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November 21, 2011

Kelsey contacted me and said she'd like to have her senior portraits reflect her personality and not just sit on a Mustang hood. Haha! That made me laugh and I knew right away we would be kindred spirits and have a lot of fun creating her senior pics. Kelsey is a senior at Broken Arrow High School and into the Arts. Yay! More fun. We were actually timing this session to coincide with a very short haircut she was getting for the role of Anne Frank. Theatre and music - an accomplished violinist - Kelsey has a creative edge that sets her apart and makes you want to try to keep up with her! Her sense of personal style and confidence in who she is makes her a joy to be with and made my job pretty easy.   At our planning session, she brought all these darling vintage things and then actually had a bike, a blue chair and books for her session. I was thrilled! It was so fun! We loaded up the truck and let the fun begin! Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Kelsey has a love for nature and the simpler, joyful things in life.  At just almost 18, she has an old soul that serves her well. Calm, patient, kind and so so sweet. Here's a few from our time together. (Note: NO Mustang)

So much fun Kelsey. You will go far (maybe not on that bike :D, haha) on whatever road you choose!

Kailey-Michelle says:

I absolutely love this shoot! So adorable and FULL of personality. Gorgeous~ Bravo!

(11.26.11 @ 11:26 AM)
Leslie says:

Kelsey is beautiful. Love the lips. Love the red sweater against the blue bricks. She has great style!

(11.29.11 @ 08:24 AM)
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Quiet. Thoughtful. Observant. Her music speaks much louder than she does and you know it comes straight from her heart. In that Joni Mitchell sort of way. Strumming her guitar and singing soft lines of prose, her voice melts into your senses. Deep brown eyes, long lashes and that hair -- come on! (I have total hair envy as you can tell...again). When we talked about the things she would miss and what she wanted to take away from here, she told me about her horse. Well, of course we just had to include her horse in her pictures!  Graduating from Skiatook High this spring and pursuing her interest in film production -- a great job for the quiet, observant type -- Zoey will bring a rainbow of inspiration to her work.  Whether music or film - or both - (with a Z in her name, she'll have a great logo) she will undoubtedly leave her mark on the world with whipping results! Good luck Zoey!  Roll those credits!


Aaron Snow says:

Love this shoot. That second to last shot is awesome!

(11.17.10 @ 12:28 PM)
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They make movies about this. Beautiful, sophisticated girl, is discovered in a small town and is whisked away to the big city. Rachel is that girl. Moved from Enid to Broken Arrow and is Dallas and New York City bound. Sweet, beautiful (and VERY tall), she has a poise and confidence about her much older than her 18 years. I think when she was born, a very wise and much older spirit was waiting for her to lend a guidance in her life allows to her see and perceive things in a rather unique way. She wants to work in the film and production industry and I think she will be a breath of fresh air there. (Okay, she reminds me of Ali McGraw, yes?) It was because of this aura she had and her fashion sensibilities, that we kept her session very "uptown". We had a lot of fun and, even though she appears very cool and collected, I saw the innocence in her when a car load of guys gave her a round of cat calls! She was a little flustered and blushing and it was so cute! SMU won't know what hit them! Go Rachel!



Tara Lokey says:

Super cute!!! Love them!

(04.14.10 @ 04:23 PM)
Andrea Murphy says:

Gorgeous! I knew when I saw you guys out shooting these that they would be fantastic! I'm sure she was a dream to get to photograph!!

(04.14.10 @ 04:23 PM)
Chris says:

Smokin' hot session! Love the last pic with just the right touch of ambient. She seems to have great camera poise.

(04.14.10 @ 04:39 PM)
Helen says:

Rachel I love these! I think Lisa really captured your beautiful spirit :)

(04.14.10 @ 06:22 PM)
Gabriella Wilson says:

Oh Lisa! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of my baby girl! You seem to have looked right into her soul and brought out a side no one else has before.

(04.15.10 @ 07:14 PM)
Amy says:

These are gorgeous!! Such a fun shoot! Love that she is from Enid! Way to go!

(04.17.10 @ 03:15 AM)
Wedding Photographers Oklahoma says:

The camera loves her and she glows even more with the lightning you used. Great great job!

(04.02.11 @ 03:52 AM)
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