On September 11, 2001, all Americans in every corner of the globe were changed forever. An event that: United us. Divided us. Shocked us to our cores. The National September 11th Memorial Museum, located in lower Manhattan at ground zero, the site of the former twin towers -- a sign of power and strength and now gone -- opened to the public on May 22, 2014. I had the honor of not just being there but getting to see the museum and getting to cover the transfer of the 9/11 Flag for permanent display at the museum.  I'll post a few images of the flag transfer here but you can see more of them on the Facebook page for LSD Photography or New York Says Thank You.

I don't know what else I can say about the National 9/11 Flag that we haven't said in previous posts. No matter what divides Americans - politics, religion, class - the one thing that always unites us is the American Flag. Our flag. OURS. This flag, hanging at 90 West Street, covered in the soot, ashes and American sacrifices of September 11, 2001, saved and lovingly restored by US. Americans. From all 50 states. Stitch by stitch. Patch by patch. Whole again. Think about that for just a minute. . . . Who does that? Who starts just putting a flag back together and why? WE DO. AMERICANS. As that flag was carried from the lower east side, past the Number 10 Firehouse on Liberty street and marched past the waterfalls with the names of all the souls lost that day, right up to the lawn in the shade of the new Freedom Tower, and unfolded in all its stitched-together glory, there was an undeniable spiritual presence. To hear everyone singing God Bless America, right there with that flag, well, it reminded me a bit of Dr. Suess' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" story. It would read, "Maybe being an American doesn't come from a store. Maybe being an American, perhaps means a bit more." I hope they hear us all singing. I hope OBL hears us singing clear down to Hell. God Bless America. 

LSDPhotos.com 9/11 Museum 8

Firehouse 10 with the Freedom Tower in view. 

NYSTY5_2014001.jpgSome of New York's finest! THANK YOU!

NYSTY5_2014004.jpgNYSTY5_2014022.jpgNYSTY5_2014015.jpgChildren of the 9/12 generation moved in to hold the flag before it was folded again. The 9/12 Generation Project is an educational program born from the foundation to teach the next generation about what happened on 9/11 but, more importantly, what happened on 9/12, when we started helping each other get back up, and rebuilding for good.

The "press" was a bit op"press"ive IMO but I know they want to share it with the world too. Just wish they could stay out of MY way! Ha!

"His lord said unto him, Well donegood and faithful servant". Thank you all. 

I got scoot into the Museum with a few first responders before it opened its doors to the public later that morning. These are a few images I was allowed to take. As you enter, past security, you go down into the basement of ground zero. Steel beams from the building remain.

LSDPhotos.com 9/11 Museum 2
The wall in its raw state, an existing beam that remains. Those are benches and you can see the scale by the person there. Presentations can take place here. It's very quiet. Very.

LSDPhotos.com 9/11 Museum 3
Images of original missing persons posters are projected onto the wall. 

LSDPhotos.com 9/11 Museum 4
LSDPhotos.com 9/11 Museum 5
LSDPhotos.com 9/11 Museum 6
LSDPhotos.com 9/11 Museum 7
Just past the above firetruck, you enter into the inner part of the museum. This contains all the major artifacts. Voice recordings. Belongings. Photographs. News broadcasts of the event. And a photo of EVERY person lost that day. There are NO PHOTOGRAPHS ALLOWED in this area of the museum. :(   When you exit and go back up to ground level, this escalator takes you up and you hear a choir singing a cappella. It's beautiful.  


Nelly Rahman says:

I hope they hear us all singing. I hope OBL hears us singing clear down to Hell. God Bless America. Thanks

(12.21.14 @ 11:00 AM)
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