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Demo on the Airstream continues. It's a bit like pulling a string on a sweater. It just keeps unravelling. A little scary but there's no turning back now. We've already put a moratorium on our gift giving in deference to Airstream wants and needs. For Christmas we got window seals! Woot! This month holds our anniversary, Valentine's Day, and my birthday so we shall see what Airstream goodies come out of that! Here's a few pics of the unravelling . . .

Looking towards the back. The bathroom used to be here . . .
Now, part of it's here . . .
This is what the insides of a vintage Airstream look like in your garage . . .

Now, to make some order out of this! 

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January 4, 2016

The nice weather we had this December got us into a work mode. So, before all the grandkids got in, we (mostly the hubs) started stripping out the insides of the airstream. We know there has been some water damage because we can see it inside the cabinets. We just decided to take it all out and just check it end to end and top to bottom. Here's a few before pics: 

This is the view from the front door. Pretty, huh? 
Inside to the right: the dining area. The table lowers and the cushions convert this area into a bed. We are the third owner of this trailer and I think this fabric is the original. It's LEAVING. :)


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I recently returned to my native home, Tulsa, OK, after spending the better part of 3 years on Bainbridge island, WA. Bainbridge is just a 35 min ferry ride across the Puget Sound from the Seattle waterfront. It is, without doubt, the most beautiful, serene place I have ever been. it is also the only other place I've ever lived and ever want to live. It has helped me heal from the losses I suffered before I left and saved me from the lonesome soul I was becoming. I know when I returned to Oklahoma, I left my heart on Bainbridge along with so many wonderful friends. I never realized how much living close to the water affected me. When I am away from it, I miss it so. The smell. The tranquility. I don't feel complete in some way without it. But, alas, we have not yet been able to sell our house in Tulsa, OK, so I must return and put my island life on hold, working towards returning someday. I love it so. There is a beautiful RV park there at Fay Bainbridge Park. (CLUE . . . keep reading)

I have been obsessed with Airstream trailers for a LONG LONG time. Decades. For the past 10 years or so I have been combing the classifieds, commenting to the Hubs at every silver beauty (or not so beauty) beside the road, searching for the perfect trailer at the perfect time, instead finding the right one at the wrong time or the wrong one at the right time. It just never seemed to add up.  My motivation wasn't strong enough or my other obligations took precedence. Whatever. I just never seemed to end up with one. Bummer. I still kept looking though. 

While I was on Bainbridge, I used that time to clear my head. I lived small. Tiny. Minimally. I loved it. I know now that is how I want to live. Minimal strings. Minimal baggage. Just live. In the moment. In the place I am right then. Enjoying my family and the beauty of the earth. Explore the USA and see as many places as I can. My lifelong wanderlust and my work with New York Says Thank You and the 9-11 Flag Project brought me close to seeing all 50 states BUT I am 5 states shy of seeing all 50. Wisconsin (I'm not sure how I missed this one!), Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Alaska. Gotta get there.  There are so many places in the other states I have been to that I didn't see so I'd like to see many of them again for different reasons. So, while I was whining about returning to Tulsa, I browsed Craigslist for Airstreams in my usual fashion. Trolled the Airstream Forums. AND, I ran across a little trailer I felt could maybe be MINE. In fact, it was. I'm pretty sure I paid a little too much but not too much (because it was meant to be mine) and,  whatever. I wanted it and I am finally in a place where I'm ready. I sent the link to my best friend, the Hubs, and told him I think this might be THE trailer. He said, "I don't think I want to be involved in that" LOL! Me: "Okay". So, the next day I bought the trailer. It was in Waco, TX. I did send someone to check it out first but he said it was pretty sweet so I pulled the trigger. I do things like that. It makes The Hubs CRAZY! But he LOVES me still. :)



Isn't she gorge? I LOVE her.  A 1968 Airstream Safari Land Yacht. The Hubs decided "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".  He has gone from "I don't want to be involved" to "we can totally do this" and studying all things Airstream.  I love him so. And so we embark. I've named her LUCILLE. After my mom, whom I've been grieving for these past few years. All my life, my father was man of few words. Kind of the EF Hutton variety - when he spoke, people listened. But a few words I heard often were, "Get your gear, Lucille."  These were spoken whenever he was ready to go somewhere, usually home. Once as a child, I asked my mother "What's your gear?" and she said "You and your sister."  I think her purse was probably in there too, but you get the picture. Anyway, whenever we heard him say that, we all just got up, got our stuff and headed to the car. We all still say it to this day, so I felt it was an appropriate name for her and I hope to have many adventures where I need to "get my gear" and just go! We hope to chronicle her transformation here so ya'll come back now, ya hear!


