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Demo on the Airstream continues. It's a bit like pulling a string on a sweater. It just keeps unravelling. A little scary but there's no turning back now. We've already put a moratorium on our gift giving in deference to Airstream wants and needs. For Christmas we got window seals! Woot! This month holds our anniversary, Valentine's Day, and my birthday so we shall see what Airstream goodies come out of that! Here's a few pics of the unravelling . . .

Looking towards the back. The bathroom used to be here . . .
Now, part of it's here . . .
This is what the insides of a vintage Airstream look like in your garage . . .

Now, to make some order out of this! 

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I recently returned to my native home, Tulsa, OK, after spending the better part of 3 years on Bainbridge island, WA. Bainbridge is just a 35 min ferry ride across the Puget Sound from the Seattle waterfront. It is, without doubt, the most beautiful, serene place I have ever been. it is also the only other place I've ever lived and ever want to live. It has helped me heal from the losses I suffered before I left and saved me from the lonesome soul I was becoming. I know when I returned to Oklahoma, I left my heart on Bainbridge along with so many wonderful friends. I never realized how much living close to the water affected me. When I am away from it, I miss it so. The smell. The tranquility. I don't feel complete in some way without it. But, alas, we have not yet been able to sell our house in Tulsa, OK, so I must return and put my island life on hold, working towards returning someday. I love it so. There is a beautiful RV park there at Fay Bainbridge Park. (CLUE . . . keep reading)

I have been obsessed with Airstream trailers for a LONG LONG time. Decades. For the past 10 years or so I have been combing the classifieds, commenting to the Hubs at every silver beauty (or not so beauty) beside the road, searching for the perfect trailer at the perfect time, instead finding the right one at the wrong time or the wrong one at the right time. It just never seemed to add up.  My motivation wasn't strong enough or my other obligations took precedence. Whatever. I just never seemed to end up with one. Bummer. I still kept looking though. 

While I was on Bainbridge, I used that time to clear my head. I lived small. Tiny. Minimally. I loved it. I know now that is how I want to live. Minimal strings. Minimal baggage. Just live. In the moment. In the place I am right then. Enjoying my family and the beauty of the earth. Explore the USA and see as many places as I can. My lifelong wanderlust and my work with New York Says Thank You and the 9-11 Flag Project brought me close to seeing all 50 states BUT I am 5 states shy of seeing all 50. Wisconsin (I'm not sure how I missed this one!), Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Alaska. Gotta get there.  There are so many places in the other states I have been to that I didn't see so I'd like to see many of them again for different reasons. So, while I was whining about returning to Tulsa, I browsed Craigslist for Airstreams in my usual fashion. Trolled the Airstream Forums. AND, I ran across a little trailer I felt could maybe be MINE. In fact, it was. I'm pretty sure I paid a little too much but not too much (because it was meant to be mine) and,  whatever. I wanted it and I am finally in a place where I'm ready. I sent the link to my best friend, the Hubs, and told him I think this might be THE trailer. He said, "I don't think I want to be involved in that" LOL! Me: "Okay". So, the next day I bought the trailer. It was in Waco, TX. I did send someone to check it out first but he said it was pretty sweet so I pulled the trigger. I do things like that. It makes The Hubs CRAZY! But he LOVES me still. :)



Isn't she gorge? I LOVE her.  A 1968 Airstream Safari Land Yacht. The Hubs decided "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".  He has gone from "I don't want to be involved" to "we can totally do this" and studying all things Airstream.  I love him so. And so we embark. I've named her LUCILLE. After my mom, whom I've been grieving for these past few years. All my life, my father was man of few words. Kind of the EF Hutton variety - when he spoke, people listened. But a few words I heard often were, "Get your gear, Lucille."  These were spoken whenever he was ready to go somewhere, usually home. Once as a child, I asked my mother "What's your gear?" and she said "You and your sister."  I think her purse was probably in there too, but you get the picture. Anyway, whenever we heard him say that, we all just got up, got our stuff and headed to the car. We all still say it to this day, so I felt it was an appropriate name for her and I hope to have many adventures where I need to "get my gear" and just go! We hope to chronicle her transformation here so ya'll come back now, ya hear!


