February 24, 2016

My little baby girl. Still little but not a baby anymore. (even though she'll always be MY baby). So many talents. Tremendous writer. Talented artist. Pretty good cook. Drama queen. Almost every other day I see her in my Facebook feed with a new "look". Blue hair. Pink hair. Lavender hair. There's no apparent end to it. It helps that her big sis is a professional stylist, so she does have someone to call in emergencies, of which she's had a few! I've always been the mom who picked her battles and I decided early on that "looks" wasn't one of them. Whatever they wanted to wear, whatever they wanted to do with or to their hair, it was their personal expression and choice. I felt it was important for a child to have some personal control in their lives when, as a parent, I did exercise control in so many other aspects. ;) I often took a wrath of shit from other parents for it too, I might add. "I can't believe you let your kids yada yada yada". Well, believe it. It was no uncommon for kids to spend the night here and leave with a "make-over". (you know who you are!)  Are there risks to this parenting style? I'm sure. So what. The great thing about hair is just keeps growing! You can always have a do-over. It might take 6 months but, hey, lesson learned, right?  I personally think the benefits of self-discovery are worth the risks of "non-conformance" and let's face it, their peers' feedback will be much more meaningful on their looks than my parental input. SO, BACK TO KATE - she's also queen of the selfies and she does send me pics of her new do's. Here's a little composite of a few of her recent style explorations.  Love you Peanut!

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Thanks so much. AND . . . here we go!

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Demo on the Airstream continues. It's a bit like pulling a string on a sweater. It just keeps unravelling. A little scary but there's no turning back now. We've already put a moratorium on our gift giving in deference to Airstream wants and needs. For Christmas we got window seals! Woot! This month holds our anniversary, Valentine's Day, and my birthday so we shall see what Airstream goodies come out of that! Here's a few pics of the unravelling . . .

Looking towards the back. The bathroom used to be here . . .
Now, part of it's here . . .
This is what the insides of a vintage Airstream look like in your garage . . .

Now, to make some order out of this! 

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January 4, 2016

The nice weather we had this December got us into a work mode. So, before all the grandkids got in, we (mostly the hubs) started stripping out the insides of the airstream. We know there has been some water damage because we can see it inside the cabinets. We just decided to take it all out and just check it end to end and top to bottom. Here's a few before pics: 

This is the view from the front door. Pretty, huh? 
Inside to the right: the dining area. The table lowers and the cushions convert this area into a bed. We are the third owner of this trailer and I think this fabric is the original. It's LEAVING. :)


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I recently returned to my native home, Tulsa, OK, after spending the better part of 3 years on Bainbridge island, WA. Bainbridge is just a 35 min ferry ride across the Puget Sound from the Seattle waterfront. It is, without doubt, the most beautiful, serene place I have ever been. it is also the only other place I've ever lived and ever want to live. It has helped me heal from the losses I suffered before I left and saved me from the lonesome soul I was becoming. I know when I returned to Oklahoma, I left my heart on Bainbridge along with so many wonderful friends. I never realized how much living close to the water affected me. When I am away from it, I miss it so. The smell. The tranquility. I don't feel complete in some way without it. But, alas, we have not yet been able to sell our house in Tulsa, OK, so I must return and put my island life on hold, working towards returning someday. I love it so. There is a beautiful RV park there at Fay Bainbridge Park. (CLUE . . . keep reading)

I have been obsessed with Airstream trailers for a LONG LONG time. Decades. For the past 10 years or so I have been combing the classifieds, commenting to the Hubs at every silver beauty (or not so beauty) beside the road, searching for the perfect trailer at the perfect time, instead finding the right one at the wrong time or the wrong one at the right time. It just never seemed to add up.  My motivation wasn't strong enough or my other obligations took precedence. Whatever. I just never seemed to end up with one. Bummer. I still kept looking though. 

While I was on Bainbridge, I used that time to clear my head. I lived small. Tiny. Minimally. I loved it. I know now that is how I want to live. Minimal strings. Minimal baggage. Just live. In the moment. In the place I am right then. Enjoying my family and the beauty of the earth. Explore the USA and see as many places as I can. My lifelong wanderlust and my work with New York Says Thank You and the 9-11 Flag Project brought me close to seeing all 50 states BUT I am 5 states shy of seeing all 50. Wisconsin (I'm not sure how I missed this one!), Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Alaska. Gotta get there.  There are so many places in the other states I have been to that I didn't see so I'd like to see many of them again for different reasons. So, while I was whining about returning to Tulsa, I browsed Craigslist for Airstreams in my usual fashion. Trolled the Airstream Forums. AND, I ran across a little trailer I felt could maybe be MINE. In fact, it was. I'm pretty sure I paid a little too much but not too much (because it was meant to be mine) and,  whatever. I wanted it and I am finally in a place where I'm ready. I sent the link to my best friend, the Hubs, and told him I think this might be THE trailer. He said, "I don't think I want to be involved in that" LOL! Me: "Okay". So, the next day I bought the trailer. It was in Waco, TX. I did send someone to check it out first but he said it was pretty sweet so I pulled the trigger. I do things like that. It makes The Hubs CRAZY! But he LOVES me still. :)



Isn't she gorge? I LOVE her.  A 1968 Airstream Safari Land Yacht. The Hubs decided "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".  He has gone from "I don't want to be involved" to "we can totally do this" and studying all things Airstream.  I love him so. And so we embark. I've named her LUCILLE. After my mom, whom I've been grieving for these past few years. All my life, my father was man of few words. Kind of the EF Hutton variety - when he spoke, people listened. But a few words I heard often were, "Get your gear, Lucille."  These were spoken whenever he was ready to go somewhere, usually home. Once as a child, I asked my mother "What's your gear?" and she said "You and your sister."  I think her purse was probably in there too, but you get the picture. Anyway, whenever we heard him say that, we all just got up, got our stuff and headed to the car. We all still say it to this day, so I felt it was an appropriate name for her and I hope to have many adventures where I need to "get my gear" and just go! We hope to chronicle her transformation here so ya'll come back now, ya hear!


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