Stan and Abigail . . . these two brilliant people found each other through a mutual friend and the chemistry was there right away. They have that really comfortable, Sunday kind of love. You know, they just "are" with each other and totally love that about the other. The kind of love where you just exchange looks and don't need words to know what the other is thinking. The kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Abigail and Stan both come from big families with lots of crazy cousins, aunts and uncles. Something always going on. It's made them both ready for a big family of their own and we all wished them on that way Saturday night, as they officially declared their love and intentions and got married right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A beautiful ceremony on the South Lawn in the Garden of the Four Terraces at Philbrook Museum of Art started the evening off. Parasols provided shade, programs were fans, cold drinks were served as guests were seated. Readings by family members and attended by all their closest friends and family. Cocktails on the terrace, followed by a four course dinner prepared and served by The Brasserie  inside a huge tent (air conditioned ahhh) and well appointed throughout. Talmadge Powell  coordinated and designed the event which was complete with a larger than life tree bearing the couples initials carved in a heart!  Toni's Flowers were gorgeous!  Flower boxes lined the center of the harvest tables,filled with white roses, peonies and hydrangea and an occasional coral rose. Abigail and Stan, not being your everyday couple, wanted to have a grand celebration for their friends and family rather than a traditional wedding celebration -- Just a BIG PARTY! She had her "first look" with her father.  He was gushing with joy! No garters or bouquet tossings.  They didn't even have a wedding cake! BUT, chocolate truffles, brownies and milk, and warm snickerdoodle cookies were passed after dinner and I've gotta say - - it was really fun and very delicious! Abigail has a thing for pink champagne and Stan has a thing for cigars. So they both had all they wanted all night long. Cigars were hand rolled in the cigar bar - it was fascinating. I'd never seen a cigar rolled before! Sophia got some great shots of the cigar rolling! Some of these cigars were huge too! We passed on the cigars but we never pass on champagne and tonite the champagne was delightful!  Cheers to Abigail & Stan as they start their life together in San Francisco where even rocket scientists fall in love! 


The Kiss from my view:
The Kiss from Sophia's view:

Have a great honeymoon Mr. & Mrs. King!

Abigail says:

FABULOUS! So exciting to come back to this!! You make everything look so beautiful - can't wait to see the rest!

(06.26.11 @ 03:19 PM)
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Our little globetrotters landed in Guthrie to say their vows May 14th. I can't even put into words how much fun we have had with this couple. Seatte, San Fransisco and now . . . Guthrie, OK. It was definitely the closest destination for this courtship. We've learned that Lesley is just one of those people who loves everyone and everyone loves her. It showed even more on her wedding day. Every guest there was thrilled for them!  We got to meet Sean's family - his son Shane, his mother and brother.   We made a weekend of it in Guthrie - (including a little Karaoke at the town wine bar--I played the Sean card ;) Rehearsal dinner on Friday and lots of fun wedding festivities on Saturday. Wonderful food and beautiful venue at The Sand Plum.   Cake, cupcakes and truffles by Mishelle Handy Cakes of OKC, Von Wedding Films created a surprise same-day-edit of the video of the day and everyone gathered to watch. Dave and The Wavetones kept it rockin into Sunday morning, even after the happy couple road off into the moonlight in a horse drawn carriage.  It truly was a magical weekend.   I can't possibly post it all at once - this one is full already! I'll post rehearsal dinner and some reception highlights in the next post.  Lesley - ever practical - handled many of her details and decorations herself with the help of her family platoon, who fell right into her command, almost as if they'd been doing it their whole lives.  They chose to have a first look and play with Sophia and I a little for pictures before her guests arrived. She didn't want to take any time away from them once the ceremony was over.  I really LOVE that about her! I love the picture Sophia got where Sean's son, Shane and Lesley's little brother Ben are peeking in the window for the kiss!  Here's a few more from the wedding day.

Love this look Sophia captured!

