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This is my second military emergency engagement session this summer. Can you believe it? This one had an even smaller window of time to complete. Justin was just going to be home for a bit more than a week from Afghanistan. He and Kelsey are planning a red-white-and-blue July 2012 wedding! Good friends before falling in love,  these two aren't strangers to the long-distance relationship, but the military really puts it to the test! Before being shipped out, Justin arranged a geocache (like a scavenger hunt with GPS coordinates to follow) the last clue led Kelsey to an Altoids tin with a proposal inside! When she looked around, he was down on one knee! Isn't that the sweetest? We spent a little time around town - again, I'm sure his idea of R&R was NOT having pictures taken but he actually suggested a shot he really wanted (the dual focus classic) - - on the blog now :)  I loved watching him just watch her and look at her. Like he was trying to memorize everything about her before he has to leave again. He'd wrap his big strong arms around her teeniness (she's so stinkin' cute!) and she'd just melt into him.  They had such a great time together, they pretty much forgot I was around. We added their dogs into the mix for a few - Duke and Mac - big but very well behaved! Wishing you both the best of everything! Thank you Justin for your service. Come home safely and really soon!


Thanks for spending some of your R&R with me!

Jenni Smith says:

These are adorable! Love the shot with the puppies and the ones with Kels on Justin's back!
You two are truly inspirational, thank you for sharing your love with us :)

(09.04.11 @ 09:54 AM)
erin says:

these are amazing! so beautiful and inspirational!

(09.13.11 @ 03:23 PM)
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You may remember these two doctors from a few posts ago (here). Well, Lisa and Nick did in fact tie the know March 12, 2011,  at a very intimate and private ceremony at the Grand Lake home of the groom's parents. It was full of beautiful details and heartfelt sentiments from all their guests. The bride customized a Vera Wang dress (and by that I mean she cut it off -- not for the faint of heart -- darling!), accessorized with cowboy boots and a vintage chic Ciner crystal necklace. Top to bottom chic. We included their pride and joy pup, Puff, in our session. He's too cute! I see how much these two appreciate what the other brings to their life.  The looks they exchange, the little touches and reaches for each other. Each a much needed anchor in their hectic days.  Rustic elegance is a good way to describe this wedding. Harvest tables, gold chargers, and strands and strands of patio lights throughout the lodge home created the perfect welcoming atmosphere.  Whole Foods provided the florals - they were gorgeous. The bride orchestrated and made many of the details herself. Since this was a much smaller affair than they had planned for their previous wedding date, they had the opportunity to add lots of personal touches for their special guests. It showed. Artisan cheeses displayed in an antique wagon, wedding cookies flown in from their favorite bakery in Kansas City, and an Italian feast featuring all their favorites from several restaurants in the Tulsa area. Sometimes the smallest gatherings are the sweetest in our memories. Congratulations Lisa and Nick! 

Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

Cheri Root says:

I am in love with every single aspect of this post! Absolutely beautiful work Lisa and what a perfect wedding!

(03.30.11 @ 08:48 AM)
DeAnne Bull says:

Beautiful, unique, magical. Special memories!

(03.30.11 @ 10:30 AM)
RebeccaE says:

So very lovely & fun! Amazing work as always!!

(03.30.11 @ 12:29 PM)
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Corn dogs, carousels, candied apples and dunk tanks.....swirls of color, waves of light...blinking/flashing/racing/running, chasing the wind through tunnels of sound...throbbing/ thumping/screeching/blaring...colliding in the greasy air...rancid/ripe/sweet/sultry...

This is what I saw through my grandbabies' big, hungry eyes. An undulating mystery of color/sound/light/smell.....both frightening and fascinating, scary and scintillating. The best thing about babies is rediscovering the world.   ~sophia


christian traina says:

That first shot is probably the coolest shot I've seen all year. Absolutely amazing job!!

