I knew he loved her. The first time I met him, I knew he loved her. I could tell by the way he talked about her and how intent he was on making everything PERFECT for this day. The day he was going to ask her to be his wife. To spend her life with him. From the custom cards with clues leading her to spots around town where they've shared special moments to orchestration and logistics of getting her best friends and sister into town to celebrate with her, Nolan planned every detail to a "T", with Rachel in mind. He was concerned because she's such a private person, never wanting to be the center of attention, but he had to make sure she knew she WAS the center of attention for him. With the help and guidance of Lynn Wheatley of Lasting Impressions of Tulsa Events, the entire day was practically perfect in every way! Here's how it started -- the day AFTER Valentine's Day, on the pretense of going to brunch, Nolan created a reason for Rachel to have to go by her office. On her desk was a beautiful box and the first clue -- follow along . . .
So it began . . . at each location Rachel found another of her friends waiting with the next clue and she had to direct the limo driver to each destination.

After a wonderful lunch, spa visit and new outfit and all the accessories, Rachel was taken to the GV Winery and here's what happened next . . .

Rachel and her sister, Kate, couldn't wait to call the rest of the family with the news! I love sisters! 


It was a beautiful night with beautiful friends. They partied on at GV Winery with a tasting, food from Andolini's and lots and lots of smiles. OH . . . I almost forgot . . . SHE SAID 'YES!'

Congratulations Nolan and Rachel! Wishing you a wonderful marriage!

Israel Diamond says:

What a way to capture the moment! Amazing proposal and amazing photos for a wonderful couple. We are honored to have been a part of this special moment.

(03.12.14 @ 08:57 AM)
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Which is a really good thing because they're going to live in Seattle, right? BUT they're getting married in Texas, where Shawna is from originally. Andrew and Shawna are adventurers at heart and from the their first meeting on the slopes in Colorado to rescuing a dog from the streets of Korea, both knew they had met the one with whom to share those adventures, and Seattle seemed the perfect fit for all. They love hanging at GasWorks Park with room for Chiyo to run, and the view of the city is beautiful, even in the wind and rain. There's an ease between Shawna and Andrew that bodes very well for a happy life together.  She's a visionary. He keeps her grounded but at the same time, can totally be persuaded to follow her vision!  A lovely, vintage style Texas wedding is planned for the fall and then. . . the REAL adventure begins!  Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this special time in your lives with me!


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Since meeting in 2006, Ashley and Lee have been crossing the globe, each on their own paths. But, as we know, fate has a way of crossing paths. France to Switzerland to the USA. You just can't stop it when it's meant to be. Still separated by a state, Ashley and Lee started their own private holiday celebration each year. But this past Christmas Lee had a little something extra under the tree! Dinner at The Polo Grille, a limo tour of Christmas lights.  It was under the twinkling of those lights, high on the hill at Chandler Park, that Lee proposed to Ashley on bended knee. I LOVE that love story. Lee arranged for all their families to be at The Tavern on Brady with champagne to celebrate with them so he was pretty darn sure of himself! It's not hard to see why when they are together. His hand quietly slips into hers as they wait. Their heads together smiling and laughing, as if they were alone in a crowd.  A sweet, comfortable kind of love that lasts through those unexpected layovers in life.  The traveling continues with these two but one thing is for sure -- they can go the distance! Congratulations!

Since travel is a huge part of their lives - although they are hoping to settle down a bit after their December wedding, we decided to make it part of their engagement session as well. Thanks to Destry Davis of GlamourArtz for Ashley's hair and makeup. 

LSD-Dye-Eng-101.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-102.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-103.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-104.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-105.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-106.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-107.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-108.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-109.jpgI think this might be their guardian angel --LSD-Dye-Eng-110.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-111.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-112.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-113.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-114.jpgLSD-Dye-Eng-115.jpg
Leave them love and wedding wishes!

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We spent the weekend in Kansas City recently with Courtney and Gil. Beautiful weather, nice fall colors and great company! Planning a June wedding in Minnesota, they took time from their busy schedules for a little play time with me! Courtney is in communications but her passion is cooking and she's looking around for that great combination niche. Kansas City is one of the BEST places for that I would suppose. I know she'll find it soon. They took us to all the great local food places while we were there. So good! Gil (this comes from his last name, Gilroy, which I didn't know for a quite awhile) is a liver specialist at KU Med. If you need a liver, he's your guy! It takes a special quality to be a doctor and also to be a doctor's wife. Lots of sacrifices of your personal time are made - - and for people you don't even know. I'm always so amazed and impressed by their dedication. These two have that special dedication. Their time together is precious and they totally enjoy each other when the are together. I love the way he just looks at her and smiles, when she doesn't even know it. The way she just slips her hand into his as they walk. At first we thought we would go up to Lawrence but then decided to stay just a stone's throw from their hi-rise home and all the things they look out upon from their windows - the Veterans Park and the Train Station.  It was the perfect choice.

CourtneyM1001.jpgCourtneyM1002.jpgCourtneyM1003.jpgCourtneyM1004.jpgCourtneyM1005.jpgThere was a government protest going on in the park with these shipping containers spelling out I.O.U. (These two are the modern day version of Mary Matalin and James Carville.) Thankfully, they just agree to disagree about some things. I think it's gonna work!


We had a great time with you guys! Can't wait for that wedding!  XXOO

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These two are getting married! Yes, it's Philbrook. A gorgeous mixture of old world and new. The perfect place for Kate and Blaine's engagement session.  It so reflects their personalities and sophistication.  Blaine is (you're not going to believe this) a rocket scientist. Yes, another one. Our third! There are a lot of really smart guys out there with beautiful women in their lives! While Blaine is hitting the books, Kate is helping patients feel better through medical therapeutic massage. A touchy-feely girl! I noticed a great balance with these two. Kate is no bigger than a minute (incredibly gorgeous!) and she just fits so perfectly next to Blaine. He pulls her close and you can just see the peace in him and the contentment and appreciation they find in one another. AND they just have FUN!  I was trying to get Kate to take a little foster dog home with her and she so wanted to take him.  A  bit of a negotiation with Blaine was going on during part of our session. (see if you can guess which picture)  Kate is a dog lover. Blaine is a dog tolerater but a Kate lover so it was close but the airlines nixed dog travel so it was a no-go. Breathe, Blaine. It was really so cute!  Planning a June wedding here in Tulsa but calling Wisconsin home at the moment, it's a bit of a commute for photos and wedding planning so I was excited they could come this fall for them. So looking forward to darling Kate's bridal portraits next!


Thanks so much for coming out to play!

Kate says:

Lisa, thank you so much for all your hard work. These photos look amazing and we had a blast shooting with you! Can't wait until our next session... I could get use to that! ;)

(09.22.11 @ 11:59 AM)
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