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2016 Bainbridge Island High School Senior, Cora, loves fashion, style and anything purple! Her natural and simple style is what motivated us to include some time at the beach but her hipster side took us straight to the bunker. Yoga and workouts keep her dancer's body in shape even if she does love Ben & Jerry's Phish Phood! Texting, movies and hanging with friends are just part of her senior high plans. Cora hopes to study nursing in college so I'm sure her senior year will be filled with visits to colleges and  . . . dare I say . . . more testing. That's TESTING not texting! Good Luck, Cora! Your calm and sweet personality will make you a great caregiver and be a valuable asset in anything you choose to do.

I had a great time with you, Cora. Thanks for being so much fun!

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Saturday mornings at Strawberry Hill Park are THE CUTEST! That's right. It's little league time! Baseball uniforms, gloves, bats. The works! It's so fun to watch them learn and practice and then play their little hearts out. While I was standing there, one of the kids asked me "do you know where third base is?"  I just forgot how that knowledge isn't innate because I've known it for so long. They are all fast learners though and before this season is over, they will be ball players!  This is my favorite little ball player in the league, Gage. He's five. (You might've guessed) And he's determined! Reminds me of my little grandsons playing in other states this summer. 
And he has the cutest little face!

It's all in the wrist action - practice, practice, practice!

It works! Batter, batter, batter, batter . . . .
LSD_Gage_Baseball108.jpgFunny thing about little league: Sometimes you run into your cousin on first base. :)

He's off and running!

Heading for home plate!

Just another inning, right? 

Gotta watch those cousins. They totally score runs. 

LSD_Gage_Baseball115.jpgCheers and high fives all around . . .

LSD_Gage_Baseball116.jpgLSD_Gage_Baseball117.jpgSee ya next Saturday! 

Time flies doesn't it? He's getting so big! Thanks for letting me hang out at your game, Gage! 
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Ahhh Sunday. I love it so! If you know me at all, then you know I have a wee bit o ADHD - the kind we all jokingly shout "squirrel" and laugh about. Just like Dug, I get distracted easily. But, over the years I've discovered ways to maintain my focus. The easiest way is to eliminate the distractions over which I have control! Well, I don't need to tell you that social media is one of those things BIG TIME. While they are all a part of my business and life, I just can't allow myself to get hypnotized by them every day, all day long. Believe me, it could happen!  So, if I don't answer you on Facebook right away, don't take it personally. I try to schedule times to check it and Pinterest and my email WITH A TIMER ON so I can get on with my life and stay on track. FOCUS..FOCUS. Caffeine is my friend. Sugar - not so much. So, enough about that! Long story short -- SUNDAY IS MY DAY OFF FROM ADHD MANAGEMENT. I've actually developed a ritual of sorts for Sunday. I stay in my PJ's, eat pancakes and Pinterest until noon! WOO HOO! With -- and this is the important part -- NO GUILT. So, I'm going to go back to my pinning right now! And, on Sunday mornings, if you think of me, you'll know just what I'm doing. Pancakes, PJ's and Pinterest! You can follow me HERE to see what I'm pinning if you'd like. 

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I've met a lot of new people since moving to the PNW. I tell people I'm a professional photographer and they often ask what I photograph. I say my favorite thing to photograph is seniors. Many of them think I mean senior citizens - over the age of 65. Uh, no. In the photography world when we say seniors -- it's HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS. Not Senior Citizens. So, there's my "SENIOR MOMENT". Explaining to people the two very distinct types of "SENIORS". Ha! Many look at me like I just grew another head when I try to explain that when a child is graduating from high school he/she is a "senior" and their parents like to have a nice portrait of them before they leave the nest, and often, it's their last time to get a family portrait when the family is all still together every day.  

As a portrait artist, I always want to please my client but in the case of the "Senior" I really have two clients. 1) The Senior and 2) their parents. It's a tough time for both. The Senior is actually becoming an adult and leaving to go to school or work full time. It's their time to shine in that little window in between the ease of childhood and the reality of adulthood. They don't know it yet but they never had it so good. Right? Most of them are really feeling it. They can't wait to get out there and put themselves into the thick of it. Show the world who they are. They LOVE having beautiful, fun pictures of themselves.  The Parents - well, that's a different story. Most of us are starting to whine a bit to our friends and spouse (especially if they're the first to leave us). It's so hard to let them go. We can't stop thinking about how they were just little yesterday. How did this happen?! So when people ask me "do you really like taking pictures of senior high school students"? I don't have to even think about it. I absolutely do. Because I know that my photographs make them feel empowered and ready to take on the world they so much want to enter AND these same photographs will give comfort to their parents as they watch this person they've created and nurtured go out into that world. They won't be at the breakfast table every morning anymore. There won't be anyone to wait up for at night. But it's comforting to walk by a portrait that captures the the essence of who your child is and smile because they are a good person and are out there doing the best they can and trying to take a bite out of the world. I want you to look at these images and give yourself a pat on the back!  You did good! I want you to feel they're close, even when they may be far away at school. I also know you want your child to feel the very best about themselves and, let's face it, good portraits will do just that! They have fun and get some amazing images of themselves! 

