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February 24, 2016

My little baby girl. Still little but not a baby anymore. (even though she'll always be MY baby). So many talents. Tremendous writer. Talented artist. Pretty good cook. Drama queen. Almost every other day I see her in my Facebook feed with a new "look". Blue hair. Pink hair. Lavender hair. There's no apparent end to it. It helps that her big sis is a professional stylist, so she does have someone to call in emergencies, of which she's had a few! I've always been the mom who picked her battles and I decided early on that "looks" wasn't one of them. Whatever they wanted to wear, whatever they wanted to do with or to their hair, it was their personal expression and choice. I felt it was important for a child to have some personal control in their lives when, as a parent, I did exercise control in so many other aspects. ;) I often took a wrath of shit from other parents for it too, I might add. "I can't believe you let your kids yada yada yada". Well, believe it. It was no uncommon for kids to spend the night here and leave with a "make-over". (you know who you are!)  Are there risks to this parenting style? I'm sure. So what. The great thing about hair is just keeps growing! You can always have a do-over. It might take 6 months but, hey, lesson learned, right?  I personally think the benefits of self-discovery are worth the risks of "non-conformance" and let's face it, their peers' feedback will be much more meaningful on their looks than my parental input. SO, BACK TO KATE - she's also queen of the selfies and she does send me pics of her new do's. Here's a little composite of a few of her recent style explorations.  Love you Peanut!

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