This is my second military emergency engagement session this summer. Can you believe it? This one had an even smaller window of time to complete. Justin was just going to be home for a bit more than a week from Afghanistan. He and Kelsey are planning a red-white-and-blue July 2012 wedding! Good friends before falling in love,  these two aren't strangers to the long-distance relationship, but the military really puts it to the test! Before being shipped out, Justin arranged a geocache (like a scavenger hunt with GPS coordinates to follow) the last clue led Kelsey to an Altoids tin with a proposal inside! When she looked around, he was down on one knee! Isn't that the sweetest? We spent a little time around town - again, I'm sure his idea of R&R was NOT having pictures taken but he actually suggested a shot he really wanted (the dual focus classic) - - on the blog now :)  I loved watching him just watch her and look at her. Like he was trying to memorize everything about her before he has to leave again. He'd wrap his big strong arms around her teeniness (she's so stinkin' cute!) and she'd just melt into him.  They had such a great time together, they pretty much forgot I was around. We added their dogs into the mix for a few - Duke and Mac - big but very well behaved! Wishing you both the best of everything! Thank you Justin for your service. Come home safely and really soon!


Thanks for spending some of your R&R with me!

Jenni Smith says:

These are adorable! Love the shot with the puppies and the ones with Kels on Justin's back!
You two are truly inspirational, thank you for sharing your love with us :)

(09.04.11 @ 09:54 AM)
erin says:

these are amazing! so beautiful and inspirational!

(09.13.11 @ 03:23 PM)
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A few weeks ago I got a call from Monica. She's engaged and needs an engagement session  in a hurry! She and Andrew are both from Kentucky. Yes, you heard right. Kentucky - Derby, Wildcats, Bluegrass. Andrew is a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and they are both grads of University of Kentucky. The Military is shipping them out . . .again. Next stop Ft. Bragg. Officers training is rugged under any circumstances but Artillery training at Ft. Sill in July? Really? Well, of course, with our military history and a great family love story at Ft. Sill (my inlaws were married there in 1945), I said yes! Monica said they could come to Tulsa - NO WAY. Ft. Sill is their Oklahoma home and they should have some pictures to prove it.  I also discovered they hadn't been to Meers for a burger! WHAT?! I felt personally responsible for remedying that situation before they left the state. So . . Roadtrip!   Packed up the hubs and my little Kato (also never had a Meers burger - slacker parents) and headed to Lawton, OK for the day. These two are going to be a great military couple. They can withstand a lot! Heat. Buffalo. Buffalo chips. Monica is so flexible and just kind of goes with the flow - (the military appreciates that).  Andrew - well the military is a good husband trainer because they learn to do a lot of stuff they don't really want to do and not complain!   It was 109 in the shade - did I mention Oklahoma in July? Our heat index was 114.  A scorcher by anyone's standards, but these two just sailed through, and Andrew was in his dress blues for a bit! I love Lawton and have so many wonderful memories there and at Ft. Sill that I'll have to admit, even with the heat, I wasn't ready to leave. These two are both avid Wildcat fans and have the cutest little pup - Skeeter - who hung out with us a bit too. The Wildcats don't mix it up with Sooners so we did a little tailgating just for kicks. They are scooting back to Kentucky to get married in October in the week or so the military will allow them before heading to North Carolina. Wishing you both all the best in your life together! Thank you for your service!

MooneyEng1001.jpgMooneyEng1002.jpgMooneyEng1003.jpgMooneyEng1004.jpgMooneyEng1005.jpgMooneyEng1006.jpgMooneyEng1007.jpgMooneyEng1008.jpgMooneyEng1009.jpgMooneyEng1010.jpgMooneyEng1011.jpgMooneyEng1012.jpgMooneyEng1013.jpgMooneyEng1014.jpgThanks guys! We had a great time with you in our little familiar town!

Darcy says:

Monica! These are so beautiful! Love the buffalo shot and LOOOVE the one at meers, too!! What an incredible photographer!

(08.26.11 @ 04:22 PM)
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Well, these two aren't playing  - doctor anyway. Originally set to marry at the end of 2009, their hectic doctor education and training schedules proved to be a bit overwhelming and put their marriage on hold. . . temporarily . . . because you just can't stop what's going on between these two! I am so excited to finally be able to reveal and celebrate with them as they will in fact marry next month. Yes, a small ceremony squeezed in between two busy doctor schedules still but they WILL MARRY! And no doubt help each other bear up under trying residencies and all that lay ahead of them both.  Lisa is the sweetest, kindest person with that darling dimple and long femurs! (We all know I have a long history of femur envy) Gorgeous in every way. And Nick, well, the world can always use another handsome doctor, right?  We took advantage of a beautiful afternoon to scoot out to Gilcrease for a little R&R. Nick brought a little picnic - the perfect remedy. These two will make great doctors but more importantly, they will make a great married couple!  Congratulations Lisa & Nick - on finding each other and for holding on!