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Saturday mornings at Strawberry Hill Park are THE CUTEST! That's right. It's little league time! Baseball uniforms, gloves, bats. The works! It's so fun to watch them learn and practice and then play their little hearts out. While I was standing there, one of the kids asked me "do you know where third base is?"  I just forgot how that knowledge isn't innate because I've known it for so long. They are all fast learners though and before this season is over, they will be ball players!  This is my favorite little ball player in the league, Gage. He's five. (You might've guessed) And he's determined! Reminds me of my little grandsons playing in other states this summer. 
And he has the cutest little face!

It's all in the wrist action - practice, practice, practice!

It works! Batter, batter, batter, batter . . . .
LSD_Gage_Baseball108.jpgFunny thing about little league: Sometimes you run into your cousin on first base. :)

He's off and running!

Heading for home plate!

Just another inning, right? 

Gotta watch those cousins. They totally score runs. 

LSD_Gage_Baseball115.jpgCheers and high fives all around . . .

LSD_Gage_Baseball116.jpgLSD_Gage_Baseball117.jpgSee ya next Saturday! 

Time flies doesn't it? He's getting so big! Thanks for letting me hang out at your game, Gage! 
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Ahhh Sunday. I love it so! If you know me at all, then you know I have a wee bit o ADHD - the kind we all jokingly shout "squirrel" and laugh about. Just like Dug, I get distracted easily. But, over the years I've discovered ways to maintain my focus. The easiest way is to eliminate the distractions over which I have control! Well, I don't need to tell you that social media is one of those things BIG TIME. While they are all a part of my business and life, I just can't allow myself to get hypnotized by them every day, all day long. Believe me, it could happen!  So, if I don't answer you on Facebook right away, don't take it personally. I try to schedule times to check it and Pinterest and my email WITH A TIMER ON so I can get on with my life and stay on track. FOCUS..FOCUS. Caffeine is my friend. Sugar - not so much. So, enough about that! Long story short -- SUNDAY IS MY DAY OFF FROM ADHD MANAGEMENT. I've actually developed a ritual of sorts for Sunday. I stay in my PJ's, eat pancakes and Pinterest until noon! WOO HOO! With -- and this is the important part -- NO GUILT. So, I'm going to go back to my pinning right now! And, on Sunday mornings, if you think of me, you'll know just what I'm doing. Pancakes, PJ's and Pinterest! You can follow me HERE to see what I'm pinning if you'd like. 

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Moving to a new state and then actually living on an island has been quite an adventure. I'm not in Oklahoma anymore, Toto! The summer's here are so incredible and there's tons to do right here on Bainbridge Island and across the sound in Seattle but we decided to take a little trip to Victoria, B.C..  Did you hear that? A little trip. That's right. From here, you can do it in a day. We actually opted to stay over one night but seriously, you could do it in a day. We drove from Bainbridge to Port Angeles, WA  (maybe 45 minutes) and from there we took the Coho Ferry to Victoria.  If you're leaving from the Seattle side, take the Ferry (Clipper) to Victoria. I will say, I did get a teeny bit queasy on the Coho but I have pretty bad motion sickness and it wasn't as bad as a car trip to the racetrack in Arkansas! (Highway 7--UGH) I didn't BARF! There's a little cafe and it's a nice ride over, about 90 minutes long.  I'll have a few posts to get it all in but it was a BLAST! 

Coho Ferry route map
Beautiful day, high tea, Fairmont hotel, and some of the BEST food and drinks EVER! I can still taste this breakfast we had. Stay tuned for all the details BUT first up is LUNCH! We arrived just before lunch time so we were a little early for check in so we parked our overnight gear and started out in search of food.