BechtelWed1001.jpgBechtelWed1002.jpgBechtelWed1003.jpgBechtelWed1004.jpgBechtelWed1005.jpgThis shot Sophia took before they all went downstairs for ceremony is one of my favorites of the day.BechtelWed1006.jpgBechtelWed1007.jpgBechtelWed1008.jpgBechtelWed1009.jpgBechtelWed1010.jpgBechtelWed1011.jpgBechtelWed1012.jpgBechtelWed1013.jpgBechtelWed1014.jpgBechtelWed1015.jpgBechtelWed1016.jpgBechtelWed1017.jpgBechtelWed1018.jpgBechtelWed1019.jpgBechtelWed1020.jpgBechtelWed1021.jpgBechtelWed1022.jpgBechtelWed1023.jpgBechtelWed1024.jpgBechtelWed1025.jpg

Please feel free to leave a comment, send to a friend or post to your facebook page with the links below.

Renee Ogle says:

Wow! Beyond beautiful. I am impressed. I don't think I've seen more beautiful wedding photos (including my own).

(06.07.11 @ 11:40 AM)
Louise says:

Fantastic pixs! Let's do it all over again.

(06.07.11 @ 01:25 PM)
Sharyn Rusher says:

The pictures are perfect-as beautiful as the wedding. You had a gorgeous bride and a sexy, handsome groom to work with, Lisa, but you did an outstanding job and everyone will want to have you take their photos from now on.

(06.07.11 @ 04:40 PM)
Von Wedding Films says:

Beautiful, you captured it just perfectly!

(06.15.11 @ 11:11 AM)
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You may remember these two doctors from a few posts ago (here). Well, Lisa and Nick did in fact tie the know March 12, 2011,  at a very intimate and private ceremony at the Grand Lake home of the groom's parents. It was full of beautiful details and heartfelt sentiments from all their guests. The bride customized a Vera Wang dress (and by that I mean she cut it off -- not for the faint of heart -- darling!), accessorized with cowboy boots and a vintage chic Ciner crystal necklace. Top to bottom chic. We included their pride and joy pup, Puff, in our session. He's too cute! I see how much these two appreciate what the other brings to their life.  The looks they exchange, the little touches and reaches for each other. Each a much needed anchor in their hectic days.  Rustic elegance is a good way to describe this wedding. Harvest tables, gold chargers, and strands and strands of patio lights throughout the lodge home created the perfect welcoming atmosphere.  Whole Foods provided the florals - they were gorgeous. The bride orchestrated and made many of the details herself. Since this was a much smaller affair than they had planned for their previous wedding date, they had the opportunity to add lots of personal touches for their special guests. It showed. Artisan cheeses displayed in an antique wagon, wedding cookies flown in from their favorite bakery in Kansas City, and an Italian feast featuring all their favorites from several restaurants in the Tulsa area. Sometimes the smallest gatherings are the sweetest in our memories. Congratulations Lisa and Nick! 

Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

Cheri Root says:

I am in love with every single aspect of this post! Absolutely beautiful work Lisa and what a perfect wedding!

(03.30.11 @ 08:48 AM)
DeAnne Bull says:

Beautiful, unique, magical. Special memories!

(03.30.11 @ 10:30 AM)
RebeccaE says:

So very lovely & fun! Amazing work as always!!