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Not only are our brides art lovers but their parents are too! One of our 2011 bride's parents commissioned Tulsa fine art watercolor artist Tommy Lee Ball to paint an original work of art from one of their LSD engagement pics! Isn't it just fabulous?!  Something I know they will treasure always. I just might have to get me one of these, Tommy Lee!  You can check out more of his work though his website and blog at or in Tulsa gallery showings.


Abigail says:

Love this, of course! You'll have to come see the original in person.

(01.22.11 @ 05:03 PM)
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                             " I shall be telling this with a sigh
                             Somewhere ages and ages hence:
                            Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
                               I took the one less traveled by,
                            And that has made all the difference

This last stanza in Robert Frost's poem "A Road Not Taken" reminded me of Sean and Lesley for some reason. Maybe it's because they are both in the travel industry. Maybe it's because they both come from very different places. But I think it's because even with all that, the roads they have chosen separately from one another, have led them directly into each other's paths.  Lesley comes from a small Oklahoma town (I mean SMALL) and has always had big dreams. Great combination. Growing up in a small town cradles your heart. You feel secure and able to go out there and explore it all and find the best things waiting for you without hesitation. Put a big dream behind that and, well, unstoppable. That's the feeling you get when you meet Lesley. She's unstoppable.  She is so full of adventure and zest for life. It's infectious. Sean shares her joy for life, albeit from a quieter, watchful position.  He has movie hero kind of aura (the Vin Diesel type) with that little sparkle in his eyes when he smiles.  Both love to travel and share new experiences. He is her rock. Her calm in the storm that can sometimes threaten to squash big dreams. She will always make him laugh. He will always cheer her on. Since they will make their home in Spokane when they wed this spring,  we met up in Seattle (Oh ho-hum, Seattle, again . . .) and had a blast! The weather was pretty good when Sophia and I  got in, but the forecast was not so great, so we called Lesley and Sean and decided to start right away before it got dark. (it gets dark in Seattle at like 4:00 - kinda weird - but early start to happy hour). They were staying just a couple of blocks from us at Hotel Max, which was very cool. We finished up with sushi there and then our friends the Hilles cooked dinner for all of us afterwards and it was lovely to get to spend some time with Sean and Lesley and learn about how they met and fell in love!  And, since we got a late start and that 4:00 darkness thing kind of crept up on us, we met the next day for a little bit, dodged cars downtown, and ate some amazing donuts at The Dahlia Bakery.  Life is good.   Lesley will not only become a wife, but a stepmother as well to Sean's son, Shane. I know she will bring the same fun spirit and big dreams to his life that she brings to Sean's. and THAT "will make all the difference." 



Bechtel-KSL-1031-Edit.jpgBechtel-LSD-1158-Edit.jpgBechtelE-1057.jpgBechtel-LSD-1098-Edit.jpgBechtel-KSL-1012-Edit.jpgBechtelE-1056.jpg Thanks so much for a great time in Seattle! Can't wait for those San Fransisco bridals and your wonderful wedding this spring!    Lisa & Sophia

Myra says:

I couldn't pick out a favorite if I tried. Awesome!

(12.15.10 @ 09:16 AM)
Tamra says:

Such a beautiful couple, the love really shows and the pictures are amazing! Wishing you the best & all the happiness in the world! Hugs!

(12.15.10 @ 10:41 AM)
Trisha says:

They are all beautiful, I'm sure Leslie loves them. Thrilled you got to do them in Seattle.

(12.15.10 @ 11:16 AM)
Andrea Selby says:

Gorgeous and so fun!! Life with Lesley is always filled with love and laughter!

(12.15.10 @ 11:41 AM)
Debie Waggoner says:

Love your photos! So creatively done and you two look so happy! :)

(01.11.11 @ 05:48 PM)
Marleena Stein (Friend of lesley's Mom) says:

Beautiful girl, beautiful gown, beatiful couple , beautiful cities, BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures! May God's richest blessings follow you and may wisdom and peace be your constant companions!

(06.04.11 @ 12:44 AM)
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