We decided to let social media and apps guide our culinary trek. We landed at a place -- not on the beaten path in Victoria but still in walking distance from our hotel (FYI the biggest, baddest hotel) -- we found on UrbanSpoon. Of course there were several but we were intrigued by this one. Guess why?  It's called:  THE PINK BICYCLE!! Yes! You read that right. P-I-N-K! My favorite! Jay, of course, totally indulged me in that decision and we marched off in search of THE PINK BICYCLE. It's touted as a burger genius bar so, hey, WE ARE IN!

It's all PINK! 
The drink menu at The Pink Bicycle was really nice. Look! What do you think I had? 

YOU GUESSED IT! The PINK one! It was very tasty too! (Yes, it was lunchtime but I'M ON VACATION!)

And the winner is:   The Truffle Mushroom burger! With the roasted beet and arugula salad. OMG! Heaven! (well, just this side of it anyway)

Yep! There really is a PINK BICYCLE  in the window!  Jay had the Blue Cheese burger with the truffle fries. It was equally DE-LISH!

come back to see where we went next! We decided to do a Signature Cocktail tour while we were there. Here's a hint:

Our dirty work clothes, rotten jeans, and tank top days are WAY OVER, so we were totally in the clear! 

If you're heading to Victoria, B.C., I would totally recommend a trip to The Pink Bicycle if you are a carnivore. The Burgers are definitely some of the best we've ever eaten and we are from Cow Country! 1008 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC and on the web at

Smithk460 says:

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(01.17.15 @ 01:29 AM)
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February 21, 2014

A question I'm hearing from time to time these days. My life has been in a transition as well as my business. I've lived most of this past year in Washington State on Bainbridge Island. I love it there. It's beautiful and peaceful. It's where I want to be so that's my new home base. Now, with that said, my house in Tulsa still hasn't sold! So, I've had to spend a lot of time in Tulsa recently to make some changes to it and get it back on the market this year and try again! The best part of that is I get to see all my peeps who live in Tulsa! I do plan to spend a lot of time in Tulsa every year regardless of living elsewhere. November-January are perfect Tulsa months and I hope to be there during those months each year. Spring, summer and fall are definitely Seattle months! Sorry,Tulsa, I can't do those 114 degree days (months) anymore!  Why did I decide to move? I've loved the Seattle area for several years now and visited often, eventually never wanting to leave. Personal events in the past few years have made me realize how short and precious life is -- whether is lasts 10 days or 90 years -- it's not long enough and you better live with no regrets. Upon examination, I found I had several. I didn't travel enough. I didn't spend enough time doing things that I loved. I didn't live in a place that inspired me. I didn't spend enough fun time with my husband. Things like that. I was allowing too many people to gobble up my time and I was starting to get pissed off about it but taking my frustrations out on the wrong people and things!  Jay, my kids, my grandkids, my sisters. It wasn't good. I needed to make some changes and focus on what I really wanted to do and how I really wanted to spend my time -- my life. SO, I DID.  Big changes. Not easy. My passion is still my art. My photography is primary. I want to paint more. I want to create more. I want to write more. I want to share more. All these things will now be included in this BLOG. Look for it to get a bit more diverse and interesting (hopefully!). 
A few images of my life on Bainbridge Island! See why I love it?

By the wharf


My beautiful island home.

The Grand Forest -  I live right next to here and get to walk in here every day! 

LSDSeattleBW-Bainbridge Island Grand Forest

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February 26, 2013

Almost 17 years ago I was introduced to someone whom I now consider one of my dearest friends. 16 years ago today, she became a mom to this beautiful little person, Cassidy. She was named after a Grateful Dead song but we just love her all the more for it! Ha! We have been so blessed to know them all and to get to watch Cassidy grow up. From a tiny baby, to a watchful toddler (we called her "the Stealth" because she moved so quietly through the house while wreaking havoc), to a gorgeous, athletic, sweet, girl, who can totally hold her own with two crazy brothers, and now, a strong and independent young woman, Cassidy will undoubtedly fulfill her destiny with style and grace. AND A GORGEOUS SMILE! I've always felt a special little connection with this tiny girl and I hope we get to watch the next 16 years, Cass! We love you! Happy Birthday!