Once upon a time when I was questioning my decision to focus more on senior portraits, I had an email from a mother who told me what a difference I had made in her daughter's life. Her daughter had never felt like she was pretty or special, no matter what her mother told her. She had an older sister who was always in the limelight and she just let her take it all in and stayed in the shadows.  She had an undiagnosed disease for years that had her growth and she had been way behind her peers until that year. She had a senior session with me. We had so much fun! She changed clothes, we braided her hair, we went to cool locations and played fashion model and acted silly and serious and in-between. The same thing I do with all my seniors. BUT it meant so much more to her. It always means the world to me. I would be honored to create something wonderful for you and your senior this year. 

Please join me at an Open House at Ericksen & Wallace Way, April 25th, 10-5pm. Come and visit, ask all the questions you may have about senior portraits, have refreshments, look at beautiful portraits and book your 2016 senior portrait session that day to receive $75 off your session fee. Let's create something beautiful for you!

KaitlinMBIHS006.jpgLSD_Bainbridge Island_Senior PortraitLSD_Bainbridge Island_Senior PortraitHudson-1062.jpgLSD_Hudson-1052.jpgLaurenBIHS001.jpgLSD_Bainbridge Island_Senior Portrait_3KaitlynW-1009.jpgKaitlynW-1028-Edit.jpgSARAMeyers-1042-Edit.jpgBriceBIHS2015006.jpgLSD_Bainbridge Island_Senior Portrait_4_MG_9923-Edit.jpgKyleBIHS2015002.jpgLSD_Bainbridge Island_Senior Portrait_5_MG_3371-Edit.jpg_MG_8619-Edit.jpg_MG_8691-Edit.jpgKaitlinMBIHS014.jpg

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On September 11, 2001, all Americans in every corner of the globe were changed forever. An event that: United us. Divided us. Shocked us to our cores. The National September 11th Memorial Museum, located in lower Manhattan at ground zero, the site of the former twin towers -- a sign of power and strength and now gone -- opened to the public on May 22, 2014. I had the honor of not just being there but getting to see the museum and getting to cover the transfer of the 9/11 Flag for permanent display at the museum.  I'll post a few images of the flag transfer here but you can see more of them on the Facebook page for LSD Photography or New York Says Thank You.

I don't know what else I can say about the National 9/11 Flag that we haven't said in previous posts. No matter what divides Americans - politics, religion, class - the one thing that always unites us is the American Flag. Our flag. OURS. This flag, hanging at 90 West Street, covered in the soot, ashes and American sacrifices of September 11, 2001, saved and lovingly restored by US. Americans. From all 50 states. Stitch by stitch. Patch by patch. Whole again. Think about that for just a minute. . . . Who does that? Who starts just putting a flag back together and why? WE DO. AMERICANS. As that flag was carried from the lower east side, past the Number 10 Firehouse on Liberty street and marched past the waterfalls with the names of all the souls lost that day, right up to the lawn in the shade of the new Freedom Tower, and unfolded in all its stitched-together glory, there was an undeniable spiritual presence. To hear everyone singing God Bless America, right there with that flag, well, it reminded me a bit of Dr. Suess' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" story. It would read, "Maybe being an American doesn't come from a store. Maybe being an American, perhaps means a bit more." I hope they hear us all singing. I hope OBL hears us singing clear down to Hell. God Bless America. 9/11 Museum 8

Firehouse 10 with the Freedom Tower in view. 

NYSTY5_2014001.jpgSome of New York's finest! THANK YOU!

NYSTY5_2014004.jpgNYSTY5_2014022.jpgNYSTY5_2014015.jpgChildren of the 9/12 generation moved in to hold the flag before it was folded again. The 9/12 Generation Project is an educational program born from the foundation to teach the next generation about what happened on 9/11 but, more importantly, what happened on 9/12, when we started helping each other get back up, and rebuilding for good.

The "press" was a bit op"press"ive IMO but I know they want to share it with the world too. Just wish they could stay out of MY way! Ha!

"His lord said unto him, Well donegood and faithful servant". Thank you all. 

I got scoot into the Museum with a few first responders before it opened its doors to the public later that morning. These are a few images I was allowed to take. As you enter, past security, you go down into the basement of ground zero. Steel beams from the building remain.

