as a matter of fact, it's pretty fabulous! And the attention you get? Well, it's even better. Right, Michael? This family is the cutest! If you've followed this blog at all, you know I first met them when Jenn was expecting this little one, again when Michael was just a couple of weeks old, again when he was six months old and now . . . ta da . . . ONE! Gosh time flies! Teeny to toddling in the blink of an eye! Michael is so precious. Those big blues eyes just getting bluer every day and blond curls. Be still my heart.  Very sweet. Very curious. Walking, talking - a real person! This January was so different from last - snow storm to 60 degrees - that we got to go outside and play a little. Then Mom and Dad set his cake out for investigation and exploration. Just let him at it and then hose him off. It's the best way to celebrate being one! Happy Birthday Michael! Can't wait to meet your little sis soon!


I love when they finally realize I'm just kind of silly too and want to play!

I think he was a little sad it was over!

Thanks for sharing your darling little family with me again!

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I am obsessed with this baby! He's my little man. He is such a cool person - - just smaller. I knew there was something really special about him the first time I met him (his Newborn session is here) and he just doesn't disappoint. Now at 6 months, we had THE best time just playing around. Alex is not like any baby - I'm pretty sure I could teach him to play poker right now and he would probably just sit at the table, holding his cards, waiting for me to fold.  He totally just goes with the flow. Not one fuss. Just the cutest faces ever! I love his hair - little wisps flying and standing up everywhere. He still has the most perfect toes I've ever seen! His big sister, Ashley, came with him this time too and they seem pretty smitten with one another. Just one more person I have to wait behind to hold him! So, I guess, the trouble isn't really with Alex - I mean he can't help being this darn sweet and awesome - the trouble is me.  I can't leave him alone!  (With or without a camera)


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Well I suppose everyone knows by now . . . WE HAVE TWINS IN THE FAMILY! Sloane and Knox. They arrived on Friday, August 19th at about noon-thirty - give a few minutes. Yes, I got to go in! So excited! BUT I can't blog that until you-know-who does first. That's okay. I'll defer. (It's really hard though).  I can, however, blog about their room now. Because for months before their arrival, their mom and dad began a make-over on their room. It matches the momma's blog header! How cute is that? Anyway, it's pretty darn tootin' if you know what I mean. Megan will post the links where she got things if you want to know. My friends at Zieglers did the custom framing!  And there were a lot of Etsy purchases and many, many gifts!  Elton - my grandpuppy - doesn't quite know what to think but he has been in training with crying babydolls for a bit so I hope he can suck it up and accept his new place in the household. (it's at the bottom, Elton. Sorry Dude) . Well here is one of the pictures of the finished nursery. Take a peek over at Megan's Blog for more and bookmark it to come see the Twins from time to time. Thanks for all the well wishes and blessings! We so appreciate every one!


Trisha Von Lanken says:

Very cute!! Congratulations to Megan & Brent!

(08.23.11 @ 09:54 PM)
Courtney says:

Love it! So precious and look at Elton!! He just doesn't even know what to do with himself!

(08.24.11 @ 04:41 PM)
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I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger this summer. My brain is overheated! Lots coming up though! FIRST, let me say, I cannot believe how much this little guy has changed and grown in just 6 months! You may remember Michael from his newborn session (here)  So small he fit into a dough bowl on the dining room table! Somebody's eating his Wheaties! He's gone from doughbowl to doughboy! Hahaha! Oh, how I LOVE a healthy, round baby! And, with the brightest blue eyes! I laughed with him so much because he has so many expressions that look JUST like his dad's. Always amazed how that works! So glad he's in my "baby plan" and I know I'm going to see him again soon! Of course, he will be able to get away from me next time! Wow, they grow so fast this first year! Just take a look!


Anne Elinski says:

LOVE the pictures These are awesome pictures, Jenn. Michael is getting to be such a" little boy". So cute & precious. Grandma Shelly has to be elated!!! Looks like he is still a very happy baby...a reflection of Great parenting!!! Love the hair! We need a picture of all 3 of U! Please!

(08.17.11 @ 11:02 PM)
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There's a new girl in town! Meet Addison! She has THE cutest face! She is my little sister's FIRST grandbaby! And, I might add, Leslie is beside herself with joy! We are all so excited to welcome her and play with her . . . a lot! Leslie assures me she will be bringing her over a lot to hang out with us. That should be very fun! Okay, so her dad got this tattoo in his younger, wilder years (my sister and I lamented about it when he got it) BUT, when they brought Addison over, I told him I'd never thought it was such a great idea . . . until now. Haha! Anything for a great photo op, right?  I think Addy thinks so too! We had a few new hats and things to try out with her - she is the first, you know? The little headbands are made by Dear Polly - so cute! And my friend Carol in Seattle is knitting little hats for me. I just hadn't had a little girl in such a long while that we had to make little Addy work it!
I recently went to a workshop to learn a few more newborn posing/handling skills and needed the practice. I'm not so big on posing teenies. I just really like to watch them and let them just "be". Those are my favorite moments   I'm pretty sure we'll be having lots of favorite moments with Addison in the months to come! Congratulations Dustin & Crystal on your new baby girl! AND congratulations Grandma and Grandpa!


Welcome to our crazy family, Addison! XXOO

Angie Marshall says:

Love the pictures!!!

(05.25.11 @ 11:12 PM)
Lisa Stewart says:

Good job on these pics! She is the cutest most precious girl ever! Congrats to Crystal and Dustin!

(05.26.11 @ 10:30 AM)
Alice H says:

I know the owner of Dear Polly!! What a cute baby girl. Great photos.

(05.27.11 @ 11:10 AM)
ashia says:

i came over from megan's blog, and i am just in love with your photography! i am a beginner, so i love just browing other photos! this shoot is SO sweet, and my favorite photo is the last one! too cute!! you are very talented!

(06.10.11 @ 10:11 AM)
rebecca says:

oh my goodness! this little girl is GORGEOUS!

(06.10.11 @ 02:11 PM)
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