Happy Sweet 16, Little One! XXOO

Sonya Middleton says:

Those are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen. Love you and love my girl! Thank you

(02.26.13 @ 08:53 PM)
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Just a little update on LSD meanderings. I am now living in Seattle most of the time and just traveling back to Tulsa for previous commitments and to visit family. We haven't sold our house yet but as soon as that happens and Kate graduates from high school, we will be out here together! I'm shooting sessions in both states for a bit and will always be back for holidays to see my babies!  I have lots to blog and just haven't had the time to blog it with all the traveling and changes happening. But I'm going to remedy that right now! They may not be in the order they were shot but they will all be in here shortly! If you're in the Pacific NW anytime soon, give me a shout! 
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November 30, 2011

Gorgeous red hair and blue-green eyes. Madeline has actually already graduated and is in her first semester in college in St. Louis - small liberal arts school which she adores. She just didn't get around to having her senior pictures taken before she left so recently, she made a trip home and we spent a little time in blustery downtown Tulsa. What a November! I've never seen so much wind! But we used it to our advantage and just let it lift and carry her fabulous red hair into the air!


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These two are getting married! Yes, it's Philbrook. A gorgeous mixture of old world and new. The perfect place for Kate and Blaine's engagement session.  It so reflects their personalities and sophistication.  Blaine is (you're not going to believe this) a rocket scientist. Yes, another one. Our third! There are a lot of really smart guys out there with beautiful women in their lives! While Blaine is hitting the books, Kate is helping patients feel better through medical therapeutic massage. A touchy-feely girl! I noticed a great balance with these two. Kate is no bigger than a minute (incredibly gorgeous!) and she just fits so perfectly next to Blaine. He pulls her close and you can just see the peace in him and the contentment and appreciation they find in one another. AND they just have FUN!  I was trying to get Kate to take a little foster dog home with her and she so wanted to take him.  A  bit of a negotiation with Blaine was going on during part of our session. (see if you can guess which picture)  Kate is a dog lover. Blaine is a dog tolerater but a Kate lover so it was close but the airlines nixed dog travel so it was a no-go. Breathe, Blaine. It was really so cute!  Planning a June wedding here in Tulsa but calling Wisconsin home at the moment, it's a bit of a commute for photos and wedding planning so I was excited they could come this fall for them. So looking forward to darling Kate's bridal portraits next!


Thanks so much for coming out to play!

Kate says:

Lisa, thank you so much for all your hard work. These photos look amazing and we had a blast shooting with you! Can't wait until our next session... I could get use to that! ;)