_MG_2181.jpg 9/11 Museum 2
The wall in its raw state, an existing beam that remains. Those are benches and you can see the scale by the person there. Presentations can take place here. It's very quiet. Very. 9/11 Museum 3
Images of original missing persons posters are projected onto the wall. 9/11 Museum 4 9/11 Museum 5 9/11 Museum 6 9/11 Museum 7
Just past the above firetruck, you enter into the inner part of the museum. This contains all the major artifacts. Voice recordings. Belongings. Photographs. News broadcasts of the event. And a photo of EVERY person lost that day. There are NO PHOTOGRAPHS ALLOWED in this area of the museum. :(   When you exit and go back up to ground level, this escalator takes you up and you hear a choir singing a cappella. It's beautiful.  


Nelly Rahman says:

I hope they hear us all singing. I hope OBL hears us singing clear down to Hell. God Bless America. Thanks

(12.21.14 @ 11:00 AM)
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Yes, that's really her name now. Married on May 3, 2014.  Haha! She's so stinkin' cute though, I'm pretty sure she can pull it off! AND, now that that IS her name, I can share her bridal portraits. We had quite a day of it. Starting out downtown in a north wind that nearly beat us to death! Halie was a trouper! There's no whining in bridal portraits!  We finished the day at Philbrook with a vintage auto --- yummy! Had to shoo that dang cat away a few times! (Hope that didn't show up on his collar camera!)  Halie's dress is Vera Wang with a sweetheart bodice, cut out back, drop waist and super bling belt at the natural waist.  Miles and miles of tulle with an embroidered overlay! Vera DOES NOT disappoint! A cathedral veil with a tiny rolled edge was so beautiful and even though she had to fight with it in the wind a bit, it was the icing on the top. Her beautiful spirit made this day a pleasure regardless of the less than perfect circumstances. Take a look and leave Mrs. Hay Hay some love on the blog! 

I told you it was blustery!HalieBridal-1005.jpg
So, Halie's mom dubbed herself "Pippa" and was in charge of helping the bride with her dress and all her accoutrements! I LOVE a helpful MOB! Thanks, Pippa! 

Sometimes you just have to throw it all in there to move that tulle around! Ha! We had so much fun with this session! 

Halie, thanks for sharing your special day and dress with me! You were so much fun to work with and I had such fun creating portraits for you. 

Best of luck in your marriage! 
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Many of you know that Sophia and I have been working with and supporting an organization called New York Says Thank You since 2008. Each year we travel to the September build site to photograph, paint, drive, stare at hunky fireman ;) ,  or whatever we need to do to support the community who has suffered tremendous loss and needs the inspiration, hope, support and muscle, NewYork Says Thank You provides. This year, New York Says Thank You is in our own backyard. They will providing their wonderfully good ju-ju to last year's tornado victims in the Moore/OKC/Shawnee areas. A main focus is going to be a 1Day Ranch near Shawnee, OK, which was devastated by that tornado. Meaghan Hadley is the force behind this Ranch and has a heart the size of Dallas. Sophia has been posting some gorgeous photos of the Ranch - the horses, pony, one-eared goat and dogs on Facebook - take a look and here's a few more. You'll get the idea of how passionate Meaghan is and how committed she is to keeping and making 1 Day Ranch whole again. Please read all the way to the end to see the message from New York Says Thank You. It's a long post but so worth the read!! I hope you will all join us in donating and working this September to get this ranch back to the future! 

She truly is a horse whisperer -

This was his first day at the ranch. He was set to be euthanized the day before but Meaghan rescued him. He's a sweetheart!

This is Annabelle. So stinkin' cute! She needs a forever home. Darling dog!

Luna is the top dog at 1 Day Ranch! The Ranch is her forever home and she helps Meaghan keep things going. 

1 Day Ranch is one of  just a handful of equine rescue sites. Sometimes horses are referred due to neglect, displacement from storms, or other reasons. If there's nowhere for them to go and be cared for, they are often destroyed. Meaghen has taken her trailer across the country to rescue these beautiful animals.  

LSD-1DRanch013.jpgLSD-1DRanch011.jpgLSD-1DRanch014.jpgLSD-1DRanch015.jpgThis is Penelope! A teeny little pig. She loves Meaghan but Meaghan loves her more I think! LSD-1DRanch016.jpg
LSD-1DRanch018.jpgThis is a one-eared goat. He was being used as bait in a dog fighting ring. Disgusting. He's been at the ranch for a few months now and is part of the official welcoming party. His name is Vincent. Vincent Van Goat. Bahaha!  That's his makeshift pen where he stays when he's not roaming the ranch.LSD-1DRanch019.jpgLSD-1DRanch004.jpgMeet Meaghan. Her passion, hope, determination and hard, hard work every day to take care of these animals is amazing and inspirational.  Come and be inspired. Make a difference in the world starting with one thing. Just one thing. LSD-1DRanch020.jpgI'd like to share a letter from Jeff Parness - founder of NYSTY

Dear New York Says Thank You family:

I am SUPER EXCITED to share with you details of this year's 9/11 Anniversary "barn-raising" and I am also going to make an urgent plea for your help TODAY.