(10.18.10 @ 08:51 PM)
Sophia says:

Thanks so much, Christian!

(10.18.10 @ 08:54 PM)
melissa Key says:

These images rock out ! I just love them allllllll !

(10.19.10 @ 10:56 AM)
Jaime Donivan says:

These are fantastic! Love the feel of the fair!!!

(10.19.10 @ 11:10 PM)
Todd Ballje says:

yep, those are totally rad.

(11.04.10 @ 09:51 AM)
Mostafizur says:

Excellent photography.Thanks for sharing.

(06.20.13 @ 11:06 PM)
Clipping Path Remove Background says:

Beautiful photography. Your image is beautiful thanks for this..

(02.25.16 @ 07:04 AM)
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Jamie and Chip live in Manhattan - the concrete jungle pretty - so it was wonderful for them to have their friends and families join them in beautiful Napa Valley California, right in the heart of wine country, for their wedding, June 26, 2010. They made a week of it and had their rehearsal dinner in Sonoma (see below), wedding at The Carneros Orchard, and Sunday brunch at The Farm at Carneros.   Their closest friends and families attended this very private event. Jamie & Chip's love story started many years ago. Their families have known each other for decades, they all went to school together, shared many of life's ups and downs,  and everyone was thrilled when they fell in love! We are friends of both so it was great to be with everyone for such a fun time. My husband, Jay, (my old 2nd shooter) came out of retirement to help me out on this one.  So, this wedding was very special for lots of people, not the least of which was Jamie and Chip! Chip is a bit of a romantic - {he just doesn't want anyone to know he is) and Jamie is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. That's kind of ... perfect.   Beautiful landscapes, paper umbrellas for shade, lemonade stand at the ceremony - the beautiful details go on and on - all on the canvas of this beautiful landscape called Napa Valley.



Suzy Berberian says:

Thank you for posting these images...just beautiful! It was a pleasure working with you and your husband.

(07.27.10 @ 04:49 PM)
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A summer night in Oklahoma, under the stars was the perfect place for Libby and Spencer to pledge their love to one another, and become husband and wife. The Golf Club of Oklahoma set this perfect stage and on June 18th, Libby and Spencer said "I do".  Summer green and deep purple made a spectacular display in flowers by The Bridal Garden, a cake that looked totally like the bride's dress by Icing on the Top, with wedding cookie favors and sparklers for the send off. It was like a fairytale but with a golf cart instead of a pumpkin coach! The bride's mother coordinated everything and still managed to look like Grace Kelly for the wedding. It's easy to see where the Nichols girls get "it". I just love this family and was so happy to see Libby marry someone who obviously adores her and wants nothing more. Spencer is her rock and she is his soft place to fall. The fit is glove-like. Todd Scott Ballje from Beautiful Day Images in OKC came up and shot in my place with Sophia for the day, on a moment's notice. I can't thank him enough. I've never missed a wedding before and even though we always have a "plan" in place for it just in case, it's awesome to know that I had so many professional photographers who called and offered to help out and that Libby and Spencer had no worries on their big day!  Sorry I missed it but it looks like a joyous time was had by all!


Libby says:

Love the pics Lisa!! We had so much fun and it was totally captured! :)

(07.14.10 @ 09:02 AM)
Lindsay says:

Lib, these are outstanding! I can't wait to see more :)

(07.14.10 @ 09:26 AM)
Schuyler says:

Awwww this look so good! What a great night! Cant wait to see all of them!

(07.14.10 @ 01:07 PM)
Lisa says:

So glad you're loving them Libby! Sophia and Todd did a great job for you guys! Can't wait to make your album!