(03.30.11 @ 12:29 PM)
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This year we've had several couples get married who have practically grown up together and have known each other for many years. That's not the case with Sarah and Jason. Their love is new and yet very real.  They'd both wondered if they would ever find the right one and just prayed that they would. They both knew right away when a friend introduced them. Sarah tells Jason she just knew that God had sent him for her.  She had it engraved in his wedding band, so he will always know what a blessing he is to her.  And, of course, if she'd had any doubt at all, the fact that he was a big dog lover just cinched the deal!  They fit together in so many ways, as if they were just two missing pieces to the same puzzle. The puzzle is now complete. He is her strength. She is his soft place to fall and just be. Their wedding was in her parents' backyard and was totally reflective of who these two are. Neither one likes a big fuss over things. Neither one feels comfortable in a crowd. Both just wanted to get married and tell the world - or at least as much of the world as would fit in their own backyard. Red and yellow featured prominently - colors of sunshine and warmth. Their faith was evident in every detail from the heavy iron cross on the beautifully adorned prayer cloth to the small white rocks each guest placed at it's base on their way out as a sign of their presence and witness to this day. Similar stones - Sarah and Jason received at a prayer shower - were placed in the base of their unity candle. These prayer stones had scriptures written on them from each person who prayed for them. As traditional as these two are, they opted for the first look and to have that private moment.  It was beautiful and when Jason first looked at Sarah, his eyes got big and I'm pretty sure he had to catch his breath! She is the tiniest little thing and she looked so incredible in her tiers of ruffles! Her mother made her a little purse out of her wedding gown for something old, she borrowed a hanky from her grandmother (but had to give it back to her right after the ceremony!), a special pin from her father, and some freakin' awesome sapphire blue bling shoes!  I overheard Sarah say to Jason at their first look that she thought maybe they should get in the car and drive away right then but Jason, the voice of reason on that,  couldn't contain her when, as they were presented as  husband and wife,   she just grabbed his hand and said "run" and they sped out of the yard and through the gate! It was a a beautiful ceremony and a very fun - and unpredictable - exit. An elegant reception followed at Southern Hills Country Club and  a nice send off in the Father of the Bride's sleek Aston Martin convertible. Now, that's how to leave a party!   I'm posting a few here now and their gallery will be up in a few days.  Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments for them here on the blog!


Lisa says:

Sarah & Jason - Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us! We were honored and wish you both the very best in your marriage! It was beautiful and we had a blast with you and your familes!

(10.01.10 @ 03:26 PM)
Sarah Freed says:

Thank you Lisa and Sophia! You both did a beautiful job. I couldn't have done it without you--so many questions you helped answer. I cannot wait to see more.

(10.04.10 @ 09:07 AM)
Sophia says:

You're a sweetheart, Sarah!

(10.05.10 @ 02:37 PM)
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You know those kind of people that everything just seems to go perfectly for ALL the time? Several times during the course of this wedding day and the rehearsal dinner the night before, I heard people say things like - "Well of course it would be perfect weather, it's Emily,"  and, "Everything is always great for Emily and Jason". Emily and Jason are THOSE people. They have a charmed life and they so deserve it! These two have known each other since they were kids and I'm pretty sure they have been going "steady" all this time too. Emily is a feisty, sparkly girl and Jason is her rock. I should be posting their rehearsal dinner first but I wanted to get right to the wedding so I'll post it later but at the rehearsal dinner. Jason told the entire room that when he first met Emily, she had an energy and vitality about her that just made him want to be with her. He fell in love with her at age 12 and is still hooked. Emily looks at Jason and her face just breaks into a big smile. She has one of those smiles that lights up a room and makes everyone in it smile too. These two had THE best time at their wedding and family and friends just made it ... well, perfect.  Everyone got ready at the Mayo Hotel, traveled to First Christian Church in downtown Tulsa, and the back to the Mayo for a roaring party in the Crystal Ballroom with Jumpsuit Love in the bandstand. Purple lights from Omni Lighting, fabulous flowers from Mary Murray's, Wanda's Cakes made a groom's cake of the Budweiser truck (Jason's employer), and a bride's cake with no rivals. A tender first-look, surprise dances, heartfelt toasts, and posing in the streets. Josh from Cherished Traditions captured the night on video (we LOVE to poach his light, heehee)  Maybe some pictures can tell the story better.

Sophia captured the First Look -- magical. I love this time.


The first dance started as a two-step, came to a screeching halt, and we all heard "Well, I've had the time of my life." The crowd went wild as the bride and groom danced the dirty-dancing hit just like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey! It was darling!



This is some serious paparazzi!



Brittney Davis says:

Simply beautiful! Love your work...just amazing!

(09.16.10 @ 09:36 AM)
Sheree says:

Breathtaking! It's a fairy tale come to life! I feel so BLESSED that I was there!

(09.16.10 @ 12:28 PM)
Tori Von Lanken says:

I can't wait for you to do mine in a couple of weeks! Cute couple!

(09.16.10 @ 02:54 PM)
Sandy Curtis says:

Fantastic photos and a beautiful couple and wedding!

(09.16.10 @ 10:23 PM)
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