" I shall be telling this with a sigh
                             Somewhere ages and ages hence:
                            Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
                               I took the one less traveled by,
                            And that has made all the difference

This last stanza in Robert Frost's poem "A Road Not Taken" reminded me of Sean and Lesley for some reason. Maybe it's because they are both in the travel industry. Maybe it's because they both come from very different places. But I think it's because even with all that, the roads they have chosen separately from one another, have led them directly into each other's paths.  Lesley comes from a small Oklahoma town (I mean SMALL) and has always had big dreams. Great combination. Growing up in a small town cradles your heart. You feel secure and able to go out there and explore it all and find the best things waiting for you without hesitation. Put a big dream behind that and, well, unstoppable. That's the feeling you get when you meet Lesley. She's unstoppable.  She is so full of adventure and zest for life. It's infectious. Sean shares her joy for life, albeit from a quieter, watchful position.  He has movie hero kind of aura (the Vin Diesel type) with that little sparkle in his eyes when he smiles.  Both love to travel and share new experiences. He is her rock. Her calm in the storm that can sometimes threaten to squash big dreams. She will always make him laugh. He will always cheer her on. Since they will make their home in Spokane when they wed this spring,  we met up in Seattle (Oh ho-hum, Seattle, again . . .) and had a blast! The weather was pretty good when Sophia and I  got in, but the forecast was not so great, so we called Lesley and Sean and decided to start right away before it got dark. (it gets dark in Seattle at like 4:00 - kinda weird - but early start to happy hour). They were staying just a couple of blocks from us at Hotel Max, which was very cool. We finished up with sushi there and then our friends the Hilles cooked dinner for all of us afterwards and it was lovely to get to spend some time with Sean and Lesley and learn about how they met and fell in love!  And, since we got a late start and that 4:00 darkness thing kind of crept up on us, we met the next day for a little bit, dodged cars downtown, and ate some amazing donuts at The Dahlia Bakery.  Life is good.   Lesley will not only become a wife, but a stepmother as well to Sean's son, Shane. I know she will bring the same fun spirit and big dreams to his life that she brings to Sean's. and THAT "will make all the difference." 



Bechtel-KSL-1031-Edit.jpgBechtel-LSD-1158-Edit.jpgBechtelE-1057.jpgBechtel-LSD-1098-Edit.jpgBechtel-KSL-1012-Edit.jpgBechtelE-1056.jpg Thanks so much for a great time in Seattle! Can't wait for those San Fransisco bridals and your wonderful wedding this spring!    Lisa & Sophia

Myra says:

I couldn't pick out a favorite if I tried. Awesome!

(12.15.10 @ 09:16 AM)
Tamra says:

Such a beautiful couple, the love really shows and the pictures are amazing! Wishing you the best & all the happiness in the world! Hugs!

(12.15.10 @ 10:41 AM)
Trisha says:

They are all beautiful, I'm sure Leslie loves them. Thrilled you got to do them in Seattle.

(12.15.10 @ 11:16 AM)
Andrea Selby says:

Gorgeous and so fun!! Life with Lesley is always filled with love and laughter!

(12.15.10 @ 11:41 AM)
Debie Waggoner says:

Love your photos! So creatively done and you two look so happy! :)

(01.11.11 @ 05:48 PM)
Marleena Stein (Friend of lesley's Mom) says:

Beautiful girl, beautiful gown, beatiful couple , beautiful cities, BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures! May God's richest blessings follow you and may wisdom and peace be your constant companions!

(06.04.11 @ 12:44 AM)
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If we've shot your wedding, you may have seen this happening. At every wedding we shoot, at some point in the day or night, Sophia (and/or I but mostly her!) takes a photo of us in a mirror. It kind of started out as a silly thing, okay, it still is silly - but then it became almost a ritual. It's like kids with knock-knock jokes only they think are hilarious, I'm sure. I thought it would be a great addition to this post though. After a crazy terrible year, we have managed to keep it together and our brides have been wonderfully supportive. We always brag about them and how we have THE BEST brides but this year really put us all to the test and we really found out what we're made of and that we really do have THE BEST brides EVER! LSD Photography is currently booking 2011 weddings. We have a couple of May & June dates still available and lots of fall (we LOVE those fall sunsets)...so if you are getting married in 2011 or know someone who is, give us a call and let's see if we're the right ones to capture your love story and spend your wedding day with us! AND don't be surprised if you see this happening at a wedding near you!


