friends and family.....and this darling couple got that in spades.

My first and best friend and incredible photography partner, Lisa, was there to share in the happiness and shoot this wedding along with the amazingly talented Aaron Snow of Aaron Snow Photography, who brought his fresh eye and limitless energy. Helen Orcutt, our great intern, shot the most fun "photobooth" images I've ever seen. Mark and Trisha Von Lanken of Von Wedding of Von Wedding Films master-minded a way to shoot stealth video of our shy bride. Five Oaks Lodge, was the perfect backdrop for the elegant, country-casual ambiance expertly set by Zinke Design. Ann-Marie Foy of The French Bouquet created the exquisite, whimsical florals. Tim Fitzgerald cooked up a great meal. And Matt Blagg with The Wavetones rocked the party all night long. Thank you all for making dreams come true......    ~sophia



Oliiva says:

I love these!! perfect job mom, lisa and aaron! best wedding ever! :)

(07.20.10 @ 08:03 AM)
jeesica says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Perfect as usual :) Thanks to everyone who helped make the day so wonderful for my Olivia!

(07.20.10 @ 08:53 AM)
Aaron Snow says:

Olivia, your wedding was so beautiful! I loved every minute of it. It was so full of life and energy! Congratulations! Thanks for letting me be there.

(07.20.10 @ 10:12 AM)
Lisa says:

Wouldn't miss the baby girl getting married! It was nothing short of fabulous! So happy for you two! xxoo

(07.20.10 @ 11:07 AM)
Olivia says:

Wow! I was so excited that i misspelled my name! ha!

(07.20.10 @ 12:26 PM)
Anonymous says:

These are gorgeous! You are soooo talented! Love, Rose

(07.20.10 @ 01:19 PM)
serena says:

Wow. Just spotted your work on the web. So elegant. Very inspiring, Love it!

(07.20.10 @ 02:35 PM)
Josh McCullock says:

What an excellent wedding!

(07.20.10 @ 03:33 PM)
Emily says:

smiles for the bride+groom, and smiles for aaron the photographer! ... :) congratulations, friend; the best of images, always --

(07.20.10 @ 05:46 PM)
Sarahbeth says:

Oh my word, the more pictures I see the more beautiful that day becomes (as if that was even possible!!). What incredible photos, Oliv you are just glowing. It's obvious just how happy you and Bobby make it other. Love you dearly!

(07.20.10 @ 10:25 PM)
zandra says:


(07.21.10 @ 05:22 PM)
Savannah says:

My personal favorite French Bouquet and Zinke Design wedding of the year for sure! The rich culture, ideal design, swoon-worthy flowers, and I-need-to-have bridesmaid necklaces are brilliant! Everything is just so lovely. Loving this wedding and blog post!!

(08.19.10 @ 03:56 AM)
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Meghan & Jonathan are so in love with each other. When they look at each other it's almost as if the rest of the world goes away. I even felt like an intruder a couple of times. (I snapped out of it though). These two are darling to be with, honestly, so smart, sweet and just plain fun. (Okay, the bride sent paint chips to her bridesmaids and MOH and told them to just get a dress that matched pretty close. She didn't even see most of them until the wedding day. LOVE IT!} They so get us too and it's always a joy to work with people who want to play with us, and make a little time for it on their wedding day! This is another couple who planned a "first look". One, so they could get more fun pictures of their love story (about 100 more images!) and two, so they could get all their family pictures taken BEFORE the ceremony and go directly to their reception with their guests. We've become big fans of this plan because it's just so smart and fun! I love to see the looks they give each other and the special time they have together. Jonathan was really checking out the dress and veil and was a bit awestruck. It's just the best!  Afterwards, we had a fun little session across the street at an old-fashioned park with a vintage ferris wheel. Sophia took one for the team and climbed aboard for the ride!  They had an outdoor ceremony on the lawn of their reception site - waterside and glorious with vows that left tears in everyone's eyes. The Wavetones cranked up the sound for the reception, where the bride and groom treated their guests to spectacular fare and beverage until the wee hours.When the bride puts her boots out!  Beautiful flowers in shades of blue, to match the brides sapphires, in vintage teacups and silver vases, a cake bar with so many cakes it was hard to choose, and family fave cookies to take home! More tops to my muffins but they were sooo good! Speaking of hard to choose... here's just a few! And a few more... :D



Kim says:

good information

(07.08.10 @ 12:57 PM)
kendall porter says:

fabulous shoes. fabulous first look.

