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Jamie and Chip live in Manhattan - the concrete jungle pretty - so it was wonderful for them to have their friends and families join them in beautiful Napa Valley California, right in the heart of wine country, for their wedding, June 26, 2010. They made a week of it and had their rehearsal dinner in Sonoma (see below), wedding at The Carneros Orchard, and Sunday brunch at The Farm at Carneros.   Their closest friends and families attended this very private event. Jamie & Chip's love story started many years ago. Their families have known each other for decades, they all went to school together, shared many of life's ups and downs,  and everyone was thrilled when they fell in love! We are friends of both so it was great to be with everyone for such a fun time. My husband, Jay, (my old 2nd shooter) came out of retirement to help me out on this one.  So, this wedding was very special for lots of people, not the least of which was Jamie and Chip! Chip is a bit of a romantic - {he just doesn't want anyone to know he is) and Jamie is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. That's kind of ... perfect.   Beautiful landscapes, paper umbrellas for shade, lemonade stand at the ceremony - the beautiful details go on and on - all on the canvas of this beautiful landscape called Napa Valley.



Suzy Berberian says:

Thank you for posting these images...just beautiful! It was a pleasure working with you and your husband.

(07.27.10 @ 04:49 PM)
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We arrived in San Francisco mid-week for Jamie and Chip's wedding, and traveled to the Napa Valley where it was being held. It was the last week in June and it was a little chilly in San Francisco - 50's & 60's - but warmed up a bit as we made our way into Napa. Gorgeous all around. The wedding party was staying at the destination - The Carneros Inn and we headed over for the rehearsal. Jamie and Chip were to be married in the orchard with a beautiful panoramic view of the Napa Valley. Following the rehearsal, all friends and family in for the wedding met at The Farm at Carneros for cocktails and then we all drove over to The Estate in Sonoma for a wonderful rehearsal dinner, Italian, of course, and served family style, an appropriate setting for the tons of heartfelt toasts to the couple. Here's a few of the highlights:

There's always one, isn't there?  :D


Brooke Baglietto says:

Loved this couple, loved this wedding! I had no doubt this couple would take beautiful photos, but wow!!! These are gorgeous; I can't wait to see the rest.

(07.20.10 @ 12:36 PM)
The Verser Family says:

Jaime and Chip, what a wonderful time we all had at both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Your pictures are beautiful and your life is going to be so wonderful.

(07.31.10 @ 05:23 PM)
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