(07.14.10 @ 10:26 PM)
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Meghan & Jonathan are so in love with each other. When they look at each other it's almost as if the rest of the world goes away. I even felt like an intruder a couple of times. (I snapped out of it though). These two are darling to be with, honestly, so smart, sweet and just plain fun. (Okay, the bride sent paint chips to her bridesmaids and MOH and told them to just get a dress that matched pretty close. She didn't even see most of them until the wedding day. LOVE IT!} They so get us too and it's always a joy to work with people who want to play with us, and make a little time for it on their wedding day! This is another couple who planned a "first look". One, so they could get more fun pictures of their love story (about 100 more images!) and two, so they could get all their family pictures taken BEFORE the ceremony and go directly to their reception with their guests. We've become big fans of this plan because it's just so smart and fun! I love to see the looks they give each other and the special time they have together. Jonathan was really checking out the dress and veil and was a bit awestruck. It's just the best!  Afterwards, we had a fun little session across the street at an old-fashioned park with a vintage ferris wheel. Sophia took one for the team and climbed aboard for the ride!  They had an outdoor ceremony on the lawn of their reception site - waterside and glorious with vows that left tears in everyone's eyes. The Wavetones cranked up the sound for the reception, where the bride and groom treated their guests to spectacular fare and beverage until the wee hours.When the bride puts her boots out!  Beautiful flowers in shades of blue, to match the brides sapphires, in vintage teacups and silver vases, a cake bar with so many cakes it was hard to choose, and family fave cookies to take home! More tops to my muffins but they were sooo good! Speaking of hard to choose... here's just a few! And a few more... :D



Kim says:

good information

(07.08.10 @ 12:57 PM)
kendall porter says:

fabulous shoes. fabulous first look.

(07.08.10 @ 09:41 PM)
Libby says:

Love the pics! What a unique and awesome couple!

(07.09.10 @ 09:59 AM)
Libby says:

Love the pics! What a unique and awesome couple!

(07.09.10 @ 09:59 AM)
Libby says:

Love the pics! What a unique and awesome couple!

(07.09.10 @ 10:02 AM)
AshleyAnn says:

Oh I love that first photo....what a fabulous, fun shot!

(07.09.10 @ 09:40 PM)
Lisa Porter says:

this is so fun! where is this little park with the ferris wheel?

(07.11.10 @ 11:24 AM)
Lisa says:

It's in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Very fun!

(07.11.10 @ 12:23 PM)
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Do you believe in love at first sight? They didn't used to. But how can you be drawn to someone from across the floor at Cain's Ballroom and yell in each other's ears through an entire Drive-by Truckers concert as if no one else was in the room and not believe?  She almost didn't go.  He almost didn't stay. Neither expected it and just happened. Love at first sight.  A lunch, a dinner and then a wedding planned for next October.  But, as they say in the movies, "when you finally decide you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start right away."  So... Heidi and Barrett aren't getting married next October.  They're getting married this month.  We couldn't be happier for them.  Heidi is Sophia's neice and we were so excited to get to spend a little time with them for their engagement session at Southern Hills Country Club.  They are so sweet together and so in love.  You know how we LOVE LOVE!  A few months ago they decided to move their wedding up to this year.  Hey, we've both been in love like that so we totally know how they feel!  We wish you both all the best Heidi and Barrett!

Beth says:

These are beautiful!

(12.02.09 @ 06:32 PM)
Laura Mace Wheeler says:

Congratulations and what gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. You can really see the love you share and I'm sure this is just the beginning of many joyous photo ops! Have a lovely wedding and best wishes to you both as you become one!

(12.04.09 @ 05:29 PM)
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From the top of her gorgeous head to her Betsy Johnson shoes, I love this girl! More importantly, so does Jason. They've been "going steady" since Jr. High and will be making it official next summer.  Best friends who can finish each other's sentences (well, she finishes his anyway) :)  honest conversation and polite respect are wonderful things to build a marriage.  Emily and Jason have all that and an obvious love for one another that shines between their eyes like two kids who have a BIG secret. I think they'll be "going steady" for a long time.   We had so much fun at The Golf Club of Oklahoma for this session.  Can't wait for the wedding guys!

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