A couple of years ago, my daughter Kate and I were wandering around Alcatraz Island trying to imagine how it would have been to have been stuck there for your life. All the beauty of the city of San Fransisco, rising up through the fog, the smells of coffee and Ghirardelli chocolate in the breeze, and not being able to have any of it. Now, that's punishment!  While we were discussing these things, we both commented on how peaceful it was and what great light there was. Kate said - "this would be a great place to shoot a bridal portrait, right mom?" Why, YES, Kate it would. Now, how could I convince a bride to A) meet me in San Fran,  B) drag her beautiful dress to Alcatraz on a boat - maybe in the fog and/or rain and C) traipse around a filthy tourist island in it and be photographed in front of boatloads of tourists?  It was going to take a very special person to even consider this. So, I threw it out there a couple of times to brides and they either thought I was joking or was completely insane. And . . . then . . . there was Lesley!  She probably saw it in my eyes as we were brainstorming and stylizing her bridal session and she mentioned she had once been tour guide in San Fran.  She lives in Washington state now but she was oh soooo willing to come to San Fran for the session and honestly, I don't know which of us was more excited to be going to Alcatraz. We took the first boat over to try to catch the most fog but we ended up with one of the most beautiful, sunny days I've ever seen there!  And it was the only day all week it wasn't raining. Luck?  Fate?  Whichever, we'll take it!  Lesley had a couple of other spots in town she adored, and I wanted to include San Fran's marvelous City Hall, so we just made a day of it with her darling mom and sister toting gear, the dress, shoes, diva bag (that's all the little extra fun stuff you need) and Kate, who just couldn't miss it and was my most excellent assistant with a little OCF and reflector as needed! She even shot a little at City Hall (I posted it below) and is getting pretty darn good and has a new appreciation for wedding dress exposures. Lesley's mom treated us all to lunch at The Fog City Diner and we had our personal cab driver on call all day, just like 27 Dresses! (The Cab Driver/owner's cousin is Seigi of Seigi's Sausage here in Tulsa - what are the chances of that?) We ended up at the overlook of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day! It's a long post but it was a long day and oh so many pretty pictures!  Lesley and Sean just got married last weekend so some wedding pics will be coming soon!



This was Kate's shot at City Hall. I love the way her veil is flowing! Nice, Kato!


LOVE you guys! Thank you so much for having such a great time with us!

Andrea Murphy says:

Um, wow! Gorgeous!!

(05.24.11 @ 05:07 PM)
Julie Kelly says:

Lesley only you could pull this off - what fabulous pictures.

(05.31.11 @ 08:28 PM)
Mary Hanson says:

Absolutely beautiful!

(06.01.11 @ 02:55 AM)
Sondra Gorden says:

Oh my gosh, Lesley! I would be so broke If I were you because I would buy all of them!

(06.01.11 @ 07:47 PM)
Louise says:

Well......seen them before and I still cry.

(06.02.11 @ 07:20 PM)
MonaPonder says:

These are beautiful pictures. You are great at what you do. I have enjoyed looking at all of them. Thanks for sharing. Mona Ann Ponder

(06.10.11 @ 09:43 AM)
Marla says:

beautiful pictures you are an amazing photographer!

(06.11.11 @ 02:15 PM)
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If we've shot your wedding, you may have seen this happening. At every wedding we shoot, at some point in the day or night, Sophia (and/or I but mostly her!) takes a photo of us in a mirror. It kind of started out as a silly thing, okay, it still is silly - but then it became almost a ritual. It's like kids with knock-knock jokes only they think are hilarious, I'm sure. I thought it would be a great addition to this post though. After a crazy terrible year, we have managed to keep it together and our brides have been wonderfully supportive. We always brag about them and how we have THE BEST brides but this year really put us all to the test and we really found out what we're made of and that we really do have THE BEST brides EVER! LSD Photography is currently booking 2011 weddings. We have a couple of May & June dates still available and lots of fall (we LOVE those fall sunsets)...so if you are getting married in 2011 or know someone who is, give us a call and let's see if we're the right ones to capture your love story and spend your wedding day with us! AND don't be surprised if you see this happening at a wedding near you!


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Olivia. Quiet strength, calm determination, wisdom as wide as the plains, and a gentle spirit as playful as the prairie breeze. Olivia and I breathed freely as we drove deeper and deeper into the undulating sea of gold, where I was able to capture my daughter in the place that reflects her best. Congratulations, my beautiful girl.  ~sophia

I was born upon the prairie, where the wind blew free, and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures, and where everything drew a free breath...   --Ten Bears, Yamparethka Comanche chief

jessica says:

What a stunning bride and beautiful photography. So lucky to say that the bride is my sister and photographer is my momma! Love you both :-)

(05.17.10 @ 01:17 PM)
Megan says:


(05.17.10 @ 02:21 PM)
Rose says:

Gorgeous!!!! Beautiful subject, talented photographer, incredible setting!

(05.22.10 @ 08:36 PM)
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The art deco architect of Tulsa has always been such a joy to us. Most of our beautiful little city was built in the 1920's during the Oil Boom and the tycoons spared no expense trying to one-up each other with their extravagant buildings. The Mayo Hotel has always been a favorite of ours, and we were thrilled to see it being restored by the Snyder family.  Restored not renovated. BIG difference.  Sophia's wedding was the last event before the Crystal Ballroom closed in 1979. It was big. It was Greek. It involved a champagne fountain.  I was one of her bridesmaids, of course, and we had such a fun night!  Well, we thought it was definitely karma when we had the first bride to be back in the Crystal Ballroom this past October. Carrie was a bridesmaid in one of our other bride's weddings earlier in the year so even though she now lives in San Diego with the Navy, we'd gotten to know her a little bit.  She came in to Tulsa a few weeks before her wedding and we had a bridal portrait at, wait for it....The Mayo Hotel.  It was so much fun. Scaffolds and ladders and a bit of dust scattered around as all the preparations were still on-going for the grand opening. Sophia and I had fabulous Carrie in the ballroom and then up on the rooftop where there was more evidence of the wonderful things happening at The Mayo.    We just made the best of it and had a wonderful thunderstorm move in right towards the end of the session.  Dark clouds rolled in but not one drop of rain until we were done and on our way home!  Here's a few images from gorgeous Carrie's bridal session.  (Still trying to work out the kinks in my new blog so sorry for the logo mishaps but you know whose they are, don't you?)  We'll post something from her Military wedding at this fabulous building in the days to come. 

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Well, as you can see, I'm not keeping my daily blog count up.  Still trying to figure some of this out. I guess I'm a little on the techno-challenged side you could say.  Oh well. I am trying anyway. Here's a little picture from the wedding we shot last month at The Mayo Hotel.  Beautiful Carrie Higgins. This is the lobby at the newly renovated Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa. We had a few minutes with the bride and groom before they went up the Crystal Ballroom to celebrate.  Carrie also had her bridal portrait session at The Mayo. As soon as I figure out the features on this blog,  I'll post some more.  For now, this will have to hold you.

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