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Jamie and Chip live in Manhattan - the concrete jungle pretty - so it was wonderful for them to have their friends and families join them in beautiful Napa Valley California, right in the heart of wine country, for their wedding, June 26, 2010. They made a week of it and had their rehearsal dinner in Sonoma (see below), wedding at The Carneros Orchard, and Sunday brunch at The Farm at Carneros.   Their closest friends and families attended this very private event. Jamie & Chip's love story started many years ago. Their families have known each other for decades, they all went to school together, shared many of life's ups and downs,  and everyone was thrilled when they fell in love! We are friends of both so it was great to be with everyone for such a fun time. My husband, Jay, (my old 2nd shooter) came out of retirement to help me out on this one.  So, this wedding was very special for lots of people, not the least of which was Jamie and Chip! Chip is a bit of a romantic - {he just doesn't want anyone to know he is) and Jamie is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. That's kind of ... perfect.   Beautiful landscapes, paper umbrellas for shade, lemonade stand at the ceremony - the beautiful details go on and on - all on the canvas of this beautiful landscape called Napa Valley.



Suzy Berberian says:

Thank you for posting these images...just beautiful! It was a pleasure working with you and your husband.

(07.27.10 @ 04:49 PM)
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We arrived in San Francisco mid-week for Jamie and Chip's wedding, and traveled to the Napa Valley where it was being held. It was the last week in June and it was a little chilly in San Francisco - 50's & 60's - but warmed up a bit as we made our way into Napa. Gorgeous all around. The wedding party was staying at the destination - The Carneros Inn and we headed over for the rehearsal. Jamie and Chip were to be married in the orchard with a beautiful panoramic view of the Napa Valley. Following the rehearsal, all friends and family in for the wedding met at The Farm at Carneros for cocktails and then we all drove over to The Estate in Sonoma for a wonderful rehearsal dinner, Italian, of course, and served family style, an appropriate setting for the tons of heartfelt toasts to the couple. Here's a few of the highlights:

There's always one, isn't there?  :D


Brooke Baglietto says:

Loved this couple, loved this wedding! I had no doubt this couple would take beautiful photos, but wow!!! These are gorgeous; I can't wait to see the rest.

(07.20.10 @ 12:36 PM)
The Verser Family says:

Jaime and Chip, what a wonderful time we all had at both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Your pictures are beautiful and your life is going to be so wonderful.

(07.31.10 @ 05:23 PM)
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Her daddy said she's been coming to this beach since she was 6 months old. It's just a part of her. In her heart and soul.  It's only right that she'd want to share it with the one she loves the most on the day when she's telling the world about it!  When Megan and Brandon exchanged their vows this week in Lido Key Florida, it wasn't an end to her lifelong tradition of coming to Sarasota every year with her family, but a beginning of a new tradition with her husband and someday the family they too will bring here every summer. (I'd bet money on it)  A beautiful catholic wedding and beachside reception captured the love these two have for one another perfectly. The ease they have with life, the joy and laughter they share in the simple things and the genuine love you can just feel when you're with them. It all came together March 16, 2010, in the very town in which Megan's spent so many wonderful days.  St. Mary's Star of the Sea Catholic Church was intimate and classic and a reception following at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club on Lido Beach - not quite as warm and sunny as hoped for but was nonetheless festive and welcoming! Cocktails on the beach, dinner on the terrace and dancing and celebration in the cozy clubhouse. The Ritz Carlton took the pair's dream day and sprinkled it with perfection! A perfect beginning for a wonderful and loving couple.  Congratulations! Thanks so much for having us in Florida and sharing your special day with us!


Emily Burger says:

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LOVE them, Lisa- you are wonderful! So many amazing memories :)

(03.21.10 @ 10:55 AM)
Carolyn says:

GORGEOUS photos!! What a great week it was!

(03.21.10 @ 11:08 AM)
Steve Krause (FOB) says:

Lisa, you do such wonderful work! You captured the beauty and love at Megan and Brandon's wedding and reception. Your pictures capture her beauty, love and zest for living. Thank you!

(03.21.10 @ 12:28 PM)
Diana says:

Thank you so much for driving down Lisa! We will treasure these photos like we did that day...forever! They are just beautiful...

(03.21.10 @ 02:02 PM)
Aaron Snow says:

These are great! What a fun wedding to shoot!

(03.22.10 @ 10:46 AM)
Eve Eklund says:

lisa's photography is unbelievable! this doesn't look like a real wedding shoot, it looks like a magazine spread. they are absolutely gorgeous. also the best springbreak we have had in a long time!

(03.22.10 @ 09:06 PM)
Liz Bennett says:

I agree. You look so beautiful Megan. I've never seen you happier!!!! These photos are to die for; they really do look like they belong in a magazine. Congratulations!

(03.23.10 @ 01:02 PM)
Megan says:

SUCH pretty pictures!!

(03.24.10 @ 11:08 PM)
Chastity says:

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

(03.31.10 @ 10:52 AM)
Margaret Krause says:

These pictures of Emily are amazing! She is so beautiful!

(03.31.10 @ 04:27 PM)
Cheryl Salmon says:

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. I have never seen my son happier! I love you both!! Mom

(03.31.10 @ 07:08 PM)
Gerard Hildebrandt says:

Great pictures ... Megan what a "Beautiful" Bride ... I like the groom's choice of footwear, good job Brandon!

(04.02.10 @ 10:04 AM)
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