Yes, that's really her name now. Married on May 3, 2014.  Haha! She's so stinkin' cute though, I'm pretty sure she can pull it off! AND, now that that IS her name, I can share her bridal portraits. We had quite a day of it. Starting out downtown in a north wind that nearly beat us to death! Halie was a trouper! There's no whining in bridal portraits!  We finished the day at Philbrook with a vintage auto --- yummy! Had to shoo that dang cat away a few times! (Hope that didn't show up on his collar camera!)  Halie's dress is Vera Wang with a sweetheart bodice, cut out back, drop waist and super bling belt at the natural waist.  Miles and miles of tulle with an embroidered overlay! Vera DOES NOT disappoint! A cathedral veil with a tiny rolled edge was so beautiful and even though she had to fight with it in the wind a bit, it was the icing on the top. Her beautiful spirit made this day a pleasure regardless of the less than perfect circumstances. Take a look and leave Mrs. Hay Hay some love on the blog! 

I told you it was blustery!HalieBridal-1005.jpg
So, Halie's mom dubbed herself "Pippa" and was in charge of helping the bride with her dress and all her accoutrements! I LOVE a helpful MOB! Thanks, Pippa! 

Sometimes you just have to throw it all in there to move that tulle around! Ha! We had so much fun with this session! 

Halie, thanks for sharing your special day and dress with me! You were so much fun to work with and I had such fun creating portraits for you. 

Best of luck in your marriage! 
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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess . . . I think that tag line was written with Kate in mind. She is everything a princess is - beautiful, graceful, kind, thoughtful and joyful! She has a prince too! And I'm pretty sure they will live happily ever after. Kate and Blaine got married this past Saturday at Dresser Mansion. We had her bridal portraits on Memorial Day and you can now see them and what a stunning princess bride she was!

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The last event at The Mayo Hotel this year was Cortney's spectacular wedding. The entire town was abuzz with festivities and when we talked about it, she told me they just wanted it to be a great big New Year's Eve Party. So on December 31, 2011, she became Mrs. Cortney Pelley. BUT before this, I had the opportunity to photograph her bridal session. Since LSD Photography wasn't shooting her wedding, and the bride lives in Dallas where she runs her own sportswear company, Ketch the Spirit, we didn't have a chance to meet in person before her session.  Even though that's unusual, we did discuss it through emails and telephone calls and we shared inspiration images through Pinterest. Blessed with a beautiful November day (a little windy at times) we just "winged it" and it was nothing short of  FABULOUS!  Cortney had two dresses for her special day - one with layers of tulle and chiffon and appliqued with satin and crystals and all the fanfare, including a matching cathedral length veil. Cortney opted for  a second party dress with an art deco flair but still some BLING! She wore rhinestone encrusted Louboutins with dress #1 and custom monogrammed cowgirl boots with dress #2. Fabulous Style!  Zinke Design arranged for a vintage Cadillac El Dorado in front of The Mayo Hotel for a little pizazz and we made a little side trip to Philbrook for a few more traditional images. The French Bouquet made a gorgeous bridal session bouquet, as always! There were so many beautiful images from this session it's hard to choose but here's a few of my favorites! 


Such a cute party dress for her reception and to ring in the New Year!LSDKetchumbridal-017.jpgLSDKetchumbridal-018.jpgLSDKetchumbridal-019.jpgLSDKetchumbridal-020.jpgLSDKetchumbridal-021.jpg

 Thank you so much for including us in your special day! What a beautiful, beautiful bride you were! Congratulations!

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and also for Awesome! Abigail got married this past June at Philbrook. (Her wedding blog is here) We did her bridal session at Philbrook as well. Abigail is a teacher. An 8th grade English teacher. She is a no nonsense girl. But not on this day. Not with me! It's hard to be no nonsense with me I think. I love to push to the inner nonsense level of every bride at their bridal sessions because then I get to see their true hearts. Their little girl wedding fantasy feelings many have carried with them for most of their lives. The little girl that likes to spin in her dress because it makes her feel so beautiful. The little girl that played in high heels and lipstick. That little girl. I want her to come out and play! Oh, and we played all right. Abigail had a Carolina Herrera dress. Tiers of ruffled seams in a trumpet silhouette that bustled into a billowing cascade. It was totally the dress for Abigail - sophisticated, sleek and full of fun all at the same time! Then top it off with coral Manolo Blahniks and I feel it . . . partay!  I rarely get to post bridal images when I take them and many times, after waiting months for the wedding date, I get so busy with other things I just forget to post. But I love bridal sessions so much that I just have to get better about that!  So, these may be a bit delayed but they are still so so gorgeous! I think I'll give her an "A"!

LSDAbigail1001.jpgLSDAbigail1001 (1).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (2).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (3).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (4).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (5).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (6).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (7).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (8).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (9).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (10).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (11).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (12).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (13).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (14).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (15).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (16).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (17).jpgLSDAbigail1001 (18).jpg

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Laina, Laina, Laina. I just don't even know where to start with this girl! So fun. So gorgeous. So sweet and kind. I just love her! Laina is the first bride that Chris Humphrey and LSD shared and it was perfect! I shot her bridal portraits and he shot her wedding. (You can see her wedding pics here.) Now, we brainstormed these bridals way before but of course, logistics (Laina in D.C. and THE DRESS) getting coordinated for the right date pushed us to less than 2 weeks  before the wedding date! Laina has a 'thing' for this pink couch that once resided in her sorority house. It is an awesome pink couch if I do say so myself. I would love to have it reside at LSD. :D  Not a chance. I've been told it's moving to D.C. We decided to feature it in her bridals and her dad lugged it downtown for us. What a trouper! Up until this day, it had been about 110 degrees every day for two months. BUT - on this day, we were forecast with our first chance of rain and it was only in the upper 80's. Miracle of miracles! We started at The Mayo Hotel where Laina was getting ready and when we moved to the rooftop, dark clouds started rolling in, deepening the sky to a periwinkle blue. It was gorgeous but it almost looks like a backdrop! It was real, and so were the sprinkles that started when we were up there. However, glancing over the railing on the rooftop towards the BOK center, it was still sunshine there. You know how weird our Oklahoma weather is right? It can be raining on one side of the street so you just cross and your dry again. So that's what we did. Made the mad dash to the BOK center with the pink couch! WOOT! So glad we did. We had little TIDO there with us to have pics with his 'Mom'. TIDO travels everywhere with Laina and he's so cute and adoring. Well, the clouds rolled over downtown but we never felt a drop of rain. It was so perfect! You may notice in Laina's wedding photos that she changed into dress #2 for her reception. It was a beautiful Monique Lhuillier dress with a blinging beaded bodice (say that fast 3 times) and a full tutu skirt to the floor . . . BUT wait, Laina wanted a short party dress. She has an incredible sense of style, and she LOVED the dress,  so . . . she had it cut off! I'm pretty sure I don't have the guts to cut off a designer dress but I oh so love it when my brides do! Sophia and I incorporated her second little dress into a darling separate portrait session just to create a special gift for the groom. ;) But we can share the bling!


Gorgeous, Laina!

Aaron Snow says:

Beautiful photos! Gorgeous bride!

(09.12.11 @ 10:04 AM)
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