This year we are going to help in the ongoing recovery from last May's deadly tornadoes in the Oklahoma City/Moore/Shawnee area. We are working with Oklahoma Disaster Recovery Project (ODRP) to identify one or more family homes in need of rebuilding and we hope to help out with our advance teams Labor Day weekend.

But our main project this coming September 4-7 will be helping to rebuild 1 Day Ranch - a magical place run by one of the most passionate, energetic, and caring people I have ever met in the 10 year journey of New York Says Thank You - Maeghan Hadley.

1 Day Ranch's primary function is a horse rescue, animal rescue, and therapeutic riding facility. But Maeghan's vision is to make it a true "anchor" in the community of Bethel Acres for animal education and volunteer service.

In addition to being a safe haven for horses, goats, dogs and other animals rescued by local law enforcement from abuse situations, Maeghan's true passion is sharing the magical powers of these beautiful animals with special needs young people and adults.

From the young girl battling eating disorders who finds an inner confidence in her interactions with a rescued horse, to the young man with Down's Syndrome whose interaction with the animals sparks hope deep within, to the adult woman battling MS whose horse riding experience stimulates muscles in her recovery - 1 Day Ranch is truly a sanctuary for both animals and people.

There is an 800 student K-12 DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from 1 Day Ranch that will be able to enjoy the beautiful facility we are going to build as an extension of their service learning. All the ingredients for a community-wide "barn-raising" are there!

The 80-year-old rickety barn that used to house the animals was damaged beyond repair by the outer winds of the Shawnee tornado last May 19th and this barn-raising will be an opportunity to rebuild not only a needed facility - but more importantly - it will bring together the entire community from neighboring Oklahoma City and Shawnee and as far away as Tulsa to truly build a special place that will strengthen the community long after we depart.

And that is what New York Says Thank You is all about - rebuilding and strengthening communities in need as a way to continually "Pay It Forward" for all the love we received when all of us were struck by our own disasters.

So here's the deal: We need your help TODAY.

1 Day Ranch is literally running on fumes as this icy winter has depleted all their funds and Maeghan is struggling to buy extra hay to keep the horses warm and safe. If you love horses, donkeys, dogs, pigs, or one-eared goats - if you know of someone who does - if you or your family or a friend you know supports programs to assist special needs kids and at-risk youth - PLEASE click on this link and donate something TODAY to support Maeghan's daily expenses to care for these beautiful animals.

Click on the first button for New York Says Thank You Foundation and then right below it, click "In Honor Of" and type in 1 DAY RANCH PROGRAM.

We will get these funds directly to 1 Day Ranch to care for the animals today!

Beyond helping to sustain 1 Day Ranch's operations and get them on a solid footing, we are going to have to raise over $150,000 in the next 3 months to build the barn and we are so blessed to have Builder Bob Lotspeich's grandson-in-law Matt Johnson, and Lester Buildings, partner with us again on this special project.

We are also grateful for our friends at Jewish Disaster Response Corps (JDRC) who have been on the ground in Oklahoma since January helping to rebuild and who connected us to this special opportunity that will strengthen the greater Oklahoma City/Shawnee/Tulsa community by helping to rebuild 1 Day Ranch as an "anchor" of service in their community.

In the coming months, we are also going to have raise funds to sponsor all of our First Responder/NYSTY volunteers to get to Oklahoma and back for this special barn-raising in September. But right now our mission is simple:

Click here to support 1 Day Ranch TODAY - and together we will build something so special that will benefit a wonderful community of people AND animals.

With my deepest gratitude for your continued support of New York Says Thank You and our mission to bring hope and healing to people and communities in need -


Gather your pennies to help Penny and all her 1 Day Ranch friends! Then plan to come to the rebuild this September. It's a blast!

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I knew he loved her. The first time I met him, I knew he loved her. I could tell by the way he talked about her and how intent he was on making everything PERFECT for this day. The day he was going to ask her to be his wife. To spend her life with him. From the custom cards with clues leading her to spots around town where they've shared special moments to orchestration and logistics of getting her best friends and sister into town to celebrate with her, Nolan planned every detail to a "T", with Rachel in mind. He was concerned because she's such a private person, never wanting to be the center of attention, but he had to make sure she knew she WAS the center of attention for him. With the help and guidance of Lynn Wheatley of Lasting Impressions of Tulsa Events, the entire day was practically perfect in every way! Here's how it started -- the day AFTER Valentine's Day, on the pretense of going to brunch, Nolan created a reason for Rachel to have to go by her office. On her desk was a beautiful box and the first clue -- follow along . . .
So it began . . . at each location Rachel found another of her friends waiting with the next clue and she had to direct the limo driver to each destination.

After a wonderful lunch, spa visit and new outfit and all the accessories, Rachel was taken to the GV Winery and here's what happened next . . .