(07.08.10 @ 09:41 PM)
Libby says:

Love the pics! What a unique and awesome couple!

(07.09.10 @ 09:59 AM)
Libby says:

Love the pics! What a unique and awesome couple!

(07.09.10 @ 09:59 AM)
Libby says:

Love the pics! What a unique and awesome couple!

(07.09.10 @ 10:02 AM)
AshleyAnn says:

Oh I love that first photo....what a fabulous, fun shot!

(07.09.10 @ 09:40 PM)
Lisa Porter says:

this is so fun! where is this little park with the ferris wheel?

(07.11.10 @ 11:24 AM)
Lisa says:

It's in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Very fun!

(07.11.10 @ 12:23 PM)
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A beautiful day, a beautiful bride, a totally smitten groom. It just doesn't get better than that. Oh but wait! It does - add gorgeous flowers, a magnificent ballroom, a rockin' band, a fly-fishing trout groom's cake, and a candy bar that would make Dylan's do a double take and have it all put together by Jane Kelly to perfection.  That pretty much sums up Reese and Ward's wedding day in Oklahoma City - a beautiful church wedding with their reception at Gaillardia Country Club.  They are such a sweet couple and it was so fun to just hang out with their families and friends.  Dave & the Wavetones kept everyone dancing into the wee hours. Cigars (real and bubblegum) around the firepit, Oklahoma Photobooth snapping silly scrapbook pics with feather boas and such, and, of course, Reese's peanut butter cups to finish off the night!


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The words to their first dance echoed as Blessid Union of Souls sang,  "We've taken our time and for this I'm so glad. Now we can be sure that this moment will last." Kendall and Blake have known each other since childhood. They've grown up in the same hometown. Norman, Oklahoma. They've had many a Saturday listening to the Sooner Schooner blast victory into the sky.  They've waited patiently for the day to marry, each knowing all along, that day would come. It was only appropriate that they marry in that hometown, with all their friends and family in attendance at McFarlin United Methodist Church with a reception at the OU Stadium Club with the rockin' I.J.Ganem band serving up all the beat they could handle. These two LOVE to dance! That love made the reception so much fun! So contagious! Love birds were scattered throughout the OU skybox.  I loved all the bird nests and cages! So cute!  Trees and nests, great food and cups that turned pink when the bar filled them up!   Amy Cakes of OKC made the cake and THE MOST SPECTACULAR BROWNIES for the groom's cake that I have EVER eaten! I'm NOT kidding. And, of course, they had these darling little bluebirds in coconut nests on top!  Kendall was a gorgeous bride! (She always has great shoes and matching glasses! Her wedding day was no exception.)   Meg Guess Couture had a special "something blue" put in Kendall's dress - her new monogram and her wedding date! A Date with Iris created the florals and we always love working with Von Wedding Films who create the most wonderful video!  I hope these two OU Alumns will watch it again and again, and look through their photographs for many years, remembering this wonderful day and all their friends and family that celebrated this blessed union of souls and wished them well as they trade their crimson and cream in for the crimson tide of Alabama!  Congratulations!  Here's a few highlights of their wedding day (they had a "first look" so there's a few more!)



LIsa Porter says:

absolutely awesome! I am have tears in my eyes you did such an amazing job of capturing the day!

(05.24.10 @ 07:50 AM)
Gayle Kowalchyk says:

Your pictures are amazing, Kendall! I still can't believe we missed the whole thing. Thanks for sharing them with us!

(05.29.10 @ 09:00 PM)
john pascale says:

Ok those glasses are killer... I want to shoot someone wearing those glasses. Great post

(06.10.10 @ 03:41 PM)
Leah says:

I love that lyric! Do you know the name of that song by Blessid Union of Souls?

(06.28.10 @ 06:09 AM)
kendall porter says:

thank you thank you thank you! loved the day, love the pictures.

the song is "the rest of my life". enjoy :)

(07.06.10 @ 10:59 AM)
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