(09.22.11 @ 11:59 AM)
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Laina, Laina, Laina. I just don't even know where to start with this girl! So fun. So gorgeous. So sweet and kind. I just love her! Laina is the first bride that Chris Humphrey and LSD shared and it was perfect! I shot her bridal portraits and he shot her wedding. (You can see her wedding pics here.) Now, we brainstormed these bridals way before but of course, logistics (Laina in D.C. and THE DRESS) getting coordinated for the right date pushed us to less than 2 weeks  before the wedding date! Laina has a 'thing' for this pink couch that once resided in her sorority house. It is an awesome pink couch if I do say so myself. I would love to have it reside at LSD. :D  Not a chance. I've been told it's moving to D.C. We decided to feature it in her bridals and her dad lugged it downtown for us. What a trouper! Up until this day, it had been about 110 degrees every day for two months. BUT - on this day, we were forecast with our first chance of rain and it was only in the upper 80's. Miracle of miracles! We started at The Mayo Hotel where Laina was getting ready and when we moved to the rooftop, dark clouds started rolling in, deepening the sky to a periwinkle blue. It was gorgeous but it almost looks like a backdrop! It was real, and so were the sprinkles that started when we were up there. However, glancing over the railing on the rooftop towards the BOK center, it was still sunshine there. You know how weird our Oklahoma weather is right? It can be raining on one side of the street so you just cross and your dry again. So that's what we did. Made the mad dash to the BOK center with the pink couch! WOOT! So glad we did. We had little TIDO there with us to have pics with his 'Mom'. TIDO travels everywhere with Laina and he's so cute and adoring. Well, the clouds rolled over downtown but we never felt a drop of rain. It was so perfect! You may notice in Laina's wedding photos that she changed into dress #2 for her reception. It was a beautiful Monique Lhuillier dress with a blinging beaded bodice (say that fast 3 times) and a full tutu skirt to the floor . . . BUT wait, Laina wanted a short party dress. She has an incredible sense of style, and she LOVED the dress,  so . . . she had it cut off! I'm pretty sure I don't have the guts to cut off a designer dress but I oh so love it when my brides do! Sophia and I incorporated her second little dress into a darling separate portrait session just to create a special gift for the groom. ;) But we can share the bling!


Gorgeous, Laina!

Aaron Snow says:

Beautiful photos! Gorgeous bride!

(09.12.11 @ 10:04 AM)
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Two friends, talent and a dream. The ingredients for success! Phara and Tracy are just that. Talented friends with a dream they are making a reality. After both working for successful design teams, they decided to team together and have created Element 360 Design Studio, specializing in awesome interior design, with a unique style all their own.  A new website to go along with their new venture was just what these designing women needed. So, without further ado, meet Phara and Tracy - Element360Design.  Call them for your interior design needs!
element 360 design logoElement1001.jpgElement1002.jpgelementroof.jpgElement1004.jpgElement1005.jpgElement1006.jpgElement1007.jpg Girls just wanna have fun!  

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You know the Tangled movie? About Rapunzel the princess who saves the prince with her hair? Well, that's kind of how I think of Gabrielle. Beautiful hair! But her eyes, her legs,her smile. She could have no hair and still be stunning!  She going to be a senior - a 2012 senior - in Enid. She came to Tulsa for her senior pics a little early because she's been growing her Yep. She's donating 14" of her hair to Locks of Love. Locks of Love provides hair pieces to children who have lost their hair to illness or suffer hair loss as result of any diagnosis. It's a very worthy cause and I can only imagine the smile of some little child as they receive the gift of Gabrielle's beautiful hair! So -- she wanted to have her senior pictures taken BEFORE she donates it. I thought it was a loverly idea! AND of course, we had a typical May day in Oklahoma - where the wind comes sweeping down the plains so to speak. She was totally tangled in her hair!  Since she lives in Enid - we had to email and phone convo her wardrobe - which was devine. So much fun. Her mom, Jessica came along, (with my normal caveat that I reserve the right to send all mothers to the car if necessary,) but not only did I not even once have to send her to the car, I wish she lived here so I could hire her as my session stylist! She was awesome and she and Gabrielle have the cutest mother-daughter relationship! Lipstick and giggles and girltalk! We had lots of fun roaming around Brookside and such. Gabrielle is a cheerleader in Enid and is going to go to OSU when she graduates.  AND, The guy in the window at Black Optical was NOT put there by me but I wish I could claim that. He is totally staring! Haha! Can't blame the guy, huh?  Gorgeous Gabrielle! Best wishes in your senior year and always!


This is what happens in an LSD Senior Session. It's hard work!


We were all done and Gabrielle wound her hair up on top of her head. Her mother says she wears it this way most of the time now. Just had to have a pic of that then!