Rachel and her sister, Kate, couldn't wait to call the rest of the family with the news! I love sisters! 


It was a beautiful night with beautiful friends. They partied on at GV Winery with a tasting, food from Andolini's and lots and lots of smiles. OH . . . I almost forgot . . . SHE SAID 'YES!'

Congratulations Nolan and Rachel! Wishing you a wonderful marriage!

Israel Diamond says:

What a way to capture the moment! Amazing proposal and amazing photos for a wonderful couple. We are honored to have been a part of this special moment.

(03.12.14 @ 08:57 AM)
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February 21, 2014

A question I'm hearing from time to time these days. My life has been in a transition as well as my business. I've lived most of this past year in Washington State on Bainbridge Island. I love it there. It's beautiful and peaceful. It's where I want to be so that's my new home base. Now, with that said, my house in Tulsa still hasn't sold! So, I've had to spend a lot of time in Tulsa recently to make some changes to it and get it back on the market this year and try again! The best part of that is I get to see all my peeps who live in Tulsa! I do plan to spend a lot of time in Tulsa every year regardless of living elsewhere. November-January are perfect Tulsa months and I hope to be there during those months each year. Spring, summer and fall are definitely Seattle months! Sorry,Tulsa, I can't do those 114 degree days (months) anymore!  Why did I decide to move? I've loved the Seattle area for several years now and visited often, eventually never wanting to leave. Personal events in the past few years have made me realize how short and precious life is -- whether is lasts 10 days or 90 years -- it's not long enough and you better live with no regrets. Upon examination, I found I had several. I didn't travel enough. I didn't spend enough time doing things that I loved. I didn't live in a place that inspired me. I didn't spend enough fun time with my husband. Things like that. I was allowing too many people to gobble up my time and I was starting to get pissed off about it but taking my frustrations out on the wrong people and things!  Jay, my kids, my grandkids, my sisters. It wasn't good. I needed to make some changes and focus on what I really wanted to do and how I really wanted to spend my time -- my life. SO, I DID.  Big changes. Not easy. My passion is still my art. My photography is primary. I want to paint more. I want to create more. I want to write more. I want to share more. All these things will now be included in this BLOG. Look for it to get a bit more diverse and interesting (hopefully!). 
A few images of my life on Bainbridge Island! See why I love it?

By the wharf


My beautiful island home.

The Grand Forest -  I live right next to here and get to walk in here every day! 

LSDSeattleBW-Bainbridge Island Grand Forest

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Which is a really good thing because they're going to live in Seattle, right? BUT they're getting married in Texas, where Shawna is from originally. Andrew and Shawna are adventurers at heart and from the their first meeting on the slopes in Colorado to rescuing a dog from the streets of Korea, both knew they had met the one with whom to share those adventures, and Seattle seemed the perfect fit for all. They love hanging at GasWorks Park with room for Chiyo to run, and the view of the city is beautiful, even in the wind and rain. There's an ease between Shawna and Andrew that bodes very well for a happy life together.  She's a visionary. He keeps her grounded but at the same time, can totally be persuaded to follow her vision!  A lovely, vintage style Texas wedding is planned for the fall and then. . . the REAL adventure begins!  Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this special time in your lives with me!


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February 26, 2013

Almost 17 years ago I was introduced to someone whom I now consider one of my dearest friends. 16 years ago today, she became a mom to this beautiful little person, Cassidy. She was named after a Grateful Dead song but we just love her all the more for it! Ha! We have been so blessed to know them all and to get to watch Cassidy grow up. From a tiny baby, to a watchful toddler (we called her "the Stealth" because she moved so quietly through the house while wreaking havoc), to a gorgeous, athletic, sweet, girl, who can totally hold her own with two crazy brothers, and now, a strong and independent young woman, Cassidy will undoubtedly fulfill her destiny with style and grace. AND A GORGEOUS SMILE! I've always felt a special little connection with this tiny girl and I hope we get to watch the next 16 years, Cass! We love you! Happy Birthday!


Happy Sweet 16, Little One! XXOO

Sonya Middleton says:

Those are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen. Love you and love my girl! Thank you

(02.26.13 @ 08:53 PM)
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I've been obsessing about this baby for weeks! I so love this little family and while I was home for the holidays I had the chance to sneak a session in with Amelia who turned 6 months old at Thanksgiving. I LOVE this age. So full of curiosity. Everything is amazing to them. She studies everything and you can see all the different expressions on her little face as she tries to figure this crazy world out. We're still working on that too, Amelia! Of course her mom had tons of pink things for her so we just played for awhile. I had THE hardest time narrowing down my favorites.  So stinkin' cute! 

Here's to your first 6 months, Amelia!

In This Wonderful Life says:

oh my word, these are SO cute. her little smile is precious

(01.31.13 @ 06:34 AM)
Von Wedding Films says:

Oh, so cute! She is darling! And you captured her beautifully...

(02.05.13 @ 12:42 PM)
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November 27, 2012

When Kate started school some 13 years ago, one of her first little friends on the bus was Everly. We soon found out she lived on the corner and she and Kate became fast friends. Years go on, girls change schools and move to new houses and life goes on. Kate and Everly lost touch a bit but I was thrilled when she called to have her senior pics taken by me! How fun! I had photographed her and her little sis when I was first starting my business and they were in grade school and it was fun then so I knew it would be more fun now! It was! We started out downtown, stopped by Cherry Street a bit and then ended up at the edge of the River. Can't believe how times goes by . . . our little girls are seniors already! Yikes! I love the woman she is becoming - independent, strong and beautiful, with a great bohemian sense of style! It's a good thing! I hope I get to see more. I could shoot Everly forever!


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Just a little update on LSD meanderings. I am now living in Seattle most of the time and just traveling back to Tulsa for previous commitments and to visit family. We haven't sold our house yet but as soon as that happens and Kate graduates from high school, we will be out here together! I'm shooting sessions in both states for a bit and will always be back for holidays to see my babies!  I have lots to blog and just haven't had the time to blog it with all the traveling and changes happening. But I'm going to remedy that right now! They may not be in the order they were shot but they will all be in here shortly! If you're in the Pacific NW anytime soon, give me a shout! 
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This is going to be a long post but I truly hope you will read all the way to the end and look at everything here and perhaps even feel moved to join us! Many of you know that Sophia and I have a heart for this organization and have traveled with it taking pictures not only to document but to inspire. New York Says Thank You is an organization that has grown from not just a child's desire to help but that child's parents willingness to listen and help fulfill that desire. Many of us teach our children the benefits of caring, sharing and helping our neighbor. How many of us listen to them when they want to do those things but  need our help because, after all, they are small and most often can't do it alone. Many of us, including myself, are just too busy. We say things like,  "That's so nice honey." "I'm sure they would appreciate your kindness." Yada yada yada. Well, Evan and Josh Parness' parents didn't say that and go on about their business. They live in Manhattan. They lived in Manhattan on 9/11. They lost friends that day in the greatest disaster our country has ever known on our own soil. People from all 50 states rushed to help New York during that time. It was talked about in the Parness home. When the California wild fires devastated that state and destroyed so many homes,  5 year old Evan watched on TV and told his dad he and his little brother Josh wanted to take all their toys to the kids in California whose homes had been burned and toys had been lost. Just like people helped New Yorkers when the towers fell. It would have been easy for Jeff Parness to say, "That's so nice honey." "I'm sure they would appreciate your kindness." Yada yada yada. and go on about his life. BUT -- and this is a BIG BUT - he didn't. He got a truck, collected toys and things, and with his boys, drove to California to help. To PAY IT FORWARD and to say THANK YOU. From that gesture, an entire organization was born. A PAY IT FORWARD organization with the focus not on what happened on 9/11 but what happened on 9/12 when everyone joined together to help each other. To help America. In 2008, Sophia and I met Jeff Parness in Ft.Worth (funny side story there) and he invited us to come to Greensburg, KS the next month. It was fall wedding season and we were booked to the max and already behind in our work, but we both felt pulled to go. We drove to Greensburg and were so glad we did. It changed our lives. Greensburg had been devastated by an F5 tornado. By devastated I mean virtually wiped off the map. It was a sea of FEMA trailers and a few metal barn-like structures. One of the only buildings left standing was the senior citizen center. It was there that the flag that had hung at 90 West street in NYC on 9/11, started to come back to life. The construction foreman, Charlie Vitchers, had removed the tattered and smoke stained American flag from ground zero with the intention of properly retiring it. He never burned it. It sat in his NY home for years until he brought it to Greensburg. There the ladies living in the senior center spread it out on a big table and started stitching it back together. Where pieces where missing, they decided to use pieces of the flags that had survived the tornado to patch it. It looked a little like a crazy quilt of flags at first but that effort sparked the restoration of that flag. The National 9/11 Flag. It's now made a tour around all 50 states and DC with stitches put into by Americans throughout the country - all with stories of hope, survival and resilience. It is our symbol of freedom. It unifies us as Americans and no matter what your personal situations or opinions are, when the flag is flown and The Star Spangled Banner is played, we all stand with respect and unity. So it was only fitting that the last stitches to complete the restoration of this enormous American flag be put in at The Star Spangled Banner museum and Flaghouse in Baltimore, MD on June 14, 2012 - Flag Day. The museum donated threads from the original flag that was flown during the War of 1812, which Frances Scott Key saw through the bars of his imprisonment, and penned the poem that became our national anthem. Want to be a part of this? Keep reading.