Feel free to leave a comment or post this to your Facebook page with the links below!

terri horner says:

Lisa, you are amazing. Though I know we have to give some credit to your beautiful subject, you just do wonderful work!!!

(06.08.11 @ 09:51 AM)
Todd Ballje says:

wow! what a shoot! You nailed it.
That first shot is so so good. after that it would take way too much effort to figure out how to describe which image is good in what way ;) ha ha Great job. and gorgeous girl

(06.08.11 @ 10:26 AM)
Alice H says:

She is gorgeous. I love looking at your work (art!).

(06.08.11 @ 11:03 AM)
Gabriella Wilson says:

Lisa, you've done it again! Beautiful! I've watched Gabi grow up next door in Enid, and I can't imagine anyone else doing justice to her senior photos. Gabi has class, elegance and style....just like her momma. Where do you think it all came from?

(06.11.11 @ 01:18 PM)
Lisa says:

Thank you but all I can say is "WOW! Those Enid girls!"

(06.11.11 @ 03:53 PM)
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Independent thinkers,spiritual, friendly, humanitarian, original and creative. These are traits of people born from Jan 21-Feb 19. Aquarians. Jennifer and Mike will soon be welcoming a little Aquarian of their own. (Well, that is IF he waits until the 21st!)  It's their first. A son. Michael.  We took some time in the LSD natural light studio to document this exciting time in their lives so they can share with their son their excitement and anticipation of his birth and always remember it.  Once that little baby is here, you tend to forget some things about your pregnancy.  Like how in the world did my body ever stretch that far!  Jenn is the cutest, tiniest little pregnant momma! All out in front! Baby Michael was a little wiggler and we could almost see his foot pushed out the side of Jenn's belly!  We are so happy for them and this wonderful, inexplicable event in their lives. With parents like Jenn and Mike, I have no doubt little Michael will reach his full Aquarian potential. Welcome to the world Michael! This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Congratulations on your new family!

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I have photographed a segment of this family for a couple of years now. I love watching their girls grow up! The first year I looked down at them to talk, last year straight, and this year . . . I had to look up! Wow! Happens so fast! With all the family together for Thanksgiving, we threw a little impromptu session together the day after. My little Kate was my assistant and snapped the 2nd image of all the cousins! Happy Holidays Burdicks!


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Quiet. Thoughtful. Observant. Her music speaks much louder than she does and you know it comes straight from her heart. In that Joni Mitchell sort of way. Strumming her guitar and singing soft lines of prose, her voice melts into your senses. Deep brown eyes, long lashes and that hair -- come on! (I have total hair envy as you can tell...again). When we talked about the things she would miss and what she wanted to take away from here, she told me about her horse. Well, of course we just had to include her horse in her pictures!  Graduating from Skiatook High this spring and pursuing her interest in film production -- a great job for the quiet, observant type -- Zoey will bring a rainbow of inspiration to her work.  Whether music or film - or both - (with a Z in her name, she'll have a great logo) she will undoubtedly leave her mark on the world with whipping results! Good luck Zoey!  Roll those credits!


Aaron Snow says:

Love this shoot. That second to last shot is awesome!

(11.17.10 @ 12:28 PM)
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October 25, 2010

Newborns. They are so incredible. A brand new person, waiting to take on the world, who just a short time ago was still growing inside his mother. Paxton was born September 27th - 3 minutes after the stroke of midnight to be exact and you may remember his little birthday show posted here.  I got a visit from him just two weeks later!  I really like to have newborns in within the first two weeks if possible b/c they are so cooperative and usually sleep a lot still. At two weeks, they start getting a little wirey! My absolute favorite thing to photograph is a new baby with a new momma. I almost feel like I'm intruding a bit but it so fascinates me to just observe. The way they look each other over with wonder in their eyes. The way each of their voices invokes instant reaction from the other. The connection between them right from the start. All the things being written in the books of their lives without a word spoken.  Amazing to me. Truly. I could watch for hours.  We couldn't get this little stinker to stay asleep  but he did doze a bit and he was so precious when he was awake. So alert and looking around. I think he knows he's already the big news. Pax means "peace" in latin, and he even had a little hat to symbolize it. We'll have lots of fun with this little guy! Peace - out ... I mean ... Pax - out, little dude!