Sophia really captured the enormity of the National 9/11 flag from inside the Flag House. Wow!

The Honorable Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore
These are the threads from the original 1812 flag donated to the National 9/11 flag. The 1812 Flag is on permanent display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
NYSTYBaltimore-110.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-109.jpgThese boy scouts are doing service work at the Flag House as part of their Eagle Badge requirement. 
NYSTYBaltimore-112.jpgSome of New York's finest! FDNY
NYSTYBaltimore-119.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-118.jpgThis woman portrays Mary Pickersgill who was commissioned by the US Army to sew the enormous American flag in 1812 which inspired the Star Spangled Banner. She was overcome with emotion at stitching those threads into the 9/11 flag.
NYSTYBaltimore-122.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-121.jpgCharlie Vitchers and his sister, Veronica, put final stitches in the 9/11 flag. Thank you for saving this incredible piece of American history which will serve as an inspiration and testament to the unwavering strength of the American spirit.
NYSTYBaltimore-126.jpgCarolyn and Denny Deters joined NYSTY after the annual build went to Iowa. They have traveled with the flag ever since, insuring it's safety and completion. They put some of the final stitches in it today. Thank you Deters for your undying loyalty and service. Love you!
NYSTYBaltimore-128.jpgSerenity and Jamie from Tuscon, Arizona stitched the 9/11 flag for their best friend, Christina Taylor Green, killed in the shooting of US Representative Gabby Giffords. Christina was born on 9/11 but always told everyone she was born on a holiday because she wasn't going to let terrorists claim her birthday. She was very interested in politics already and wanted to make this country a better place. Her two best friends are going to carry on her legacy.  NYSTYBaltimore-129.jpgNYSTYBaltimore-130.jpgEvan and Josh Parness whose generosity and desire to help mankind started a revolution of pay-it-forward kindness and has touched and inspired millions to do the same.
NYSTYBaltimore-131.jpgAll the children present at the ceremony were allowed to stitch the flag. Children are our legacy and the key to peace in the world. New York Says Thank You -the movie, which was shown at film festivals all over last year, has been made into an educational version to be used in the schools to promote kindness, community service and peace.
NYSTYBaltimore-134.jpgThese women lost loved ones in the 9/11 attack.
NYSTYBaltimore-135.jpgLove this shot Sophia took through the flag wall of the 9/11 flag being stitched.
NYSTYBaltimore-136.jpg The National 9/11 Flag has been officially recognized as such and will have a permanent display in the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero. I hope you will make it a point to go pay your respects and to teach your children to focus not on what happened on 9/11 but what happened on 9/12. NEW YORK SAYS THANK YOU!

Ready to get involved? Perhaps you're planning to spend yet another Labor Day at the lake or mowing your yard. STOP! Wanna change your life instead?  Every year on the weekend BEFORE 9/11, New York Says Thank You travels to another American city where disaster has left its mark. Children place stars of Hope all along the streets, and several rebuilding projects are begun. This takes an enormous amount of orchestration, money, and muscle! In other words - IT'S HAMMER TIME! We can use any skills you have and some you don't even know about yet. This year, the build is in North Dakota. First a house in Bottineau to teach disabled children and wounded warriors to ski and then in Minot, to rebuild a house of a first responder whose house was swept away in the 100 year floods while he was helping others try to save their homes. That flood destroyed 4,000 homes in Minot and their community needs hope they can all rebuild. New York Says Thank You is going to start that project! Stars of Hope throughout Minot will be Wedesday 9/5 thru Saturday 9/8. Children can participate in this part of the project and will have a blast doing so. The home building in Minot is set for 9/4 or 9/5 and all hands are needed. The build then moves to Bottineau Thursday 9/6 thru Sunday 9/9. There are always tons of things to do after dark and lots of fun all day long.  Sophia and I are trying to get a charter trip together for all Oklahomans interested in Paying it Forward. We certainly have our share of disasters here and know how demoralizing it can be to a community who suffers one. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know asap so we can get a count and get the ball rolling on accommodations. If you've been looking for a family adventure that will bring you all closer than you've ever been before, look no further. It will be some of the hardest work you've ever done but you won't even notice. JUST DO IT. Don't yada yada yada yourself any longer.  Join the groups from Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Louisiana, Texas, California, Indiana, Georgia, New York and many other states and take this opportunity to be thankful, grateful and American.

Email us at for more information or go straight to

If you can't possibly join us, we'd LOVE to have a donation for building supplies and expenses of the build!

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess . . . I think that tag line was written with Kate in mind. She is everything a princess is - beautiful, graceful, kind, thoughtful and joyful! She has a prince too! And I'm pretty sure they will live happily ever after. Kate and Blaine got married this past Saturday at Dresser Mansion. We had her bridal portraits on Memorial Day and you can now see them and what a stunning princess bride she was!

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