Lorri Hanna says:

Your work is absolutely amazing and captures my heart.

(10.27.10 @ 07:58 AM)
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A summer night in Oklahoma, under the stars was the perfect place for Libby and Spencer to pledge their love to one another, and become husband and wife. The Golf Club of Oklahoma set this perfect stage and on June 18th, Libby and Spencer said "I do".  Summer green and deep purple made a spectacular display in flowers by The Bridal Garden, a cake that looked totally like the bride's dress by Icing on the Top, with wedding cookie favors and sparklers for the send off. It was like a fairytale but with a golf cart instead of a pumpkin coach! The bride's mother coordinated everything and still managed to look like Grace Kelly for the wedding. It's easy to see where the Nichols girls get "it". I just love this family and was so happy to see Libby marry someone who obviously adores her and wants nothing more. Spencer is her rock and she is his soft place to fall. The fit is glove-like. Todd Scott Ballje from Beautiful Day Images in OKC came up and shot in my place with Sophia for the day, on a moment's notice. I can't thank him enough. I've never missed a wedding before and even though we always have a "plan" in place for it just in case, it's awesome to know that I had so many professional photographers who called and offered to help out and that Libby and Spencer had no worries on their big day!  Sorry I missed it but it looks like a joyous time was had by all!


Libby says:

Love the pics Lisa!! We had so much fun and it was totally captured! :)

(07.14.10 @ 09:02 AM)
Lindsay says:

Lib, these are outstanding! I can't wait to see more :)

(07.14.10 @ 09:26 AM)
Schuyler says:

Awwww this look so good! What a great night! Cant wait to see all of them!

(07.14.10 @ 01:07 PM)
Lisa says:

So glad you're loving them Libby! Sophia and Todd did a great job for you guys! Can't wait to make your album!

(07.14.10 @ 10:26 PM)
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Six months old. It happens so fast! He was just born it seems like. I love to photograph this age. They can't get away from you yet but they are so responsive and their eyes are so full of wonder at the world. They can cry one minute and be perfectly happy the next...and then crying again...and then happy again - well, you get the picture. This little guy has a special place in my heart. He's my grandson. While I take pictures of my grandchildren, I don't blog all of them and it sometimes takes me awhile to even edit them b/c my client workload is so great. BUT - he's so darn cute I just had to share and brag a bit! I had all three of them over for a bit this day but it's very difficult to concentrate on one without the others at this age. I had the girls out on the patio afterwards and snapped a few. Taylor loves to lure Inky over for hugs, which, she actually tolerates well for a cat. I had a couple of frames here and Taylor said "Nana, I'm done with pictures for today."  Uh, what?!  And Tatum is a bug lover! Okay, she loves all nature and living things. I think she should meet Bindy whats-her-name and co-host her animal show. Tatum spent a lot of time with me when she was little and I actually practiced on her quite a bit as I was starting out my business. She's 5 now and whenever she sees a camera, she goes into "the pose", as you can see. It's pretty funny. I think she might be a Pi Phi someday, what do you think? (check the arm and toe).  So, here they are. My beautfiul grandchildren - Tatum (5), Taylor (3) and Beaux (6M).  Our most precious gifts! Nana loves you! XXOO



melissa Key says:

Oh Lisa these babies are just too cute. I just love your eye. Are you booked July 23rd from 7-10 ? I have an art opening and I would love to hire you to do some shooting for me that night. Let me know and if you are booked maybe you know of someone else I can use. I love following your blog.


Melissa Key

(07.11.10 @ 12:41 PM)
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